60 Days to Radiant Skin with Exposed Skincare


Even though I’m knocking on thirty’s door, I still get occasional hormonal breakouts.  It’s definitely a lot better now than it was as a teenager though! When I was that age where my acne was my worst, I wish I would have had a system like the one offered by Exposed Skincare.

The Exposed 60-Day Basic 5-Piece Kit is a complete acne fighting skin care system that uses a multi step process to help clear your skin over time.  Its’ active ingredients are is salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which are proven acne fighting solutions. The products work in several ways, targeting visible acne, blackheads and whiteheads, and inflammation.  Best of all, it leaves your face’s skin looking and feeling healthier than ever!


Upon unboxing the 5 piece kit, here is what you will find:

  • a quick start guide
  • a more detailed manual
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Clearing Tonic
  • Acne Treatment Serum
  • Clear Pore Serum
  • Derm-X Cloth

All bottles are a nice size and should last months if used as instructed.  I noted a slight herbal smell when I opened the facial cleanser bottle, so it’s good to note that the products are not overwhelmingly scented, which may scare some users off.


For the next two months, my younger brother Nick will be using the Exposed 60-Day Basic 5-Piece Kit and reporting back to me with results.  He is 14 years old, nearly 15, and has moderate acne and oily skin.  He has long hair and plays sports so his hair is always in his face–leading to a lot of breakouts and making the ones he has even worse!



Here are Nick’s before photos.  I will be back with the results of his treatment after both one and two months!

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10 Facts You Need to Know about Lymphedema

The lymphatic system is vital to maintaining the health of your body. As lymph fluids move through the body, they collect viruses, bacteria and other harmful waste products that are then filtered out and flushed from the body. However, if the lymph system cannot properly drain, swelling can occur. Here are some little-known but important facts about lymphedema.

Lymphedema is Very Common

Although it is not as publicized as the widely recognized diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, AIDS, Parkinson’s or Muscular Dystrophy, lymphedema and other diseases of the lymphatic system after more people than these well-known ailments combined.

But It’s Slow to be Diagnosed

It can take years for doctors to properly diagnose and treat lymphatic diseases because the spotlight is not on awareness as it is for other illnesses.

Programs Don’t Cover Treatment

Government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid don’t routinely pay for medical treatments for lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases.

Military Members Susceptible

Because lymphedema can be triggered by trauma, some of the most common sufferers are military men and women who have been injured in the field.

It Can Lead to Cellulitis

Patients with lymphedema usually see it manifested in swollen legs and arms, and a common result is a skin disease called cellulitis. Without treatment, this bacterial infection can quickly become life threatening.

Research is Valuable

What little research that has been done on lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases is helpful in investigating other ailments such as cancer, lupus, heart disease and diabetes. This is because the lymphatic system plays a role in the development of many diseases.

It’s Common in Certain Cancers

Breast cancer patients and survivors are likely to see swelling in their arms and legs. Any person who has had a type of cancer that involves removal of lymph nodes, particularly about the shoulders, is almost guaranteed to experience lymphedema.

Lymph System Transports Cancer

Part of the reason for researchers’ interest in the lymphatic system is because it is involved in the metastasis of cancer. The traveling lymph liquids are ideal transport of cancerous cells. Developing advance treatments for lymphatic diseases may prove instrumental in furthering treatments for cancer.

System Crucial in Fighting Infection

The importance of the healthy operation of the lymphatic system cannot be underestimated. Nearly everyone knows that swollen lymph nodes can be an indication of a pending infection.

Many Sufferers Worldwide

Millions of people worldwide suffer from a condition called elephantiasis, in which parts of the body swell to gigantic proportions as a result of a parasite that lives in the lymphatic system.


REVIEW: Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash AND Baby Body & Hair Wash

I have to wonder sometimes if little girls hate bathtime as much as boys…well, lately, my boy at least!  At six years old, stopping playtime to get in the tub is just a bother to my son.  But at least with Dial’s new line of children’s products, getting him clean is quicker and easier!


Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash comes in a deliciously fruity watermelon scent that kids (and adults) will love.  The pump is easy for little hands to use. The soap is hypoallergenic, and contains no artificial dyes or parabens. It’s pH balanced and gentle on kids’ skin.

20150429_153730 20150429_153740

My little guy was able to easily get soap out and rinse it off as well. He kept sniffing his hands and telling me how yummy they smelled!


Dial Baby Body & Hair Wash makes giving your kid a quick bath a snap, because you only have to use one product! It lathers up so nicely but rinses well too.  The formula is fragrance free for kids as young as newborn, but as they grow you can get Dial Kids Body & Hair Wash in yummy fruity scents like peach or berry.

I love that the bath products that are a favorite for mom and dad are now available to kids! I feel great knowing Dial Kids Products are developed with pediatric dermatologists to give kids and babies perfect skin.

Visit the Dial Website or Facebook page to learn more about new products or promotions!

Five Essentials for a Home Entertainment System

When it comes to putting together a home entertainment system, there are a handful of basics that are essential. Whether you want a system comprised of the latest technology, or simply want to upgrade what you already have, the building blocks are the same. Here’s what you need to put together a great home system.

Entertainment Furniture

Before you decide on your electrical components, take stock of the space you have for both your gear and for the cabinet that will house your system. You’ll want a well-made, attractive cabinet that complements your décor. Choose furniture that’s designed specifically for home entertainment. This will offer you the convenience of shelves for various components, a system to accommodate wires, and plenty of storage.

An HDTV Television

Even though you probably already have a television, if you’re putting together a new system, it’s not a bad idea to upgrade to a new HDTV model. Televisions have changed in the last few years and many of them have convenient features like built in Wi-Fi and Internet streaming to name just two. You don’t need to get a huge television, but if you do want to go bigger, it’s easier than ever because modern televisions are light in weight. In addition, new televisions are often more energy efficient.

A Receiver

A receiver connects the components of your system. Most of your inputs will be plugged into your receiver. The receiver will send the video signal to your television and the audio signal to your speakers. While you could connect your inputs directly to your television, by using a receiver, you’ll have a system that’s organized because everything is plugged into that one device.

Good Speakers

Having decent audio is one of the main motivations for people who decide to set up a home theater. Even high-end televisions can’t give you the same experience as a properly designed audio system. Speakers come in a huge price range, but you can find affordable ones that sound good.

Power Strips and Cables

If you’re adding new components, there’s a good chance you’ll need new cables and a power strip or surge protector. Cables you might need include HDMI, video, Ethernet, and speaker cables. Labeling your cables is a good idea because it’s easy to lose track of what’s connected to what, and this can quickly become frustrating if you need to address a technical difficulty.

Whether you plan to buy everything new, or just add one or two new components,

setting up a home entertainment system is fairly straightforward and can result in a great home theater experience.

Chefs’ Most Desired Restaurants

If you have decided that you want to be a chef for a living, you are about to get started on a fun career path that will be very rewarding financially and emotionally. You will meet many people in the various kitchens you work in. These people will teach you a lot and enhance your working experience. There are certain restaurants that chefs fantasize about working in because of how prestigious they are. These restaurants are operated by some of the most well known chefs in the industry, so landing a job at any of these places is a very hard thing to do. Here are some of the restaurants that chefs want to work for.

1. Spago

Ever since 1982, the top restaurant for show business people to be seen at in the Hollywood area has been Spago, owned and operated by Wolfgang Puck. The famous clientele of Spago has made it a very prestigious job to land for all of the chefs that are lucky enough to work here. There is also the added advantage of being able to work under someone like Wolfgang Puck, who is generally considered to be one of the finest chefs in the world by people in the culinary industry. Working at a restaurant owned by Puck is definitely something that every chef wants to have on his or her resume.

2. White Elephant Saloon

Tim Love is the owner of this historic restaurant that is based in Fort Worth, Texas. He also serves as the executive chef. The food that is served here has become famous for the special Tim Love spices that are included in many of the dishes. Over the many years the the White Elephant Saloon has been in business, it was gained a reputation of being one of the best places in Texas to impress clients if you want to have an important business meeting over dinner.

3. Nobu

Nobu is not just a single restaurant, but rather a chain of elegant Japanese restaurants that can now be found in many countries around the world. They are co-owned by legendary actor Robert De Niro and Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa, after whom the restaurant is named. The Nobu chain of restaurants has received rave reviews from various culinary critics, establishing itself as one of the most successful and profitable restaurants in the world. Nobu is also know for being frequented by various celebrities.

BOOK TOUR INTERVIEW: Blood Matters by Aviva Bel’Harold

Blood Matters

by Aviva Bel’Harold

YA Supernatural

Book Description

Grief changes people.

Brittany used to be a normal teen. She ate like one, slept like one, and had typical teenage mood swings. But after she found her best friend dead, everything changed.

Grief might explain her loss of appetite and her lack of sleep. It might even explain why she sees her dead friend everywhere she goes. But it certainly won’t explain why everyone she touches develops bruises or why she’s attracted to the smell of blood.

And, she’s pretty sure grief dosen’t make you want to rip apart your boyfriend just to get closer to his beating heart.

But what happens when it’s the choices we make, not the creature inside, that proves the monster is in us all?


1.  Tell us a little about yourself.

I love people. I love being around them. Listening to their life stories. Talking to them. Entertaining them with my life stories. I love doing this so much that for a long time I figured I should have been an actress. But I had kids before I could pursue a career in acting.


2.  What made you want to become a writer?

I never wanted to be a writer… No, actually, that’s not entirely true. I never thought I could be one. You see, I’ve always had stories — huge epic fantasies in my head. But I’m dyslexic so I never thought I could become an author. I always figured I’d just be a good story teller — you know, the kind of person who’s good to have at parties.



3.  Who or what gives you inspiration?
I think we need to find inspiration wherever we can — daily! So for me my kids inspire me. Growing up is never easy even when things look like they are. Growing up is met with challenges and learning opportunities. And the way kids will face them head on is an inspiration. My kids have inspired me to keep on trying even when I don’t succeed (or at least it doesn’t appear that I am succeeding).
My husband also inspires me to be better. He loves me, just the way I am, but for him I constantly want to be better.
My friends inspire me to find joy in the now. They tell me time and again that if I’m not having fun then I should reevaluate how I’m doing things. Even if its a simple change of attitude.
And finally my fans inspire me to keep going even then I feel like I’m all tapped out. A simple note or mention can to a long way for inspiration to pick up my pen and get another chapter written, edited, finished.
4.  Tell us about Blood Matters.
Blood Matters is the only way I could envision vampires to be real. Up to coming up with this idea I thought vampires were a nice idea but not really feasible.
However, as I wrote the book I fell in love with EV (the parasite). And it was my love for her — my heroic villain — that kept my pen moving across the page to the books completion.
5.  What’s the hardest part of being a writer?
The hardest part is balancing everything. I mean, how much do I write each day/week? How many days do I let the dishes pile up? When the story is flowing I don’t want to stop to make dinner or clean, or even spend time with my family. Yet when I’m in problem solving mode (others might call it ‘writers block’) then the dishes, no the whole kitchen, in fact the whole house is cleaned! Sometimes I worry that living with me is like being with someone who’s bipolar. It’s can’t be easy for my kids or my hubby (but I think the dogs are ok with it…)
6.  What do you need around you to write (special drink, lucky items, etc)?
I need my pen. Silly really. My Uni-ball Signo 207 pen. Its not the best out there, though it’s not the cheapest either. They are disposable so I go thought a couple each month. But without my pen I’m lost. My second necessity is coloured paper. I have a crazy system with different colors of paper for different editing stages… Oh, and printer ink — I’m hooped if the printer runs out of ink.
Other than that… I guess my sauna is also a necessity. I go in there and it’s like a dark room — no distractions. I get a lot of good writing/editing done there.
7.  What are some of your favorite books?
Favourite books are like clothing to me. I will love a shirt of pair of pants so much that I’ll wear it until it is falling apart. Books are the same. If I love it I read it over and over again until it is completely worn out so the words aren’t legible any more. Then I put those books on my featured book shelf so everyone can see them (even if they don’t look like much to look at). Some of the books that have made it there are:
Harry Potter (all of them)
The Twilight series
The Left Behind series
Ann McCaffery’s Dragon Rider’s series
Kelly Armstrong’s The Summoning as well as The Gathering
Artemis Fowl
And all books by Torey L. Hayden 
8.  Are your characters based on anyone you know?

No, not in this book. I did however borrow names for it but not because the characters represented anyone, I just liked the names.



9.  What, if anything, are you working on right now?

Right now I am working on a space adventure that takes place in a solar system ruled by magic that’s being misused. It’s a YA that’s a dystopian space opera with magic. It’s going to be amazing!



10.  Why do you love writing?

Writing makes me feel like I’ve lived more lives than the one I’ve been given. Also, I like meeting new people and when I write I feel like I do that with each new character. And lastly, even if I wasn’t writing I’d still be making all these things up — so being a writer helps me justify all my daydreaming.



About the Author

Aviva Bel’Harold writes young adult fiction: Horror, Science Fiction, ­Urban Fantasy, etc. — as long as the ­characters are young, full of life, and out for adventure. When she’s writing, you’ll find her curled up on a sofa with a pen and a pad of paper, ­surrounded by her adorable puppies.Born in Winnipeg and raised in Vancouver, Aviva Bel’Harold ­currently resides in Calgary with her husband, four children, and six dachshunds.

Website | Facebook | Twitter: @AvivaTheAuthor

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Why Proactiv May not Work for You

If you’re thinking about making the switch to the Proactiv Acne System, you are not alone.  The acne treatment product is probably one of the most well known on the market, and has millions of customers as well as celebrity endorsements.

While I don’t have severe or cystic acne, I have been looking into different acne treatment lines because I can’t believe that I am still getting breakouts at age 29! While researching the best solution for my problem, I came across this in-depth Proactiv review that reveals the truth about how effective it is.

I found out that while Proactiv is strongly marketed as being the best acne clearing product out there, it scored a less than 50% satisfaction rating from everyday customers! That’s not too great in my book.  Also, for a majority of people, the multi-step process was just way too complicated, and they found the products to be rather harsh on their skin.  Finally, the system is quite expensive!  Proactiv is a product you have to consistently buy in order to keep your skin clear, and sometimes you may not be able to afford the extra cost.

I’m glad I did my research and I’m happy to share it with my readers.  There are much better alternatives to Proactiv in the wide world of skin products, and I hope to find the one just right for me!

REVIEW: SweeTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes


SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes offers a new mouthwatering licorice rope with the electrifying flavor fusion of sweet and tart.

The result is a delightfully chewy, smooth texture, never tough or waxy candy, that makes a tasty anytime treat! Don’t miss out on SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes when you’re reaching for something sweet & tangy!



This candy is pretty unique.  It’s really a candy within a candy.  It’s a sour powder filled licorice, that is very soft and so easy to eat.  I found the candy to be a bit too tart for my own liking, but my six year old LOVED it.



I didn’t feel too bad about giving it to him, either, because SweeTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes are made with NO artificial colors or flavors.  I think this candy would be a great road trip or baseball park snack…so stock up for the summer!

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REVIEW: Mixcups Coffee Subscription Box


We were early adopters of the single serve coffee trend.  Our trusty Keurig is used several times daily, and my husband and I both enjoy everything from coffee to cappuccino to cider to cocoa.  We are always looking for a new beverage to try, and that’s why we were so thrilled to try Mixcups!

Mixcups is a single serve coffee subscription service for those who want to try a little variety in their morning drink.  For $28.95 a month, you are sent 30 individual cups, in your choice of regular or decaf coffee, or tea.


The box is beautifully basic, and reminiscent of those cardboard sleeves you can get for your cups at coffee shops :)


Here are all 30 of my cups.  As you can see, I got a mix of flavored and non-flavored coffees. There are dark, light, and in between blends.


Out of 30 cups, there were 10 individual flavors, meaning that yes, some of the cups were repeats. I was thinking there would be a bit more variety, but it was alright, because all of the brands featured were ones we had not yet tried.

My husband’s fave was the Mystic Morning Marley Coffee.  It had a little bit of cinnamon that paired nicely with the flavored creamer he likes to use.  It is also organic, so that’s a big plus.

Personally, I preferred the Cake Boss Italian Rum Cake.  I liked that it was on the lighter side, and was just sweet enough that it complemented the sweet snacks I usually have with my coffee in the afternoons.

The espresso was something we both liked if we needed a little extra help getting up and going in the mornings.


Mixcups is a great way to get introduced to coffee brands you may not have heard of, and to maybe find a new favorite!

You can subscribe per month, or shop the website for the flavors you liked in your box.

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REVIEW: Purex ScentSplash Scent Booster


If you haven’t yet used Purex Crystals to freshen your laundry, you don’t know what you’re missing! The scent has the power to keep your clothes smelling fresh for weeks in closets and drawers.  And now, the crystals come in a new form: Purex ScentSplash.


Purex Crystals ScentSplash is the next evolution in laundry in-wash fragrance boosters. It contains refreshing scent beads that release bursts of fragrance with irresistible freshness that lasts! This new Liquid Crystals formula is convenient and versatile enough to be used directly in the washer or in-wash tray, and is safe for all wash fabrics.

The formula is more like a thick gel than a liquid to me.  It comes in all of the Purex scents you already know and love, including Fresh Spring Waters and Fresh Mountain Breeze.


A half cap full is enough to scent even big loads of laundry!  It’s even fine to use in HE washers.  Your clothes will smell amazing out of the dryer, and just as great when you put them on days later.

Purex Crystals ScentSplash is available now in your favorite store.

Check out the Purex Website or Facebook Page for more info and promotions!


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