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These Dogs were made for Dipping–Foster Farms Gluten Free Products

So, you already know you can get awesome gluten free products like Chicken Strips, Chicken Breast Nuggets, and Corn Dogs from family favorite Foster Farms, right? If not, you can check out my previous post to get the scoop! Today I’m going to share a couple of my favorite dip recipes for jazzing up these already tasty items!


Down here in Louisiana, we have a pretty famous chicken restaurant that has a sauce that’s absolutely addicting.  The recipe for this sauce is a closely guarded secret, but it’s such a fan fave that many recipes have tried to duplicate it.  I have a recipe I think is pretty close.


Copycat “Cane’s” Sauce

  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise (Blue Plate is my personal fave)
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 3/4 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper (fresh ground pepper is best)

Place all ingredients in a bowl and whisk until smooth. You can adjust the amount of black pepper for your personal preference, I just happen to like a little bit more in mine (this recipe is pepper-heavy).  This will get better the longer it sits, and I’d recommend letting it sit at least overnight, but it’s delicious any time!

We liked this sauce well enough with the corn dogs, but I think it just has a special place paired with chicken strips in my heart!

The second sauce we made is a thinner, sweet but tangy honey mustard dip.  This one was just perfect with the Honey Crunchy Corn Dogs, in my opinion!


Honey Mustard for Everything!

  • 1/2 cup mayo or plain greek yogurt (the yogurt will give it a bit more tang!)
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons mustard (yellow or dijon)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon paprika

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk until smooth.  Just like the other dip, the longer this one sits, the better!

Just because a product is gluten free, doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless! Foster Farms’ Gluten Free Products have proven this, and I hope you’ll try these sauces to add even more flavor to your lunch.


DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by Foster Farms.   I received compensation for this post in exchange for my time and honest opinion of the product featured.



Change your manicure in minutes with imPRESS!

I am a girly girl who loves painting her nails, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to wait for drying, apply several coats, etc.  With imPRESS Press-On Manicure, you don’t have to worry about any of that! You can have your nails looking perfect in 10 minutes or less.

With everything from soft hues to bold glitter tips and on-trend accent nails all with an ultra-gel shine, imPRESS offerings suit every woman’s every mood, at every moment. On-the-go moms no longer need to spend time at a salon to get a salon-quality manicure; no need for DIY skills either! Just press on, and with no dry time you can get right back to life’s demands. Plus, UltraHold technology keeps nails on—until you’re ready to remove—just peel off with no damage to natural nails!

I got the chance to try an imPRESS kit in Symphony, which is a blush pink complete with 2 different designs of accent nail.


This kit comes with everything you need to create a gorgeous manicure in an instant.


The instructions and application couldn’t be simpler; you just find the nails that fit each finger, remove the backing, then press on!  There is no messy glue bottle to worry about, no drying time, and the UltraHold adhesive means the nails are on securely in seconds.


I absolutely love this flirty, feminine pattern!  The nails have such an amazing shine, and the accent nail is so fun to look down at all day long.

imPRESS Press-On nails come in a multitude of patterns, colors, designs and more–so there’s something to please everyone!  They can be found at drugstores such as Walgreens and CVS for only $7.99, a fraction of the price of going to the salon.

Find the right manicure for you at or

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How to Throw the Ultimate Fourth of July Party

The Fourth of July is one of the best times of the year to host a party. As the weather is warm, the temperatures are high and everyone is in a good mood, you’ll have an amazing time with your neighbors, friends and family. Though you might think throwing a party is as easy as calling your guests and throwing some food on the table, you can impress your guests and have an even better time. Gather all the food, drinks and decorations you need to host the ultimate Fourth of July Party.

Red, White and Blue Decorations

You can’t go wrong with classic red, white and blue decorations for your Fourth of July party. Cover the tables with red tablecloths and accessorize with napkins, utensils and cups in shades of red and blue. Take your decorations to the next level with historical flags that are exact replicas of the original American flag or the flag of your state. If you decide to host an outdoor party, make sure that you have plenty of light available for your guests to see. Party lights hung along the tables will help everyone see clearly.

Fun Food

When most people think of Fourth of July party food, they think of classic American dishes like hamburgers and hot dogs. Update your menu with some good old-fashioned BBQ. You can easily make pulled pork or pulled chicken in a slow cooker or a roasting pan. Toss the meat in the cooker, add enough soda to cover the meat, throw in your favorite spices and cook over low heat for six to eight hours. Make your own easy desserts too. Top raspberries or strawberries and blueberries and top with whipped cream, or cover a cake with white frosting and make the stars and stripes on top from fresh fruit.

Drink Ideas

Treat the adults at your party to sangria made from white wine with red berries and blueberries. You can also make mixed berry mojitos to appeal to guests who love to drink. If your party guests include both adults and kids, you can make a party punch that everyone will love. Fill a punch bowl with your favorite red punch. Top with ice and fresh cut fruit before serving. With the right food, decorations and drinks, your Fourth of July party will be one your guests never forget.


For those of you who love watching faith based films, I have news on two different movie fronts you will be happy to hear!


Franchise Continues to Grow as it Debuts New Original Movies This Year With
“Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream”
World Premiere on Sunday, October 4

  STUDIO CITY, CA — September 29, 2015 With the increasing popularity of the“Signed, Sealed, Delivered” franchise, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries announces four additional “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” movies from “Touched By An Angel” Executive Producer Martha Williamson in 2016.

 The franchise will debut its next original movie, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream,” this weekend Sunday, October 4 at 9pm ET/PT, 8C. The beloved POstables Eric Mabius (“Ugly Betty”), Kristin Booth (“Orphan Black”), Crystal Lowe(“Smallville”) and Geoff Gustafson (“Primeval: New World”) go to Washington, D.C. to bring a damaged letter from an American prisoner of war before a Senate Hearing Committee. As the soldier’s fate hangs in the balance, Rita competes in the Miss Special Delivery Contest. The juxtaposition of events poignantly dramatizes the great price of freedom and how unaware civilians can be of the sacrifices of men and women in the Armed Forces. The two-hour event guest stars Mark Valley (“Fringe”) andChristina Bianco (“Forbidden Broadway”).

 “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” is a comedic drama that follows the lives of postal workers who transform themselves into an untraditional team of detectives to track down intended recipients of undeliverable mail. Their missions take them out of the office into an unpredictable world where redirected letters and packages can save lives, solve crimes, reunite old loves and change futures by arriving late but somehow on time.

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LOS ANGELES, Calif., (Sept. 22, 2015) – Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, who took faith-themed entertainment to new global heights with their record-setting miniseries THE BIBLE and their feature film SON OF GOD, have set their sights on WOODLAWN, Football movie set in the segregated south in the 70’s that is as real and relevant today as it was 40 years ago. WOODLAWN premieres in theaters nationwide on October 16th.

WOODLAWN, an Erwin Brothers film produced by Kevin Downes, is an exhilarating high school football story about revival and reconciliation that offers hope for overcoming the racial crises facing America today. That is what drew the husband-and-wife team to the project.

WOODLAWN tells the true-life story of Tony Nathan (newcomer Caleb Castille), who lands in a powder keg of anger and violence when he joins fellow African-American students at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Ala., after its government-mandated desegregation in 1973. The Woodlawn Colonels football team is a microcosm of the problems at the school and in the city, which erupts in cross burnings and riots, and Coach Tandy Geralds (Nic Bishop) is at a loss to solve these unprecedented challenges with his disciplinarian ways.

It’s only when Hank (Sean Astin), an outsider who has been radically affected by the message of hope and love he experienced at a Christian revival meeting, convinces Coach Geralds to let him speak to the team that something truly remarkable begins to happen. More than 40 players, nearly the entire team, black and white, give their lives over to the “better way” Hank tells them is possible through following Jesus, and the change is so profound in them it affects their coach, their school and their community in ways no one could have imagined.

The Colonels make a run at the state playoffs led by Nathan, who achieves superstar status in Birmingham and attracts the attention of legendary University of Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant (Jon Voight). It’s the miracle, Hank says, of what happens when God shows up.

WOODLAWN, distributed by Pure Flix in conjunction with Provident Films, stars Sean Astin (RUDY, THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY, MOM’S NIGHT OUT), Nic Bishop (COVERT AFFAIRS, BODY OF PROOF), Caleb Castille (in his feature film debut), C. Thomas Howell (THE OUTSIDERS, RED DAWN), Sherri Shepherd (THE VIEW, PRECIOUS) and Academy-Award winner JON VOIGHT (COMING HOME, ALI, NATIONAL TREASURE). It is directed by The Erwin Brothers (OCTOBER BABY, MOM’S NIGHT OUT) from a script by Jon Erwin and Quinton Peeples and is produced by Kevin Downes (FAITH OF OUR FATHERS, COURAGEOUS).

To learn more about the movie, visit

It’s Easy to Tailgate Gluten Free with Foster Farms!

Even if you have to live a gluten free lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on throwing fab parties this fall!  With so many companies now manufacturing gluten free versions of long time customer favorites, such as Foster Farms’ new Gluten Free Honey Crunchy Corn Dogs, you too can throw a tailgate party without missing out on the yummy goodies!

Foster Farms is proud to present its’ line of gluten free products which includes Honey Crunchy Corn Dogs, Chicken Breast Nuggets, and Chicken Breast Strips.  All 3 are certified Gluten Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group.  I got the chance to have the corn dogs as part of my gluten free tailgate party recently!


Baked in the oven, these corn dogs crisp up really nicely and are great with a dipping sauce or even on their own!


These are some Creamy Chicken Salad cups I made.  The recipe couldn’t be simpler: canned chunk chicken, hummus, a dollop of mayo and season to taste.  They were awesome on tortilla chips but I loved the chicken just scooped up with a cracker as well!


Don’t fear, those of you with a sweet tooth–you can also get gluten free cake and cupcake mix!  I used the “melt and dip” method for frosting my cupcakes, which provides the smooth, shiny coating on top.  It’s perfect for those who prefer their cupcakes without a ton of frosting–and it also means less mess for the kiddies.


My niece enjoying her cupcake :)


The gluten free spread was rounded off with a football fan fave: beef jerky.  I also had cinnamon sugar popcorn, pretzels, and nut mix.  It’s so amazing that all of these gluten free foods can be bought now to make it so easy to accommodate GF guests at any party!



The corn dogs, though, were the star of the show.  Even our pup got a taste!


Although our team did not pull out a win that day, we still had a great time sharing food, fun, and Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs.


DISCLAIMER: This post sponsored by Foster Farms. I received compensation for this post in exchange for my time and honest opinion of the product featured. 

Four Useful Tips for Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

Labor Day is soon approaching. In many parts of the Northeast and the Ohio River Valley, this is a great time to start preparing your air conditioner for the winter. As a result, why not use your free time during the Labor Day weekend to prepare your air conditioner for the winter?

Here are four useful tips for preparing your air conditioner for winter that are easy to incorporate into your home’s maintenance schedule:

Disconnect Your Air Conditioner’s Switch
Your air conditioner has a switch that is designed to control when electricity flows into the air conditioner’s moving parts. It is usually located in your air conditioner’s circuit box. Disconnecting this switch is a good idea because it can prevent water and ice from accidentally freezing inside the air conditioner’s motor during the winter.

Clean Your Air Conditioner’s Compressor
Many electricity providers such as Palmco recommend cleaning your air conditioner’s compressor before winter begins. This is desirable because it can prevent unwanted condensation and ice from clogging your air conditioner’s compressor.

Replace the Filters
Labor Day is also a great time to replace your air conditioner’s filters. They are usually located in the air conditioner’s return duct. Be sure to use the arrows that are printed on the filter to ensure that you are installing them correctly.

Inspect the Air Conditioner’s Hoses
There are several hoses that attach your air conditioner to its compressor, motor and water source. Inspecting the condition of these hoses is worthwhile because it can prevent costly repairs to your air conditioner’s vital parts that are difficult to complete on your own.

Some of the problems that you should look for while inspecting the hoses include:

Tears and holes that can cause leaks.
Missing washers that can prevent water from flowing into the unit.

As you can see, there are several things you can do during Labor Day to prepare your air conditioner for the winter. Feel free to use the tips mentioned above to start a winterizing plan for your air conditioner that is easy to incorporate into your home’s maintenance program.

7 Reasons to Start a Patio Garden in Spring

It happens every Spring: People all over the country attempt to garden in the traditional way, and give up when it’s obvious that they don’t have a green thumb. Usually, gardening means digging long rows in the yard, planting, watering, fertilizing, constant weeding, and vigilant pest control. If you would love a garden without having to break your back to get one, consider raising one right on your patio.


When you raise a garden in containers and raised plant beds, you have some advantages that traditional gardening can’t offer. These include:

1. No weeding: No more spending endless hours plucking weeds from the ground. Container gardening means you will have little to no weeds to deal with. When you start with new soil in the containers, there are no weeds to worry about at all. If a weed does pop up, it’s easy to just pull it out.

2. No fertilizing: Using a proper raised bed garden mixture ensures that you won’t have to fertilize. This mixture includes 1/3 part course vermiculite, 1/3 part peat moss, and 1/3 part compost. Just add this mixture to your containers once a year.

3. More plants and more variety: Since the soil in the containers is loose, and you don’t have to give up any of it for walking space, you can grow lots of different plants right beside each other.

4. No soil compaction: Since you’re not walking on the soil that the plants grow in, you won’t compact the soil, which hurts the roots and prevents growth.

5. Garden anywhere: Whether on your patio, on the balcony, or on the deck, you can move your containers around anywhere you want them to be.

6. Grow pesticide-free, organic produce: When you use organic seeds in your garden, you don’t have to worry about non-organic plants springing up. Also, you won’t have to use pesticides.

7. Water less often: The compost mixture mentioned above is very good at retaining moisture. Once your raised bed has been saturated, you won’t have to water often.

Container gardening is the perfect compliment to a patio, besides beautiful patio furniture, that is! Remember us at when you need a comfortable patio cushion from which to enjoy your garden.

Fall Treats at Gourmet Gifter

Hey yall!  Last month I let yall know about a new monthly subscription service called Gourmet Gifter.  I would love to share with you another snack I received recently and loved!

This Caramel Crispy Bar is a grown up version of those famous treats you loved as a kid!  Puffed rice is coated with creamy, sweet caramel and made into a thick, satisfying bar.  As a pregnant woman, I have to say this bar hit the spot for my sweet tooth’s cravings!

Now that fall is here, it’s the perfect time to get some chocolatey snacks that won’t be melted before they get to you!  Here are a few of my faves available from Gourmet Gifter.

Milk Chocolate Mint Sandwiches

Dipped Oreos in White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Toffee

As you can see there are plenty of choices for sweet snacks to cozy up with this Fall from Gourmet Gifter!  Which would you choose?

Decorating Your New Home

Have you recently purchased a new home? If so, you will need to decorate it. For some people, decorating a house can be a time-consuming burden. However, it does not have to be that way. You can make this necessary chore into a fun project that involves your entire family. Remember, you are going to be living in this house for years to come. Therefore, you want it to look as good as it possibly can. In order for this to happen, you need to take your time and be patient. Decorating your home can be fun. Here are some ways you can go about doing it.

1. Each room can have a theme

One of the ways you can make your home stand out from those owned by your family and friends is to decorate it so that each room looks completely different in terms of its theme. In other words, you can have one room that has decor that is reminiscent of ancient Japan. Another room can look like something from Victorian England in the 1800s. Of course, if you will be decorating any of your bedrooms in this manner, the person sleeping in the bedroom will have the final say about what style his or her bedroom will be decorated in. This is a great way for every member of your family to put their own individual stamp on the way your house looks.

2. Furniture made from wicker

Wicker furniture is a great way to liven up the interior of your new home. One of the best things about wicker is that it looks good anywhere. You can put a wicker table in your study, a wicker nightstand in your bedroom or some wicker chairs on your patio to relax in during a nice day. Wicker has a timeless look that can blend into any style of decoration. Wicker Paradise has a nice selection of furniture that you can view by going to

3. Hardwood floors

You might want to consider removing all of your carpeting and going strictly with hardwood floors throughout your home. Not only will they look beautiful, they also require much less cleaning than carpeting. A carpet can collect dust and other allergens deep within the fibers that can make you or your family sick. You will not need to worry about this with a hardwood floor. Dust can simply be swept away.

Teach Your Kids about Kindness with cuddle + kind Dolls

With the holidays coming upon us very soon, I know a lot of parents are thinking about what to give to their kids this year.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could not only give a great gift to your child, but help children in need as well?  That’s the mission of cuddle + kind, and you are invited to help them make a difference!

With 9 different dolls to choose from, you are sure to find one that will make the perfect buddy for your little one.  I love that these dolls are made with fine, high quality craftsmanship from sustainable fair trade workers in Peru.  By choosing a cuddle + kind doll, you are doing a kindness in more than one way!

So how can you help get cuddle + kind launched and give meals to hungry children?  Visit their IndieGoGo page and you’ll find all the information you need in order to make a donation and get cuddle + kind in business.  This is such a worthwhile cause, and I know many of my fellow moms will be happy to help by grabbing a doll for their kids this holiday season!

cuddle + kind Links:








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