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Get Two Graze Boxes for FREE!

We love snacking in our house, so we had to jump when we found a subscription box that delivers healthy snacks right to our home with no fuss!

Graze sends a selection of snacks that are not only delicious, but good for you as well.  Boxes may include nuts, granola bars, fruit, chips and dip, and more! With over 80 different snacks, you are sure to find one you love.  And the best part is that you have control over what goes in your box.  Don’t like bananas? Then you can eliminate all selections with bananas, and they’ll never be sent to you.

Here are some of the faves in our home:

Brownie Flapjacks:  rustic rolled oat flapjack with brownie chunks

Fruity Mango Chutney: fruity mango chutney with black pepper dippers

Herby Bread Basket: mini basil breadsticks, garlic crostini and oregano rice crackers

Walnut & Vanilla Truffle: walnuts, fudge pieces, raisins and vanilla pumpkin seeds

As you can see, there really is a wide variety offered!

I’m so excited to share this deal with you today…you can get your first Graze Box FREE!

By signing up through my special link, you will get your first box free.  After delivery, you can cancel if you find it’s not for you.  But if you decide to continue, the boxes are only $6, and you will also get your FIFTH delivery FREE!

Sign up with Graze today and be on your way to healthier snacking :)

SPOTLIGHT & GIVEAWAY: Dia of the Dead by Brit Brinson

IFB is hosting the release promo event for the first book in Brit Brinson’s YA Supernatural series. Continue for an excerpt and playlist, and enter the international giveaway.

23117815Release date: September 16th 2014

Publisher: Big Moon Press

Purchase: Amazon

Synopsis via Goodreads:

Protecting Romero High from all things supernaturally spooky as Dia Muerto is a tough gig for sixteen-year-old Dia Summers, but it’s nothing compared to protecting the ones she loves from real, live—well, formerly alive—zombies. Unlike the zombies that shambled around on set, the real deal don’t follow a script. 
At the majorly important birthday party of her boss’ daughter, Dia experiences a series of potentially career-ruining social disasters. Before the night is over, she soon discovers that the possible cancellation of her show isn’t her biggest worry. 
Armed with what they can find around Bixby Studios, Dia and her friends band together to find out why everyone they know has begun popping up as gray-skinned, black-eyed, limb-nomming zombies. With the ailment spreading, time is running out before Dia is swept up in Hollywood’s latest trend.


Blaze, the studio’s dealer in residence that everyone knew about except me, turned out to be Blake, the makeup artist. Brendan led the way to his regular hangout. We found him in the alley between buildings Eleven and Twelve taking a drag from a cigarette, his bright blue hair shining in the sunlight. The cigarette dropped from his lip, landing on the ground. He stamped out its glow with the toe of his boot and ran his hands over the thighs of his too tight skinny jeans then through his hair before approaching us.

“What can I do for you?” he asked.

Before anyone could question Blake about Z, Brendan lunged at him, grabbing him by his t-shirt and pushing him against the wall.

“Tell us about the drugs, punk!” Brendan yelled, lifting him a couple inches off the ground.

“Put me down, bro!” Blake shouted.

Brendan let go, and Blake fell to the ground.

“What the hell, dude?” he asked, regaining his footing. “What was that all about?”

 “Sorry, dude. I’m reading for a role as a loose cannon rookie in a cop drama tomorrow so I figured I’d get some practice.”
“Not cool.” Blake adjusted his shirt and frowned. “What do you want?”
 “We’re here to see what you know about these.” I pulled Mason’s baggie out of my satchel.
 “Did you have a bad experience? I have a no refund policy. Your bad high is your problem, not mine.” Blake folded his arms across his chest.
“Bad experience?” I asked.
“I’ve been…uh…handling these for months and haven’t had any problems until recently. People have been calling and saying their friends have been freaking out on them. I’ve told them that’s it’s probably stress—acting is hard—but they believe it’s a bad batch of Z. I’ve been taking this stuff for a while now and I never had any problems. In fact, I took a couple this morning and I’m fin—“ Blake was interrupted by a pretty nasty coughing fit.
The three of us took a step back.
“Dude, are you okay?” Brendan asked from a three-step distance.
“I-I—I’m c-c-cool.” Blake coughed. “I hope I’m not coming down with something.” He cleared his throat.
“Can I see the pills?” he asked.
I handed them over to him from a distance. He inspected the baggie and opened it. He picked out a pill, pinching it between his thumb and index finger for a moment before popping it into his mouth. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed.
“See. Fine!” His smiled faltered as he grimaced. “Wait.” He hunched forward, holding his stomach and coughed up a torrent of black liquid just like the mess that had come out of Amber.
Blake hit the ground and started to convulse wildly.
A sense of dread washed over me. “Guys, I think we better go.”
“He needs help.” Brendan pointed at Blake’s shaking body.
“Yeah, and someone else can get it for him,” Reagan chimed in.
I nodded in agreement. “I think we’d better head back to Props, make sure Taylor’s okay, wait for help to arrive, and head home.”
I needed to call my mom and ask her to come pick me up. I pulled out my phone, turned it on ready to dial when Reagan interrupted me.
“I need to check on BB. I need to see if she’s all right,” her voice wavered as she started off to find her sister.
“Reagan! Wait!” I called after her. She didn’t stop. I turned to Brendan. “I’m gonna go with her.” I slipped my phone back in my bag.
“I’m gonna go check on the others and see if help has arrived. Maybe they can help him too.” He pointed down at Blake who’d stopped shaking. “Do you think I should try to bring him inside?”
“No. When help comes, just show them where he is.”
My gut told me it would probably be best to leave him there for now.
Brendan nodded and I hurried to catch up with Reagan.
I knew I wasn’t her first choice for company but it seemed like she went out of her way to prove her point. I practically had to run to keep up with her as she led the way to the office building. It stood at the center of the studio, a few stories taller than the other buildings. Its facade was made of reflective glass windows instead of bland beige siding like the rest. I followed her up the pathway leading to the building and through the doors. She breezed right past the receptionist in the lobby and unlike everyone else that entered, she didn’t have to sign in or have an appointment. I sped up and followed her to the elevator. She pressed a button and suddenly we were heading to the building’s top floor.
We stepped out of the elevator at the end of a long hallway I’d never been in before.
“Hurry up,” Reagan called. She was already out of the elevator. “BB should be in there.” She pointed at one of the three doors on the hall.
I hurried to join her.
“BB, where are you, bitch?” Reagan called as she opened the door and stepped inside the darkened room.
No bitches made their whereabouts known.
I hesitated at the entrance, a little afraid to follow Reagan inside. Not only was the room dark, it was quiet. Too quiet. Reagan had disappeared farther into room. Other than the little light that filtered into the room from the hallway, I could barely see past my nose.
“Reagan?” I took another step inside.
She didn’t answer.
I took a few steps back toward the safety of the light.
“Come on, Dia. I know this place is giving you the creeps but you can do this,” I whispered, trying to psych myself up to step into the room again.
“Maybe this will help.” I flipped the switch on the wall, expecting a light to turn on. Nothing happened. I tried again. Still no light.
“Reagan!” I called louder. She still didn’t answer.
Something isn’t right.
I stepped further inside.
A light flickered on in another room spilling into the room I was in. It definitely had BB Bixby flair—tons of purple and white one-of-a-kind furniture and decor plus lots with shiny, sparkly things. Heavy purple drapes covered the windows, blocking sunlight. Looking up, I saw why the light didn’t work. Wires snaked out of a hole in the ceiling and the chandelier they were once connected to was in pieces on the white carpet. Joining the broken light was a knocked over table, a broken vase, and a dozen trampled lilies.
Reagan had to be in the other room. There was nowhere else she could’ve gone. My stomach clenched as I slowly approached the doorway, stopping just outside.
A thud from the other room made me jump.
I took a step and hesitated.
“Come on, you’re Dia Muerto. You can do this,” I muttered.
Fearless Dia Muerto would’ve headed into the next room without a second thought. She lacked the ability to think things through—you know, being a zombie and all. Dia Summers, on the other hand, was well aware of the creepiness in the air, and I wasn’t one for barging into unknown territory without at least some of the facts. I held my breath as I walked toward the doorway and peeked my head inside. Reagan rushed past me, her hand cupped over her mouth, a terrified look in her eyes. She nearly knocked me down as she ran out into the hall.
A low ominous moan came from the room Reagan fled. My stomach dropped to my feet.
I turned on heel and ran from the room as quickly as Reagan did. I didn’t want to know what was responsible for the sound, and I wasn’t going to stick around to find out. Reagan frantically beat on the door at the end of the hall, crying for her dad to open up.
Dread crept over me as I watched Reagan jiggle the doorknob with one hand and pound the door with the other as she screamed for Mr. Bixby. The door didn’t open. Something was wrong. Whatever was in the other room had frightened her to tears. I turned around, ready to run back to the elevator when I saw what had caused Reagan to run.
Her sister, BB Bixby, stood between the elevator and me in a shimmery silver mini dress. She limped toward us, covered in splatters of red, one foot in a strappy silver sandal and the other foot bare. Her hands were tipped in red liquid, one clutching a lock of hair. Red rimmed her mouth like a gruesome lipstick. It streaked across her cheek toward her hairline where a chunk of pink matter settled on a wisp of dark hair while the rest was a wild tangle. Her skin had gone gray and she had the same blue rash as Amber. She cocked her head to the side, setting black eyes on me. She bared black-stained teeth and let out a low growl.
BB didn’t look like any heiress I knew. She didn’t look like an actress either. She looked like a monster. Like something from Dia of the Dead but way more terrifying. I gasped, covering my mouth and took a step back. I knew what I was looking at. The realization made my blood run cold. I’d watched dozens of movies about them as research for my role. It didn’t dawn on me earlier but now, looking at BB, it clicked. The walk. The moans. The stench. The appetite for flesh. Barbara Bush Bixby was a zombie with blood stained hands and a walk that put Dia Muerto’s to shame.
The following are songs I listened to while working on Dia of the Dead:
Da Rockwilder by Method Man & Redman (perfect for action scenes)


Stole Your Heart by One Direction

Shake Your Rump by the Beastie Boys

Bad Boy by Big Bang

Glad You Came by The Wanted
You Da One by Rihanna

Brit Brinson was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. After time away to attend college and graduate school, she returned home. When she’s not writing, she enjoys doing nerdy stuff with her friends. She lives for all things horror, paranormal, and sci-fi.
Dia of the Dead is her first novel.

Try vinyl wall art stickers and love the benefits

If you are looking for low cost methods to change your home décor so that it matches your personality, then look no further. With vinyl wall art  you can design to your heart’s content easily, without any trouble. Most of you guys who are unaware of what is vinyl wall art must be thinking that it is similar to putting up wallpaper, right? But you would be mistaken! It is nothing like wallpaper.

Difference between wallpaper and vinyl art decals

Vinyl wall art decals have absolutely no similarity with wallpaper, besides the fact that both of them are stuck to the walls. Vinyl wall decals are not loose sheets like those of wallpaper and they are not so big in size either.

In simple words, these come with self adhesive backsides just like stickers. All you have to do is to take off the back side of the paper which helps to keep the glue intact and place the wall art on the wall. That’s all. Now you see how different it is from ordinary wallpaper. You can choose the various kinds of vinyl wall art and make your house into your home in an uncomplicated and reasonable way.

Steps to applying vinyl wall art

For the people who have never tried vinyl wall art before, why not just try it out once? Vinyl wall stickers can be as easily removed as easily as they are installed. Experiment with it on your home’s walls once, and if it doesn’t work you can get rid of it easily. If you do not try you will never know if the wall decals suit your taste or not. Here are the steps which will help you, the first timers, to put on the wall art stickers in a proper way on your walls without making a mess out of it.

You will get vinyl wall art stickers in form of a roll. All you have to do is unroll the wall art from its’ packaging and give it proper time to straighten itself naturally without putting anything on top of it. When you are ready to apply the decal, simply go to the back side of the sticker where there is a back paper which is there to make sure the glue is kept in its position. Carefully and gently peel the paper off from the back and put the decal on the wall. Even out the glue by rubbing the sticker lightly with your credit card.

Know what you want before you apply!

You must be thinking who will buy wall art which he or she doesn’t like, right? My point is that you can find loads of art stickers which you will like–but think before you purchase and choose carefully as to what will suit your walls and also compliment the other home décor items you have in your place. Just because it is pretty doesn’t always imply that it will look perfect after you put it on your walls. Hence be cautious with you choices.


SPOTLIGHT: Hired Gun by A.J. Bennett

Out Now!
Hired Gun 1 by A.J. Bennett
Paranormal Romance Serial

 Thorne Hollow is tall, dark and sexy as hell. And he knows it.

Cast out by the Gods thousands of years ago, he roams the earth working as an assassin for The Sicarii, a secret society that protects humans from all the things that go bump in the night.

Long ago, Thorne made the mistake of falling in love with a human, and her death stripped him bare. Destined to live a life of solitude. One night stands are his way of life—until he meets a mysterious woman whose intriguing power compels him to uncover more about her and the strange magic she wields.

Add to Goodreads:
About the Author
A.J. Bennett lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and bulldog. She’s addicted to coffee, popcorn and books. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream, and she’s extremely excited about her debut novel Now or Never.

 Website Twitter Facebook 

Vote & Win with Rudolph’s Pork Rinds!

Pork rinds, a traditional southern food, are a great low-carb snack. Rudolph Foods has been producing pork rinds for more than five decades, still utilizing the same special recipe Mary Rudolph created in her family kitchen. Rudolph Foods is the world’s largest manufacturer of pork rinds, as well as pork cracklins, popcorn and pork stick snacks. Rudolph’s pork rinds can be purchased online or in-store now!


Well, my plans for this post were to show you some up close photos so I could let you know about the unique airy texture that makes Rudolph’s Pork Rinds so yummy.  I was thinking about doing some pics with a bowl full of them, maybe with some coming out of the bag, so forth.  But, when I went to get my bag of pork rinds to take some photos, this is what I discovered:


Yes, that’s right.  My husband, who wasn’t aware that I needed to take some pics to include in my review, devoured this entire bag before I had the chance!  If that doesn’t tell you how delicious these pork rinds are, I don’t know what will!

Rudolph’s Pork Rinds come in several flavors, including Hot & Spicy and BBQ, and can be found at a Wal-Mart near you.

Right now, you can enter to win some Rudolph’s Pork Rinds for yourself, or even $100 gift cards!  Rudolph’s is proud to be a part of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 14-20.  Vote for your favorite big rig to win prizes for yourself and a well deserving trucker!

Rudolph’s Website

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Get a Fitness Boost from Bulu Box!

Who couldn’t use a little help when it comes to choosing the products that will help make your fitness regimen reach its’ maximum potential? That’s where the monthly subscription original, Bulu Box comes in! Here is a little more information on what they offer.

Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Each month, you’ll get a custom box filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for you. Of course, shipping is always free and you can cancel anytime. Share your thoughts about each product in our sample surveys and you can earn 50+ Rewards Points (that’s $5!) each month! Use your points to purchase your new favorites in full size at! Here you’ll also get expert tips, tricks and a supportive community of Bulugans just like you! Join the discovery and find a healthier you!


Here is the first Bulu Box I received!  Doesn’t the bright orange and all the motivational quotes going on just make you feel pumped up?


Inside is an informational card telling you what each item in the box is about, and where you can find the full size versions.


And the contents of the July Box that I received!

Quest Protein Bar: A bit tough to chew and not coated with that fake chocolate coating, this bar is quite hefty and I ate only half before it satisfied my hunger. $2.39 Value

AdvanceMint Happy Hour Cocktail Supplements: Such a cool idea! These are breath mints that you take while drinking that will, hopefully, prevent you from having a hangover in the morning! While I haven’t yet found myself in a situation to use these, I can’t wait to see if they will really work.  $4.99 value for 2 packets

Garden of Life Raw Protein: Chai is far from my favorite flavor, but this is good mixed with either almond or soy milk.  Makes for an energy filled breakfast! $1.99 Value

Runa Focused Energy Traditional Guayusa Tea: Again, I’m not a big tea fan.  I think I am going to pass these packets on to someone who will make use of them.  $.99 value

Shapeology Burn Blend Capsules: I’ve never used a diet supplement before, but I also don’t think I would be able to feel the effects of these after just using the couple of capsules I received.  Approx $1.20 value.

The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas: Surprisingly good!  I loved the crunch, and they provided a quick afternoon pick me up when I was getting hungry.  $.60 value.

Total box value: All in all I got about $12 worth of product for the $10 cost of the box.  I do love being introduced to new products though, and that’s what I liked most.



SPOTLIGHT & GIVEAWAY: Flawed by J.L. Spelbring

Title: Flawed (Perfection #2)

Author: J.L. Spelbring

Release Date: August 12, 2014

Publisher: Spencer Hill Press

In a world where Hitler won the The War, and perfection is constantly sought, Ellyssa has broken free from her austere life and has found another meaning for her existence.

Family, friendship, and love.

But her happiness is short lived. Ellyssa finds herself on the run, again. Her father’s work didn’t die with him, but lives on in her siblings, Aalexis and Xaver, and they are determined to complete his unfinished dream.


FLAWED TRAILER from irashiflet; on Vimeo.


AmazonB&N † Kobo † iBooksBook Depository

Add to GoodReads





J.L. Spelbring lives in Texas, where she wanders out in the middle of the night to look at the big and bright stars. Besides knocking imaginary bad guys in the head with a keyboard, she enjoys being swept away between the pages of a book, running amuck inside in her own head, pretending she is into running, and hanging out with her kids, who are way too cool for her.

Her novel, Perfection, released in July 2013 and the sequel, Flawed, releases August 2014.





 WIN an ARC of Flawed!


Putting a Twist to Your Classic (and Boring) Office Attire

Office attire can be very constricting, especially when the industry you’re working for is highly corporate. Unless you’re working for an advertising or entertainment company, you’re not free to wear shorts and crop tops at work. Make your office outfit interesting and fashionable with chunky heels, a bright coat, and a show-stopping handbag to fight a boring ensemble at the workplace.

1. Wedge Heels. Classic black pumps are a staple and they polish every look when paired with a blazer and pencil skirt combo. However, an all-black ensemble can be boring at times. Aside from pumps, what works just divine with a pencil skirt is a pair of wedge heels. They’re not just more comfortable than stilettos, but they also give a fresh and younger look on your whole ensemble. Choose one that’s made of suede material or with ankle straps. And if you can get away with color, choose dark ones that aren’t black (Bamboo Pamela wedge heels, $24.96).

2. Bright Coat. Dark colors typically constitute a highly corporate outfit. Even though you can’t wear something fun and bright at the office, always remember you can dress up and exude your fashionable side when you’re on your way to the workplace or when you’re going out for lunch. For spring, wear a trench coat in block colors ranging from pink, to apple green, yellow and orange. You may be old-fashioned underneath but you’re definitely one fashionable lady as soon as you step out of the building (Burberry London Single-Breasted Bonded-Cotton Trench Coat, £717).

3. Waterfall Blazer. When you can’t get away with a pink or coral blazer as much as you want to, make your typical black blazer extra special by opting for a waterfall-hem. Even if you’re wearing the classic black blazer, your style will be the talk of fashionistas because of its Victorian-inspired design and great-fitting cut. Pair a waterfall blazer with your favorite cigarette pants, pointy pumps and a sweep of bright red lipstick on your lips for that almost catwalk moment (Alexander McQueen Wool Blazer, $2,785).

4. Scarf. Scarves are great additions to any plain outfit. You know how a simple scarf can turn an ordinary basic tee-and-jeans get-up into something really chic and stylish. A silk scarf is a great addition to your top especially when you have a plain, round neck inner blouse. Another option is to tie your scarf on the handles of your handbag (Tiger Print Scarf, $8.70).

5. Handbag. If you want to showcase a striking fashion piece in your boring outfit, just carry a designer handbag. Louis Vuitton handbags are definitely classic statement pieces but younger generations are more inclined to choose colored leather goods than the usual monogram prints. If you’re a born New Yorker, this tip is already a no-brainer. For sure, you’ll find the chicest leather handbags from Michael Kors and Kate Spade (Saint Laurent Petite Y Line Top-Handle Bag, $2,490.00).

6. Lipstick. The right makeup at the office can instantly mean strictly business. Some businesses like airline companies require a certain makeup for their employees. Other businesses prefer the simple, natural look. Check your company’s guidelines to see if there’s a section on makeup and grooming. If they’re lenient, you can always put on lipstick shades ranging from nude to a touch of pink, to deep red and even a juicy orange shade. This is probably the cheapest yet easiest way to put a twist to your classic corporate ensemble (NARS Heat Wave, $26).

About Urgent Care

Presented By PhysicianOne Urgent Care

Happy Feet

Pretty feet are not just meant for sandals and the beach. Pretty feet mean healthy feet. The feet do so much for people’s bodies. They establish balance for a healthy back. They get people where they need to go. They provide fun dancing the night away.

Skin integrity is about keeping the skin healthy. When skin isn’t healthy, it can cause internal infections brought on by sores and other conditions. Unfortunately, the feet can get banged up. The feet is in both direct and indirect contact with the ground and floor, which both have substantial germs. The feet carry a lot of weight, which causes calluses and cracked heels. The feet are also covered up a lot of the time. This can cause a lot of problems for the skin and nails by way of fungi.

Keep the feet clean by proper washing in the shower or bath. After wearing sandals outside, it’s a good idea to rinse the feet off in the bathtub or with the hose to remove dirt and other substances from the feet. Use a pumice stone or other exfoliating tool to remove dead skin from the bottom of the feet. Allow feet to completely dry. Promptly use lotion, such as mango body lotion as applying lotion to the feet while applying it to the body will help promote overall skin health. Cover the feet with comfortable socks while sleeping so that the feet can either remain or become soft. Allow the feet to receive plenty of oxygen during the day to avoid foot odors and other problems.

Keep the nails trimmed. Be careful to not trim nails too short or it can produce problems, such as ingrown toenails. Clean around the nails with a nail brush while in the shower. Trim off dead skin around the nails. It is useful to have a set of manicure scissors, which successfully removes dead skin. It’s also a good idea to apply cuticle oil around the nails to keep the skin from becoming overly dry.

Feet can seem like they’re a lot of work to keep up, but most of the upkeep occurs while in the shower and after getting out of the shower. Making this a part of the regular grooming process becomes habit after a while and the feet will look amazing. Get a buffer, put on some polish, and voila—pretty feet.


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