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Take Your Workout to the Next Level with a Heart Rate Monitor


Anyone that has stuck with a workout routine for more than a couple of days knows that improving athletic performance is about more than just increasing its frequency. In order to get into the best shape possible, you need the right tools for the job. In that respect, a heart rate monitor can give a struggling athletic performance the edge it needs. By keeping proper tabs on your heart rate, you can more accurately understand the areas that are giving your body trouble, as well as give yourself a new motivational tool that will keep you off the couch and back at the gym. 

Part of the value of a heart rate monitor, aside from its intrinsic value of monitoring your heart, is in the way they keep statistics of your accomplishments. A heart rate monitor is about more than keeping tabs of your heart beats per minute, it’s about seeing how far you’ve gone and how many calories you’ve burned in your journey so far. This type of motivational tool is of immense value to anyone familiar with hitting the “wall” while running. Armed with a heart rate monitor, though, the “wall” is far less imposing than it might otherwise be. After all, once you’ve seen how easy it was to get as far as you already have, what’s a few more miles on top of that? In fact, there are heart rate monitor accessories specifically designed for runners to provide even more information, including the speed with which they’ve been running and a finely tuned distance measurement. 

With competitive prices to be found all over the Internet, including those offered by sites like Heart Rate Monitors USA, there has never been a better time to buy a heart rate monitor than today. Taking care of your body is incredibly important, so why not make it a little easier with a heart rate monitor to keep better track of your workout routines? Staying properly informed is absolutely integral to maximizing a workout routine and getting the best results possible, which only serves to highlight the importance of finding the heart rate monitor that is right for you. Coupled with a large array of exciting heart rate monitor accessories, there are plenty of customization options for anyone interested in improving their workouts or getting a fresh start on a new routine.

Greece Vacation Guide

Vacation time comes round fast, so I like to begin gathering information early. I’m going to offer ideas here to get you started. Then I hope y’all will get motivated to explore some more!

Today I’m focusing on Greece, with its beautiful mainland and 60 inhabited islands. Holidays to Greece are perfect if you want to experience a beautiful and culturally diverse place that is simply a cut above the rest.

It’s a great idea to spend a few days resting up after traveling and explore Athens. As one of the oldest cities in the world, you’ll find it a fascinating mixture of the old and the new. The Acropolis and The Parthenon are just two of the ‘must sees’ and The New Acropolis Museum and The National Archaeological Museum will surely delight the art lovers among you.

Mainland Greece

After a few days, you will likely want to head out and explore the countryside and there are plenty of wonderful destinations to choose from. You can take an organized tour or travel independently, your choice. These are a few of the highlights.

Nafplio is a pretty seaside village and was the first Greek capital. As well as fortresses to explore, there are lots of lively cafes. It is a cool place to sit back and soak in the wonderful seaside atmosphere.

Peloponnese is a wide peninsula with wonderful beaches as well as scenic mountains. There are lots of interesting historical places to visit including classical Greek temples, Byzantine churches and Venetian fortresses.

Olympia, birth place of the Olympic Games and an ancient archaeological site.
Delphi, a lively town as well as being the home of the Temple of Apollo and the Delphi Oracle.
Meteora is an awesome wonder with mystical and magical monasteries dating back to the 11th century.

Greek Islands

If islands are more your thing, popular destinations include Corfu, Rhodes and Mykonos. Each island has its own character so it is good to spend some time doing your homework to find your perfect match or plan a little island hopping.

Well that’s only a small taste of what Greece has to offer. I’m sure you can see that it is a destination worth exploring. Get Greece onto your Bucket List y’all!

Apparoo App of the Week

Hey yall! I’m so excited to let you know I have partnered up with Apparoo, which is a site that helps busy moms find the best mobile apps for their little ones.  Each week I’ll be sharing the “Apparoo App of the Week” with you.  These are often FREE or offered at a discount!


This week’s featured app is:

Rio Read and Play (The official app for the Movie)

Shake your tailfeathers and join blue macaws Blu and Jewel for a colorful read-along adventure set in Rio de Janeiro. This delightful app, featuring characters from the popular animated film Rio, will appeal to fans of the film and newcomers alike. The narrated storybook will encourage your child’s reading skills, the coloring tools will foster their artistic talent – and the bonus activities will grant you peace and quiet over at least two extra states on your next cross-country flight. A feast for the senses, this bright, fun-filled app is like a tiny little Brazilian vacation on your iPad! Download it here.

Pamper Your Pooch with Waggin’ Box


I am a second time doggy mom, but this puppy we’ve recently gotten is really like having a second baby.  His name is Jasper, and he’s a rat terrier mix.  We actually picked him up off the side of a highway where he, along with his mom and siblings, were darting in and out of traffic.  It took him a couple of days to warm up to us, but now he’s as spoiled as can be…and I have to admit I love spoiling him.

I totally love subscription boxes, so the idea of one for the dog seemed really cool to me!  I am thrilled to let you guys know about my experience with the pretty new sub service,


Every Waggin’ Box contains a variety of high quality, hand picked, “dog-approved” dog products. The best part is, every box is a surprise! Treats, toys, grooming supplies, wellness products, and much more can end up in your Waggin’ Box! The Doggie Deal Hunters are always on the lookout for new and exciting things to stuff into the boxes, so you never know what you’re going to get. Whatever it is, it’s bound to make your dog wag its tail for joy!

Another great thing about Waggin’ Boxes, is you get to decide how often you receive them. Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or you can just order one. It’s up to you! Simply, pick a delivery plan, tell the team what size dog you have and wait by the mailbox. It’s that easy!


Here’s a pic of the super cute, custom Waggin Boxes.


All of the products in the box…3 toys, and 4 food products.


So, let me talk about the toys first.

Chase n Chomp Rubber Fetch Ball (Approx. value: $12):  This is a very durable rubber ball, around tennis ball size.  It has a hole in the center where you can place a treat.  My baby is not yet a year old…and his mouth couldn’t open wide enough to play fetch with this ball! He still liked chasing it down the hallway, though.

Trout Squeaky Toy (couldn’t find price info): Jasper goes crazy over anything squeaky, so of course this was a keeper. It’s almost the same size as him, but that doesn’t stop him from attacking it.

–Chomp Champs Tuggable Toy (Approx. value: $7): Oh. My. Gosh.  I have never seen my pup love a toy so much!  He’s teething, and with this toy we have discovered he looooves tug of war! He growls as we play with him, but when we try to let go of the ends and let him have it, he gives it right back to us!  Really happy with this one.


Here’s the info on the food products.

Stewart Pro-Treat Plus Freeze Dried Treats (Approx. value: $7): I thought these were pretty cool, as I had never seen freeze dried dog treats before.  I’d also never seem treats made with strawberry!  They are small cubes, the perfect size for my ratty and I can give him several a day without worrying I’m ruining his appetite.

Smokehouse Lamb Bone (Approx. value: $2):  If I though Jasper loved the tug of war toy, then he was absolutely OBSESSED with this bone.  When I first opened the box, I thought to myself, “This is way too big for him.”  Turns out I had no reason to worry.  This bone still has a bit of smoked meat on it, and my dog tore. It. Up.  He kept chewing on it long after the meat was gone, and the edges were forming sharp edges so I had to throw it away.  I will for sure be trying to find him some more of these.

Novi-Pet Joint Support (Full box value approx. $6): Jas is still young, but I guess it’s never too early to start caring for his joints.  If you have need to give these glucosamine treatments to your dog, you will have no trouble doing so.  Jasper ate these right up with no hesitation.

Smokehouse Prime Chips Chicken Breast (Approx. value $10): These are crunchy treats that are wholesome little discs of smoked chicken breast.  Jasper likes them a lot, and I’ve been using them as rewards.  If you have a small dog like I do, a bag will last you a long time.


Overall, both my dog and I were very satisfied with the selections we got from Waggin’ Box. The price of a single box is $28, and the value of product I received was worth well over $38. I know getting a box for myself every month is a nice surprise, so why not surprise your pup as well?

Waggin’ Box is offering a special code for my readers to receive a 20% discount on their new subscription! Enter the code TWENTY14 at checkout to get yours.

And before I forget…here’s a picture of my little troublemaker!


Good Dental Hygiene: More than a Pretty Smile

Giving Teeth the Care They Deserve

Today’s world puts a great deal of emphasis on personal appearance. For many, this all starts with an attractive smile. Modern dental materials and procedures provide most people to have the kind of smile many only dreamed of in years past.

However, the professionals at Genesis Dental Salt Lake always stress to their patients how proper dental hygiene and dental health is important for more than cosmetic reasons. Many aspects of personal health are affected by one’s overall approach to dental hygiene. Also, it is important to correct damaged and crooked teeth for more reasons than a better appearance.

Poor dental hygiene and missing teeth can cause problems with otherwise healthy teeth. Also, diseases of the gum and infections in the gums are the source of many other physical ailments. Everything from digestive problems to ear infections can often be traced to such problems. Even decaying teeth can introduce toxins that affect overall health.

A Lifetime of Service

When the second set of teeth comes in, they are intended to last for a lifetime. However, it is only past century or so that scientists and doctors know enough about the teeth and gums to help many people keep the majority of their teeth throughout adulthood.

Proper dental heath starts with the proper nutrition when young. Calcium is an essential component of strong and healthy teeth, and a deficiency will make teeth susceptible to chipping, breaking and decay. Likewise, certain foods and liquids can erode and discolor the tooth’s natural enamel surface.

While it was a controversial move, the addition of fluoride to the public water supply has been a great aid in reducing tooth decay in the general public. However, many people who do not drink water from the municipal systems can benefit from additional fluoride treatments as prescribed by their dentist.

Preventative care is effective in eliminating many of the normal problems with teeth, including decay and gum tissue problems. Regular, correct brushing and flossing are recommended by all dentists as the foundation of good dental hygiene.

The Role of the Dentist

However, it is vital for all individuals to have regular teeth inspections and cleanings. The nature of most problems with teeth is that early detection provides for simple, inexpensive treatments, where extended delays can cause serious problems. Additionally, professional cleanings remove deposits that even regular brushing will miss. A final reason for these checkups is the detection of certain diseases and cancers of the mouth.

Certainly, when it comes to dental health, a little prevention goes a long way.


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A night out with the girls at the casino

Image by IanMurphy

When you’re a mum, nights out become much rarer than they used to be. But it’s important to make time to spend with your friends, some of whom you’ve probably known since you were a child yourself. Friendships need to be nourished, just like other relationships in your life. Granted, it may be more difficult to make time to have a night off for yourself when you’re a mum, but the fact that it can’t always be arranged at the drop of a hat makes you look forward to it even more.

So what to do when you’re with the girls? It’s great to do something different and one of the latest trends is to go for a night out at the casino. Most of the larger towns and cities in the UK have casinos, and you can always pick a date way in advance to make sure that everyone has time to sort out babysitters. It’s sometimes easier to book out a whole weekend, so that you can all stay in the same hotel and spend a decent amount of quality time together. You might go out for dinner one night and hit the casino on the second night, for example.

If you’ve never been to a casino before it’s a good idea to get some practice in online first. On a site like 32 Red casino you’ll find every casino game you can think of and you don’t even have to pay to play. Most of the games can be played in demo mode, where you can practice placing different bets and using different playing strategies, all without risking any real money. Of course, if you want to play with real money, you can switch to real money mode at any time. Casino sites offer generous welcome bonuses to new players and this is usually in the form of free playing credit to match the amount you put in yourself. At 32Red it’s better than that – for every £10 you put in, the site will give you another £32 of playing credit.

Image by IanMurphy

The great thing about going out for a girls’ night at the casino is that you have a fantastic excuse for dressing up. Unlike a night in the pub, a casino night means no holds barred on getting out your slinkiest dress, your feather boas and high heels. Everyone dresses it up for a night at the casino and that’s all part of the fun. It adds to the feeling of glamour and decadence as you take your chips and decide whether to bet on black or red at roulette, or whether to double down, split or stand at blackjack.

The important thing to remember if you’re going to play casino is to set yourself a spend limit and make sure you stick to it. The likelihood is that you will lose most, if not all of it, so if you go in with that expectation, any wins you have will be an absolute bonus!

Join the exclusive, invite only Tastemaker Mom!


About Tastemaker Mom: Tastemaker Mom celebrates the power and influence of moms.  We harness the ideas, opinions and passions of amazing mom-influencers and turn their collective voices into measurable, real-world action.  This exclusive, invite-only community of moms helps shape the way that brands, companies, causes see the world.


Got Questions? We have answers!

Who is TMM for? 

TMM is for influential moms of every type. We welcome diversity and celebrate the many ways moms impact their communities whether with girlfriends, at the local groups like your PTA, neighborhood association or professional organizations or through social media and online. 


Is TMM exclusively a blogger network or affiliate program? 

No.  While we love to work with influential bloggers, we know that most moms are passionate about making the world a better place and shaping the way brands, companies and causes see the world. The goal is to have as large of a collective voice as possible so our influence grows.

What are the benefits of joining TMM? 

Tastemaker Mom is  a young but powerful network of moms who care about having their voices heard. The demand has been contagious as this powerful group of proactive moms looking to affect change in the world continues to grow. We work with a wide variety of organizations who are looking to gain insight and feedback from our network of Tastemaker Moms.  As Tastemaker Mom grows, we look forward to working with you to offer ways to connect with other tastemaker moms as well as lending your voice to important causes and more. 


Does this sound like something you’d love to be a part of?  Click the graphic and enter the code sshTMM to join!



Why Wear a Wig?

If you have to wear a wig to complete a costume or are looking to conceal your baldness for whatever reason, you want something that looks good and fits well. The last thing that you want is to have to adjust your wig or have it look blatantly fake.

The goal of a wig is to have it look as inconspicuous as possible. When people see you from a distance, they shouldn’t be able to tell that you are wearing a wig. Hopefully, people won’t be able to tell when standing next to you that you are wearing a wig either.

To help your wig fit better, you want a wig cap that fits snugly over your head. Wig caps can be used to help an oversized clown wig stay on your head without having to worry about it falling off while you are performing. They can also be used to create a tighter seal between your scalp and your wig to make sure that it doesn’t move around and cause a distraction while you are talking to a client or out with friends.

Wigs can be purchased online, at party stores or anywhere else where costume supplies are sold. They are relatively inexpensive and are thoroughly checked ahead of time to ensure that wigs using real human hair are not tainted in any way.

BOOK TOUR REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Brady Needs a Nightlight by Brian Barlics

Brady Needs a Nightlight

by Brian Barlics, illustrated by Gregory Burgess Jones


Book Description

In Brady Needs a Nightlight, author Brian Barlics introduces the reader to Brady, a loveable little bat who oddly has a terrible fear of the dark. This poses quite a dilemma for a creature that sleeps in a dark cave and comes out to play at night.  The story opens with an image of Brady, scared to fall asleep inside of his dark cave.  He is forced to watch the other bats hang fast asleep as he imagines himself playing outside in the sunshine. As night falls, the other bats are up and ready to play, but poor Brady is too afraid to step out into the darkness.  After building up the courage to go, Brady realizes, with the help of some bright and shining fireflies, that the nighttime isn’t so bad after all.  New friendships abound and thanks to his new friends, the fireflies Brady learns to overcome his fear! The colorful imagery and charming characters created by illustrator Gregory Jones help children to cope with fears, and learn to use creativity to problem-solve.



Brady Needs a Nightlight by Brian Barlics

Very cute little story about a most unlikely partnership! Brady is a young bat, so he should be used to the dark–after all, he sleeps in a cave! But Brady is not like the other bats; he really hates the dark and is afraid to go to sleep in the cave. He is feeling very sad until he finds bright friends to help him light the way!
The rhyming scheme was nice and kept my child’s attention, though the book was a bit long for bedtime. I had never seen a story about a bat before, and I liked that this book featured one without it being about Halloween.

Brady Needs a Nightlight teaches children that it’s OK to be afraid sometimes, because if you look, there is always someone to help you, or a way to make yourself feel better.

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About the Author

Brian was born and raised in New Jersey and currently lives in Northern California. He is a Pediatrician with a strong love for children and is dedicated to their health and well-being. He believes not only in the physical health of children but also in the enrichment of their minds and building of their character. He is a strong advocate of the well-supported idea that reading to your child encourages a strong parent-child bond, promotes literacy, and helps them tap into their seemingly endless imaginations. He has recently started a new venture as an author of children’s books. His award-winning book “Brady Needs a Nightlight” is now available and might become your child’s favorite bedtime story!

Connect with Brian on Facebook.




One winner will receive a copy of the book!  US/CAN only please.

Leave me a comment telling me what your child is afraid of!


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