Hi from a Sweet Southern SAHM!

Hello everyone!


My name is Carrie and I’d like to welcome you into my world.  I am a stay at home mom of one wonderfully cute and crazy 2 year old and one spoiled little siamese kitten.  I have an amazing husband who always supports me, no matter what (I wonder if it’s because he knows if he disagrees, I will do what I want anyway…).

I have a few hobbies that I am really passionate about, and they will be the focus of this crazy, mixed up blog I’m making.  The first is scented wax!  My whole life I have been totally addicted to anything that smelled good–body wash and lotions, candles, perfumes, you name it.  Now that I am a real live grown up and have my own home, I am currently very into melting scented wax.  Sometimes it’s candles, but most of the time it’s tarts–highly scented wickless wax, that you melt in a warmer.  To put this into perspective…I have 6 warmers and a 3 drawer cart full of tarts.  A lot of my posts will be reviews of different scents and vendors (what we call those who make the scented wax).  I love using different scents to create ambiance in the home…different scents can make someone think you are baking something yummy, have a bouquet of fresh flowers, or are doing laundry–when really you’re just melting great smelling wax!

Another one of my hobbies is baking and cooking.  I have been doing both since I was a little girl.  And of course, being from the Deep South (Louisiana), we do love our food.  I have been taught by some of the greats–my mom, grandma, and great grandma.  I take all of the things they taught me, along with some new knowledge and spectacular recipes, and try my best to make delicious dishes and desserts for my family to enjoy.  One of my favorite things to do is find a recipe that looks interesting, and change it up to put my own spin on it.  I do love baking much more than cooking though–there is nothing like the look on my husband’s face when I have prepared something sweet for him.  🙂

Finally, I will probably be posting some about the two most important things in my life of course–my husband and son.  My (not so) baby boy does at least one thing, everyday without fail, to make me smile and/or drop my jaw.  I am so glad that I have to opportunity to stay at home with him, I know a lot of moms cannot do it and I never take one day for granted.  My husband is a hard worker and loves to spend time with both of us whenever he can.  Although it is hard to talk to him in the fall during football season!

Thank ya’ll so much for visiting and reading!  As a SAHM, I don’t really get a lot of chances to talk to adults who actually listen to me and appreciate what I have to say.  Even if no one reads this, it’s nice to be able to let it out into the world.  Writing has always been a huge passion of mine, and I really do hope you guys enjoy what I am putting out there!


About Carrie

A SAHM who loves her life :)

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  1. That’s so cute I will read your blog everyday! I know how it is being a SAHM some times it can be a little monotonous and a little like groundhog day but we have sisters out there that blog and give us other SAHM’s something to thing about and try! Great job!!! From one SAHM to another!!! 🙂

  2. Very well written introduction! You’ve got my attention. 😀

  3. good job, can’t wait for the reviews on wax and some new recipes 🙂


  5. great blog, can’t wait to read what happens next 🙂 I also have a fondness for good smelling things, specially wax and I like to bake, i like to cook also but i’m not very good at it, but I try 🙂 I work M-F 8 days a week so I envy sahm’s

  6. Food, family, and fragrance! Looking forward to reading more because those are my passions also. Nicely written 🙂

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