Little preview…

Hey guys!

Sorry, no new post yesterday.  It was kind of a busy day.  I did want to let ya’ll know however, I am working on a lil somethin to help me help you.  🙂  That will be up soon.  Depending on what I have going on later, I might even make another post.  We’ll see!  Never can tell what kind of day I’m gonna have with my spontaneous loved ones!

Here are a few things I plan on writing about in the next week just to give you guys a heads up:

–Review of goodies I received from a lovely Etsy shop owner

–A yummy new cookie trend

–My thoughts on my tarts from Candles from the Keeping Room, since I will be melting them to analyze in the next couple of days

–My personal wax stash and my setup of warmers

I hope this sounds good to ya’ll!  I am very excited to continue writing and I really love hearing you guys’ feedback.  Talk to ya’ll soon!

About Carrie

A SAHM who loves her life :)

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts carrie, you are doing such a great job!.

  2. Oo the line up sounds awesome! I look forward to it!

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