I’ve Been Working on Somethin’ For Ya’ll…

and today I am unveiling it!  For the past few days I have been working on a page for all of the lovelies who read my blog but may not be as much into scented wax as I am.  It occurred to me while I was writing my last post, that I might sometimes use terms some are not familiar with.  So I decided those people should not have to leave my blog to google something!  As a result, I made a reference page for you guys!  Introducing…

WAX 101!

This page is where you can go to find out more about the world of wax, including types of melts, differences in burners, abbreviations I might use on the blog, and much more!  The best part is, it’s listed right over there to the left, in the sidebar, so you can check it out anytime you need to.  I tried to be as thorough as possible, but of course if you ever have a question about something, I am here to help you.  🙂

I spent a good bit of time putting this page together and I hope you find it helpful! If you have some time, please give it a look and let me know your feedback.   Talk to ya’ll soon! ❤

P.S.–Just a little note to let you guys know…I am a night owl and my posts will usually be made in the evenings or occasionally late night.  If you subscribe, you will always be notified when I have made a new post!

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  1. Awesome page girly! 😀

  2. In my opinion soy made products don’t smell as strong. Does anyone else find this? Good info on what the candles r made from. Didn’t know it made a difference!

    • I do agree Ash..soy products are rarely as strong as other types of waxes. Sometimes if you let them sit for a while though, they do get stronger over time. Parasoy wax is personally my favorite.

    • Technically, soy wax cannot hold as much fragrance oil as paraffin.

      However; I have found that the soy wax melts from Lasting Scent Candles last and throw just as well, if not better than Paraffin wax melts. I have also found parasoy tarts from Wahm’s Scented Wax have very strong throw and last a long time as well.

      Throw varies based on scent type too. I find that most vanilla scents are softer than say a bright fruit like lemon or strong crisp green leafy scent. Patchouli is also usually very strong as well as cinnamon.

      I really think duration and throw varies based on who is making the tarts and the type of scent. So, experiment!

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