Review: Pics, Petals, & Scents

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Sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve posted.  I needed a few days to catch up on housework and sleep!  I’m ready to get back into bloggin though!

Today’s review is for an Etsy shop called  Pics, Petals, and Scents.  Marcy, the lovely lady who owns the shop, is very talented and creative.  Some of her products include tarts, soaps, and beautifully unique dessert candles.

Don't these look real?!

I had the chance to try out some of Marcy’s stuff, and I am very excited that I did!  I love trying out new vendors and scents.  The package that I was to receive was going to contain items that were a surprise to me.  But I was quite pleased when I got my box!   Sometimes that is the best way to discover you love scents that you never would have ordered otherwise.

Here is what I got in my package.

Marcy sent me a variety of her items, which I love because I was able to get a good idea of what PP&S is all about.  I got a large Smelly Jelly in Apple Cinnamon, a votive candle in Chubba Dubba, a massaging soap bar in Papaya Dragonfruit, 3 scallop tarts in Loving Spell, Apple Cinnamon, and Macintosh Apple, and 1 oz. tart shots in Papaya Dragonfruit, Butt Naked, Pink Sugar, Southern Home, Mango Papaya, Pumpkin Pie, Madam President, Frozen Margarita, Lick Me All Over, and Smiley Face.  Some of the scents were definitely not ones I would have chosen for myself, but I learned that sometimes, you just gotta branch out!

One of the first things I tried was the massaging bar of soap–you can’t see it from the pic but the underside of the soap has little massaging nubs on it.  This soap was made with soy milk and aloe, and contained apricot seeds.  I LOVE this soap.  First of all, the scent–Papaya Dragonfruit– is great.  It’s sweet, fruity, and juicy, and you really can almost taste the papaya.  The scent was strong enough that I smelled the soap as soon as I opened my shower door, but it was not overpowering.  This soap left me squeaky clean, and the scent lingered on my skin for hours afterward–I kept sniffing my arm all night 🙂

A Smelly Jelly is a jar containing little absorbent beads, to which fragrance is added.  They are a great, long lasting way to scent smaller areas.  If properly cared for, a Smelly Jelly can last up to 5 years!  I put my Smelly Jelly in my son’s room, and while it is not overly strong, I love that I can pass by it and catch a whiff.  It does seem to be keeping odors out of the room, which is great for the room of a 2 year old!

PP&S makes tarts in a variety of waxes, which is nice because some people do prefer one wax over another.  Some of my shooters were in palm, and some were in soy.  Let me tell you, these little babies pack a punch!  I was using them in the warmers in my bedroom and guest bathroom, and they definitely filled the room and then some.  My favorite scents in the shooters were Mango Papaya, Pink Sugar, Pumpkin Pie, and Papaya Dragonfruit.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, anything from PP&S with “papaya” in the name is mouthwatering and strong.

I had never used too many palm products before these, so I was glad to be able to try them.  Palm wax holds a lot of scent, and the tarts and votive from PP&S are good examples of that.  The Loving Spell scented scallop tart was strong and lasted 8 hours!  I only dumped it out because I have a short attention span and I was ready for a new scent.  The Chubba Dubba votive burned beautifully and cleanly in my votive holder, and when all the wax was melted, it was so easy to pop out!  That is another advantage of palm wax.

All in all, I really loved everything I tried from Pics, Petals, & Scents.  I would definitely recommend the massaging soap bars, and the tarts–make sure you get something papaya!  Check out Marcy’s site and support small business owners. 🙂

Pics, Petals, & Scents Etsy Shop
Pics, Petals, & Scents Facebook Page

*Note–these items were given to me for testing purposes, but that in no way affects my thoughts on the products. 🙂




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  1. Your reviews are always so thorough and insightful! I appreciate that very much!

  2. I think ypu should get some freebies for reviewing her lol! By the way now I want cheesecake!

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