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As a SAHM, I sometimes get a few extra minutes here and there when my son is napping or his daddy is taking care of him.  I am as addicted to the internet and Facebook as anyone else!  I wanted to give you guys a little insight into some of the blogs I love to read.

  • Picky Palate–This woman is an evil genius.  Jenny comes up with some of the most decadent dessert recipes, but she usually makes sure to keep them simple enough that novice bakers can do them.  This blog is where I first discovered the wonder that is stuffed cookies.
  • Cracked–Hilarious website, it’s most popular feature is the lists writers compile.  For example, “5 Things that are Way Easier than they Look in Movies.”  There are also photoshop contests that readers can enter.  But it’s not all humor–you can actually learn some real facts on this site.  With articles in Movies, Music, History, Science, and more, it’s very easy to spend hours on surfing from one article to the next.
  • Bon Appetempt–On this blog, the author, Amelia, tries to replicate dishes she has seen in the pages of cooking magazines such as Bon Appetit.  Some times she is more successful than others, but the posts are always great to read and I love how she does it all with a sense of humor.
  • Damn You, Autocorrect!–If you, like most of America, have a smartphone that tries to correct the words you are typing even when you don’t want it to, then you will love this blog.  Even if you don’t, the autocorrect mistakes are hilarious to read and will have you in tears by the time you are done with a couple of pages.  I wouldn’t recommend reading this while you work in a quiet office!
  • Bakerella–Though she’s probably getting more famous now that she has a cookbook out, I’ve been reading Bakerella for a long time!  She is, of course, the mother of cake pops!  She does bake many more cute desserts than that though.  Her recipes are a little more on the advanced side, but I really just love looking at the photos.
  • Postsecret–Everyone has one secret they keep inside and wish they didn’t have to.  Postsecret is a site that features postcards people send in anonymously, which reveal secrets they want to put out into the world.  Some of them are very powerful, and often bring tears to my eyes.  The site is updated with new secrets every Sunday.
  •  The Pioneer Woman–Last but not least, I think everyone knows who the Pioneer Woman is!  Ree is a great storyteller and I love reading all the facets of her blog.  I have gotten more than a few hubby-pleasing recipes from here.  The Pioneer Woman was one of the first blogs to feature step by step pictures to accompany recipes.  As you can see from my blog, it’s a very popular style now.


I hope you will check out some of these sites and find something you like.  That is, if you ever get a second of free time 🙂

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  1. I had not seen Post Secret before, some interesting reads there! 🙂

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