LoLe’s Giggles Review

LoLe’s Giggles is a new tart vendor that I was recently intrigued to come across.  I had seen Lisa Marie’s page around Facebook before–but I thought she made cute girl items like tutus and bows.  Well it turns out, she does–and now she’s making tarts too!

Lisa Marie is a work at home stepmom of 2, and has recently discovered her passion for making tarts.  Lisa Marie’s products are all paraffin, which I love.  I was more than happy to give my thoughts on a selection of her items. 🙂

The goodies I got.

First of all, I love the presentation of the individual tarts like this.  As a buyer, a pet peeve of mine is getting a cello package that is tied tightly with ribbon that has to be cut off and then cannot be replaced.  It is a hassle when you just want to open the tarts to sniff them!  These tarts were tied with pieces of dual toned, sturdy cloth string.  The strings were not tied in a knot and this made it very easy to open a bag, sniff, and retie the string.


I also think the labels are adorable and girly.  The label design is colorful, clean and modern.

Shapes I got.

My tarts came in a few different shapes, but my fave was the large cube.  It’s about one and a half times larger than a Scentsy cube.  The pumpkin was cute too.

If you look closely at the blue sun in the left of the photo, you can see pink sprinkles in it.  The colors were vibrant without being too bright–have you ever gotten a neon tart that left a stain in your melting bowl after it was poured out?  It’s a pain.

One unique thing about these tarts is that they are almost translucent looking.  I had never seen this before.  I think most tarts now are a parasoy blend, which makes for creamy wax.  This effect in these tarts was very cool…it made the cubes kinda look like ice cubes.

My thoughts on the scents I tried:

Apple Cider Latte–Mmm, this was yummy.  Good throw.  Top note of spicy fall apples with a strong cinnamon.  The coffee was very, very light in the background.

Blue Watermelon–This was unusual…it was definitely a fruity melon mix, but I’m not sure I smelled something I definitely recognized as watermelon in there.  I’m not sure what the fragrance oil description is, so maybe it’s a blend of melons.  Medium throw.

Coconut Lime Verbena–Wow, this scent was soooooo authentic.  Coconut Lime Verbena is a Bath & Body Works scent, if you didn’t know that, and this tart smelled JUST LIKE the B&BW real thing.  Gave a great throw for hours.  Top note is lime, with a creamy coconut background and fresh verbena.

Pink Sugar–I am a pink sugar lover, so I was loving the cold throw on this tart.  But when I melted it, it was very very light.  Not sure what happened, but I wish this was stronger..the cold sniff had so much promise!  🙂

Country Berry Hotcakes–O.M.G.  I need A LOT MORE of this scent ASAP!!  This was definitely the best, strongest pancake scent I have ever tried.  It may me one of my new fave scents, period!  One cube of this was whole house strong.  This scent is a sweet, buttery pancake, with blueberries and maybe strawberry?  I’m not sure, but it is AWESOME.

Warm Vanilla Sugar–Another B&BW dupe, but this tart was not as good as the Coconut Lime Verbena.  I got very little throw out of it–but that seems to happen to me with almost every vanilla scent.

Pumpkin Ice Cream–Very nice scent for fall if you don’t like getting hit in the face with all kinds of strong cinnamon.  This is a cinnamon pumpkin scent, but it is smoothed out by creamy vanilla.  It was strong, though!

So, overall I liked 5 out of 7 tarts I tried from LoLe’s Giggles.  That’s a pretty good ratio!  I would not hesitate to try Lisa Marie’s tarts again.  I will DEFINITELY be getting some more of that Country Berry Hotcakes!  The scent list at LoLe’s Giggles is not huge, but she is working on adding more, and what she does have so far is pretty good!  You can buy tarts directly from her on the Facebook page, or her etsy shop.  If I were you, I’d go check her out 🙂
LoLe’s Giggles Facebook Page
LoLe’s Giggles Etsy Page

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  1. Ok I had to figure out what a “throw” was but now that I know I want all strong throws from now on! No light ones so I will avoids vanillas!

    • Ash did you read my Wax 101 page? Throw is how strong the fragrance is. For example, that Apple Lavender you had on last time I went to your house had a CRAZY good throw!

  2. country berry hotcakes sounds delicious!

  3. I really appreciate this review, Carrie =) Thank you so much and I am glad you enjoyed most of them!

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