Crosscreek Country Candles Review

Crosscreek Country Candles has been in business for ten years, and is based out of Ohio.  The owner, Deana, is such a sweet and funny lady and she just makes you love talking with her!

Crosscreek offers wax tarts in hundreds of awesome fragrances, with some of the most delicious original scent creations I’ve seen from a vendor.  You can tell Deana really loves mixing fragrances and coming up with something new.  The tarts come in cups, scallops, and adorable prim and bakery shapes.

Prim Gingerbread Men

Cake Bites

Prim Cats and Pumpkins

I had been hearing so much about this company and couldn’t wait to try some tarts.  Deana was pleased to send me some for review 🙂

The Goodies.

I knew I had to try one of the cute Halloween shapes!  The jack o’ lanterns are quite large, just a bit larger than the bottom of my melting bowl.  Crosscreek tarts are made of a paraffin blend.  The colors were muted and not too bright.  The boldest color was in the red tart I received, and happily it did not leave residue or a stain when I wiped it out of my bowl, as some red wax can do.  The tarts were neatly packaged and the labels are simple and neat.

Lemme tell you guys how difficult it was to choose only six scents to review!!!  Crosscreek has some of the yummiest bakery combinations I’ve ever heard of.  Apple Buttered Zucchini Bread, Frosted Pumpkin Cupcakes, and Lemon Noel Cookies are some I’m gonna have to go back for.  These are what I chose to review:

Citrus Cream–So when I started melting this tart, I was in my living room doing something or other.  I didn’t really notice the scent.  But I walked out of the room and came back in–WOW!  It hit me pretty good.  LOL.  This tart made it smell like my whole house had been freshly mopped.  It is a nice, clean, lemon with a zesty hint of lime.

Rainforest–This was on the lighter side for me.  I smelled something powdery in this, which I don’t love, but it wasn’t a strong baby powder type note.  I think it came from the floral note.  There was also a combination of water and musk I detected.

Zucchini Cupcake–My FAVORITE from this selection of tarts.  I wish I could tell you guys how yummy this was…I feel my description won’t do it justice.  The main fragrance is a STRONG zucchini bread, but it’s the buttery, sweet ZB that I love…it’s not spicy at all.  Under the zucchini bread you can pick up the sweet, vanilla, cupcake notes.  This was delicious and threw forever.  I need more!!!

Christmas Kitchen–A unique holiday scent!  Many of my faves are rolled up into this tart.  The top note is sweet sugar cookie, then you smell this subtle pine, and hints of peppermint.  I wish the peppermint was a little stronger in this one, but I enjoyed this scent. The sugar cookie part was one of the best I’ve smelled…and sugar cookie is a hard scent to get right.  It made me want to try her other sugar cookie blends.

Happy Halloween Cake–Another great bakery combo!  This scent is a perfect mix of candy corn, marshmallow, and vanilla pound cake.  You can really smell all three fragrances almost equally!  This is actually one of the first candy corn scents I’ve tried where I could actually smell the candy corn.

Jack’s Gone Cranberry–A blend of Jack Frost and cranberry.  The cranberry is the stronger scent, and it’s a good one–it’s not overly spicy or overly tart.  The main note I pick up from the Jack Frost side is menthol, it’s light there under the cranberry.  Strong throw, and lasted a while too.

I will definitely go back to Crosscreek Country Candles to get some more bakery blends–I think that’s what Deana’s best at!  In my opinion, the tarts are a good value too–$8.50 for a 10 scallop sampler pack is nice.  Go on over to Crosscreek and check out her awesome tarts, if you haven’t already!!

Crosscreek Country Candles Website
Crosscreek Country Candles Facebook Page

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  1. Zucchini cupcake sounds awesome! 😀 Christmas Kitchen sounds a lot like YC’s Christmas Wish, only I don’t think theirs had peppermint. I bet that was a yummy one! Thanks for the detailed review and photos! 😀

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