Whipped Up Wonderful & Simply Sweet Skin

My post today is about two awesome bath and body vendors I’ve lately received products from!  Both of these ladies have their products listed on artisan websites (Artfire and Etsy), which are always great sources for finding unique products that are made with love.

The first shop I want to spotlight is Whipped Up Wonderful, run by the sweet Alexis.  Whipped Up Wonderful sells beautifully creative soaps and bath bombs.  When you receive one of Alexis’ items, it’s hard to actually open it and use it because it’s so pretty!

Candy Corn Cupcake Soap

Neopolitan Bath Bomb

See what I mean?  Everything in Alexis’ shop is that beautiful!  I had a coupon from completing a survey for WuW, and I decided to use it to purchase a Pumpkin Pie bath bomb.  The turn around time was wonderful, and I had received my item in less than a week.  Alexis does a great job of packaging her orders beautifully.

Package I received

First of all, this thing is huge!  It’s probably supposed to be used for one bath, but my tub is small so I kinda broke/crumbled it in half so that I could use it twice.  It was enough to lightly tint my water and give a good scent!  This tart smelled slightly cinnamony/spicy, but there was a smokiness I couldn’t put my finger on, that was kind of overwhelming.  I did like how the bath bomb made my skin feel soft and smooth!  I’d be open to trying another of Whipped Up Wonderful’s bath bombs 🙂

Another shop whose great items I’ve gotten to try is Simply Sweet Skin.  This Artfire shop is full of all kinds of goodies such as bar soap, sugar scrub, facial masks, and body spray.  Check these out:

Pumpkin Spice Foaming Scrub

Sweet Pink Icing bar soap

You are pretty much guaranteed to find something you like in Cat’s shop!  I was lucky enough to win a set of Coffee Sugar Scrub and Whipped Coffee Body Frosting from a giveaway.

The pair

I love that both of these little jars were shrink wrapped.  This makes it impossible for the jars to come open in the mail and spill all over the inside of the package!  The only thing I didn’t love was that when I opened the package and took out the contents, sequins came pouring out.  They were very cute sequins, I just wasn’t expecting them and they spilled all over the floor.  LOL 😀

When I used this scrub, I was happy to find out that a little goes a long way.  Yes, there is actual coffee in it.  The coffee smell is very strong in this scrub–it’d be great to use in the morning to give yourself a pick me up!

The lotion–sorry, body frosting.  I.  LOVE.  THIS.  The scent was not overwhelming, and the formula was thick without being too greasy.  My skin felt fabulous for the rest of the night.  And just like the scrub, a little goes a long way.  I will definitely be hoarding this lotion for a while!

I have been a little stressed lately and I’m finding out more and more that it’s important to take a minute to pamper yourself.  With the wide variety of yummy bath items available from these two ladies, taking care of yourself is easy and fun!

Whipped Up Wonderful Etsy Shop
Whipped Up Wonderful Facebook Page

Simply Sweet Skin Artfire Shop
Simply Sweet Skin Facebook Page

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  1. Such pretty photos and products! Definitely enjoy a stress relieving bath time with your new goodies! 😀

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