OhSoySweet Review

OhSoySweet is a darling little Etsy shop that makes handmade, handpainted sachets, potpourri, and of course tarts.  But where the owner’s (a sweet lady named Jennifer) creativity really shines is in the scent combinations she comes up with and puts into wax form.  Sweet Cherry Mint Zinger, Honey Spearmint Tea, and Tomato Leaf Herb Garden are just a few of the unique scents OhSoySweet has to offer.  The tops of the little tarts are adorably decorated to correspond with their scents.

Jennifer has been making tarts for about a year, so she’s still pretty new compared to some other tried and true tart vendors.  But she is full of ideas and inspiration!  I was very pleased to be able to get the chance to review of some OhSoySweet’s tarts.

The generous package I received!

Jennifer is so nice, she even sent me a bag of her potpourri and a one-of-a-kind fragrance sachet.  The potpourri was scented in Eucalyptus Sweet Mint.  Eucalyptus just happens to be one of my favorite scents–it is soothing to me.  I decided to put it in a glass bowl in my bathroom, so I could smell it while I showered.  It scented my bathroom, and then some!  The sachet was large, and scented in Orange Cream Cupcake.  I put it in my walk in closet!

Look at how gorgeous these tarts are!

Now, normally I am very wary of melting any tarts with “stuff” on them–sugar, sprinkles, glitter, etc.  I use a higher wattage bulb in my warmers, and sugar sprinkles have caramelized in the bottom of my bowl before.  Luckily that did not happen with any of these tarts!  I always pour my wax out of the bowl while it’s still liquid, and everything these tarts were topped with came sliding right out with the melted wax.

Closeup of the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Tart

As the name implies, OhSoySweet’s tarts are 100% soy.  Here’s the details on the tarts themselves!

Crisp Cucumber Mint–This was a light, spa type scent.  I mostly smelled the mint but there were some green watery notes there too, from the cucumber.

Blueberry Butterscotch Brulee–For being such a small tart, this was pretty strong!  Blueberry is the top note, which is usually the case with any blueberry blend, but under that you get a caramelized butter scent too.  I really liked this.

Christmas Candy Cane–Peppermint or candy cane is always one of my top fragrances any time of year.  The cold throw on this tart was promising, but when I melted it, I got mostly menthol notes.  Maybe a little more cure time would have done this one good?

Dulce de Leche Caramel Cheesecake–This was not a knockout strong scent, but I could still smell it from across the room.  This is a very sweet caramel with a milky background.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie–I wasn’t really expecting to like this tart too much, but I did!  This was a weird tart in that I could barely smell it when I was close to it, but from the next room it was stronger.  This is a fresh, not too sweet strawberry.  The combination of the rhubarb gives this tart an earthy note, which I surprisingly liked.

Jennifer has let me know that she does plan to open a non-Etsy, independent storefront sometime in the future.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming holiday items and sales from her shop!

OhSoySweet Etsy Shop
OhSoySweet Facebook Page

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  1. Thanks for your review!

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