What I’m Reading Right Now

For my whole life, I have always been a big, big fan of reading.  My mom says I started when I was 3!  In high school, I was the girl who checked Shakespeare anthologies out from the library and read them…for FUN.

This love has only been made deeper since I got my Nook.  I love being able to take it anywhere instead of a thick book.  And, I love being able to read whatever I want, instantly.  The only problem (if you would call it that), is that with my Nook I tend to be in the middle of several books at once.  It takes me longer to finish them this way, but I like the variety.  Maybe I am weird. 🙂

So, this is what I am reading this week.


Bossypants, by Tina Fey— I love Tina in everything I have ever seen her in, especially 30 Rock.  In this book she tells anecdotal stories from her life, skipping around from childhood, to marriage, to her parents.  She writes with a dry humor and a somewhat short, choppy style, and I like it.  I can imagine her doing all of the things I am reading, which makes it funnier.


Crossed, by Ally Condie–Dystopian fiction is now a huge genre, and will probably only get bigger with the release of The Hunger Games movie next year (which was a GREAT series, by the way).  “Crossed” is the second book in the “Matched” series and was just released last week.  The story takes place in a not so distant future, where a person’s whole life is controlled by the powers that be, even down to their death.  When a girl turns 17, she is matched with a boy from her community, and they are to be lifelong partners.  Cassia is happy to discover that she has been matched with her best friend, Xander.  But she soon finds out that this may not have been entirely correct.  Did the government actually make a mistake, or are they just playing mind games with Cassia?  The first book was very fast moving and clever, and I cannot wait to finish this one–even though it probably means another long wait for the next book.


Darke, by Angie Sage–This is the sixth book in the “Septimus Heap” series.  In case you haven’t noticed yet, I do like to read books in series!  It allows an author to give a deeper study into a character, which I think is difficult to accomplish in just one book.  I guess some would compare this series to Harry Potter, and yes the two do have some things in common…wizards, spells, adventures without parents, etc.  But I think this is a much darker series than Harry Potter.  At the ends of the books, not everything is always wrapped up in a happy ending.  I’m not sure if this is the last book in the series, but I do know I have enjoyed it so far and I don’t know why it isn’t more popular.

Do you love reading?  What are you into right now?  I know some might give me flak for reading “Young Adult” series, but honestly I love them and they are definitely page turners.  I know there are many adults out there who feel the same!

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