Moneypenny’s Soysations Review

Moneypenny’s Soysations is a tart and candle shop based out of Illinois…but of course you can buy their products online too!  It is run by one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever talked to, Angie.

I had tried some of Moneypenny’s tarts several months ago, and while the fragrances were OK, the wax was really soft and crumbly.  I recently found out that Angie had started using an entirely new blend of wax and had a new and improved line of tarts!  I couldn’t wait to try them again, and in really cute shapes too!

My awesome goodies!

I got a wide variety of scents to try!  Angie puts a sticker on the package of each and every tart, so you know when it has reached its’ full curing time.  I really appreciate this, because sometimes with soy and soy blend tarts, you are never really sure when to use them…you want them to give off the best throw they can, but you don’t want to let them sit for too long!

Moneypenny’s main line of tarts is their soy wax cube melts, but they now offer melts in a few other shapes too.

Jack o lantern, ghost, and pumpkin tarts

The jack o lantern and pumpkin tarts are the perfect shape for a melter bowl!  The ghost is quite large and should probably be broken up or cut before you use it…unless you have a really large bowl!

Since there were SO many tarts for me to review, I’m not gonna list each and every one.  I am gonna give you the details on my favorite scents from this package!

Apple Mango Tango–This is one of my top scents from any vendor, so I really liked this one.  It was quite strong without being overwhelming, as some clean scents can be.  This Apple Mango Tango seemed a bit different than others I had tried before, but in a good way.  The apple seemed to really stand out to me in this blend.

Frosted Lime Cupcake–I really, really, really love lime bakery scents, and this one did not disappoint.  You can definitely smell the zesty lime, on a vanilla cake background.  No trace of “floor cleaner” notes that some limes and lemons can have.

Blueberry Muffin–Wow, this is a STRONG fragrance.  A very classic blueberry muffin scent-sweet blueberries with a bakery background.  Pretty much anything blueberry is alright with me, and this was great.

Caramelized Pear–I believe this is one of Moneypenny’s top sellers, and I can see why.  It’s a very cozy scent for fall.  I liked that the caramel and pear notes were equal in this scent–sometimes when you have any caramelized scent, the caramel notes are very hard to detect.  This is somewhat like a caramel apple scent, but a bit more earthy.

Basil Sage Mint–This scent reminded me of a man’s cologne or body wash.  The top note I get is the sage, the mint is very slightly there in the background.  I think this would be great in a body product…for my husband!  Actually, I’d like that very much 😉

Pumpkin Pie Spice–I liked this scent not because it was knockout strong, but because it was so different than what I was expecting it to be.  Usually when you melt a pumpkin pie fragrance, you expect it to be overwhelmingly cinnamon-y.  In this blend I detected clove as the top note, and I really love that about it.  It’s still a great fall fragrance, and it’s not in your face with the cinnamon.

Toasted Marshmallow–Well, one ounce of this tart was not just a room filler, it was a whole HOUSE filler.  I honestly put this in the melter in my bedroom at one end of the house, and before long I could smell it from 3 rooms away.  Very powerful and delicious.  This is a very sweet, mouthwatering fragrance.  It will make you want to bake something or eat something sweet!

Lemonberry Crumble–This is a sweet, not tart, bakery lemon with a background of berries…not sure what berry, it may be strawberry or raspberry or something in between.  But this is one of my favorite scents from Moneypenny’s, and it’s definitely very original.

Pink Sugar–Yall all know how I like pink sugar, but I so rarely ever melt it just plain!  I’m not sure why, but I know now I want to more often.  This PS was true to the real thing, and my husband claimed it almost knocked him out when he walked in the door while I was melting it!

Citrus Sunburst–I’m not usually into orange type scents too much, but this one was different.  My husband is in love with this scent.  I think it’s because of the tangerine and kumquat notes in it…his grandmother had a kumquat tree in her yard and he ate and picked many.  This lasted all day for me!

I am so glad that Moneypenny’s Soysations has been changed for the better.  Some vendors are so offended when they hear bad things about their products, but others take it upon themselves to make their products better.  Angie has done this beautifully.  The wax in the clamshells is much harder now, and not at all crumbly!  It pops right out.  If you haven’t tried Moneypenny’s yet, or if it’s been a while since you have, I highly recommend giving them another go!  Angie ALWAYS offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more!

Moneypenny’s Soysations Website
Moneypenny’s Soysations Facebook Page

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  1. Thanks so much for the review Carrie. I have not purchased from Angie for awhile, but now that I hear there is a marshmallow scent that fills your house I am loving that. I also love the lime and lemon bakery scents so your review was perfect for me.

  2. this may be a review for candles, but the description of the scents made me hungry! Thanks so much for giving a glimpse.

    Following you from SheSpeaks

  3. Carmelized Pears is one of my fave scents from Angie! IT actually used to go by another name and no one bought it so she retired it so it went on sale and people bought it and requested she bring it back! She also has really strong coffee scents and her Moonlit Meadow is a great fresh scent and Strawberry Patch is great for summer…. I could go on and on because Moneypenny is one of my fave vendors! So glad you did a review!

  4. Thanks soooo very much Carrie!!!! You have really made my day and I am so very glad you enjoyed everything! What a wonderful review! Hugs to you!!!!

  5. Great review! 😀 Thank you!

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