BuggyTown Candle Company Review

BuggyTown Candle Company is a tart and soy wax product vendor located in Georgia.  The owner, Chele, started out making wax products as a hobby, but this hobby quickly grew into a successful business.  I recently had the olfactory pleasure of experiencing BuggyTown products for the first time, and I wanted to share my thoughts on these awesome tarts with you!

My products were very carefully and beautifully packaged.

I think the labels are just adorable, and I like that the labels are on the cup lid instead of the side.  It makes it easier to tell which tarts are which when you’re trying to choose one from your stash 🙂

As you can see, there were quite a lot of scents I got!  Let me tell you about some of my favorites from Buggytown.

Caramel Apple Pecan–So strong! This tart had a great balance of  sweet apple and buttery caramel notes. One tart threw scent all day in my open plan living room and kitchen.

Mint Chocolate Chip–I surprised myself in liking this tart.  To me, chocolate scents are usually very overbearing and don’t smell anywhere close to real chocolate.   But this scent is mellow, and you can actually smell the mint notes more than the chocolate.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte–This is a very nice, room filling coffee scent.  I actually smelled it as soon as I put it in my warmer, before it was fully melted.  I didn’t get many strong cinnamon notes but I think that cinnamon and coffee by themselves are such strong scents, that they balanced each other out in this tart.

Christmas Hearth— Nice throw. The top note I got was a woody smokiness, with some pine, and a slight indiscriminate fruit in the background.

Jack Frost–This is one of my favorite scents from any vendor.  BuggyTown’s version had a good throw, and it was mostly mint and menthol I could smell.  I love this any time of year.

Sleigh Bells–This was one of my top 2 tarts from the package.  It’s so strong, and  lasted forever!  This scent is very unique and I’ve never smelled anything like it.  I couldn’t even really tell you the notes I got, though the scent description says it has cardamom, nutmeg, and orange.  I didn’t pick out any of those notes definitively, but let me tell you, it’s a great blend.

Apple Maple Bourbon–This scent is quite similar to Caramel Apple Pecan, but the apple notes take over more here.

Cherries in the Snow–I had been hearing so much about this scent that I was ready to try it, even though I mostly hate cherry scents.  I found this actually bearable!  There’s cherry but it’s sweet, and really smells more like  a berry!

Spiced Cranberry–I enjoyed this scent a lot.  The color was very bright on the pot once melted.  The cinnamon was not too strong but I could detect it a lot more than the cranberry.

Sugar Plum Fairies–This was my other favorite!  I really can’t decide which I love more out of this or Sleigh Bells.  This is so strong–fruity and unique with a bit of spice in the background.  I know these two are holiday scents but I’d love to melt them year round 🙂

The one and only caveat I had with BuggyTown tarts is that some of them were quite hard to pop out of their cups.  I know that means they were made fresh!

You can really tell Chele is a woman who has a passion for her craft, and it shows in her exceptional wax products.
BuggyTown Candle Company Website
BuggyTown Candle Company Facebook Page

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  1. Nice review! Does this mean you’re back in the saddle of doing scent reviews. I think you mentioned you were trying to break away. One last question. Do vendors send you tarts randomly, do you request samples or do you order and buy like any other customer?

    • Not saying I’m back in the saddle per se 🙂 I had a couple of reviews pending that I needed to do. As for getting tarts to review, I have had all three situations you mentioned above. As of now, I am not actively contacting wax vendors for reviews, but if a vendor contacts me for a review I will not turn it down. I have an open door policy when it comes to reviews, I should say!

  2. Love your reviews, thanks!

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