BzzAgent: Comforts for Baby

I was recently able to review a variety of products from the Comforts for Baby brand, thanks to BzzAgent.  These products are exclusive to the Kroger family of stores.  No matter what stage your little one is in, Comforts for Baby has a product that’s right for you–they have a wide range of diapers, wipes, accessories and even food!

The first product I reviewed were the Spill-Proof cups.

Since I have a three year old who runs, never walks, anywhere, it was so great to be able to use a sippy cup with a lid!  These cups held just the right amount of liquid, not too much or too little.  I also loved the vibrant colors.  The only issue I had with these cups was that you had to screw the lid on just so or the cup would leak like crazy.  But other than that, I am glad to have discovered these sippy cups!

I also tried the Comforts Training Pants.

These are a GREAT value–the mega size with 58 in the package was priced at only $14.99!  Sometimes training pants that are not one of the national brands can fit a bit smaller.  But these fit great!  I actually got a size up than what my son wears in his clothing, and they turned out to be a little big.  We use these for nighttime since my son is completely trained during the day.  These training pants are super absorbent and don’t leak, even overnight.  The sides are super stretchy, and my son had no problems pulling them up or down to go potty.  The only issue I had with these was that the pants are a bit crinkly and loud when you put on a new pair, but that’s a minor thing since my son only wears them to sleep anyway.  I will definitely replace my other brand of training pants with Comforts!

The last product I tried was Comforts Baby Wipes.

Since we are potty trained, these wipes are used mainly to clean up hands and face when my son gets messy.  And they work perfectly for that!  They are strong and durable–I never had a wipe tear or poke my finger through one.  They are very soft, but tough.  And they are a great size.  I also like that they are fragrance free, so my son can eat right after I wipe his hands and I don’t have to worry about him licking weird fragrances off his fingers.

Overall, I think Comforts for Baby is a fantastic line!  They offer many essential products at an awesome value.  I will definitely be using many more of their products!

*Disclaimer:  I was sent these products to test because I am a member of BzzAgent.  I received no compensation besides the  products I tested, and my words and opinions are my own.

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