BOOK TOUR REVIEW: The Dawn of Angels (Angel Realms, Book 1) by Vivienne Malynn & Sean Kade

I’m reviewing this book as part of The Hollow Tours month long virtual book tour for The Dawn of Angels!  Be sure to check in tomorrow for a guest post from the authors, Vivienne Malynn and Sean Kade.

The Dawn Of AngelsThe Dawn Of Angels by Vivienne Malynn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kyra is a 17 year old girl who has been in the foster care system for years. But the family she’s about to be placed with is her last chance for stability, because she’s been so destructive that she’s been kicked out of many other foster homes.

She is brought to a tiny town where she is placed with well meaning but odd foster parents, The Gregors. Soon she meets Ethan, their darkly handsome yard worker. She also finds a type of little sister in the girl next door, Liv.

One night Liv and Kyra get chased through the forest by a vicious pack of dogs. In the nick of time, they are saved by Kyra’s guardian angel, Ashur. As Kyra helps him become used to life on Earth, he also helps her discover some truths about where she really came from.

I’m gonna make this review short and sweet because the book was under 200 pages…so I’ll give you a simple list of things I did and did not like about the book.

Things I Liked:

–The mystery surrounding the town and its’ people. The citizens of this town act very peculiar, and it’s not until the end that you find out why. This was engrossing.

–There were some very funny quips scattered throughout the book. For example:

“Stop staring,” I whisper loudly to her. Liv continues to stare. “But he’s an angel,” she whispers back, as if he is some sort of celebrity. “Believe me,” I say, glancing at Ashur. “The novelty wears off fast.”

–Kyra’s jaded, take no prisoners attitude. She has been through a lot in her life, and though she is cynical, you can also tell that she is a caring individual and really does want to be happy with a family.

–The rich lore and mythology in the book. I enjoyed learning about the stories told of different hierarchies and types of celestial beings.

Things I Didn’t Like

–The relationship between Ashur and Kyra…seems we have another case of insta-love. Bleh.

–Ethan. I didn’t feel he was really relevant to the story, and to me he was just an extra character the story could have done without.

–The general syntax and flow of the story. Or lack thereof. Since this was a short book, I feel there were a lot of parts that could have benefited from a bit more fleshing out. But some of the sentences just didn’t flow together.

–Everything happened very fast! This also speaks to the above point, about things needed more fleshing out. Sometimes in a book it’s good when things happen quickly, but in this story I felt like events were happening one after another, so quickly I couldn’t really follow.

–This book sometimes got a little too preachy and philosophical for my taste.

Something I’m on the fence about:

–The twists in the novel. I am a sucker for a good plot twist that I didn’t see coming, but this one had so many towards the end I wasn’t at all sure what was going on. I still can’t decide if I liked this or not.

I enjoyed the ending of this book, and I’m happy I read it. Maybe bigger fans of angel books than I would enjoy this book a lot more.

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Thanks to the authors and Hollow Tours for allowing me to review this book 🙂

About the Authors:  Vivienne Malynn and Sean Kade are the parents of five lively children and live in a rural suburb surrounded by eagles and coyotes. They spend their free time reading, writing, and playing make-believe with their children. In their not so free time, they teach.

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