BOOK TOUR GUEST POST: Visions of You by C.Y. Bourgeois

Today I am featuring a guest post by C.Y Bourgeois, author of Visions of You.

Book Description

Shelby Leight is a wise-cracking, lighthearted teenager, looking forward to a fun-filled senior year in high school. She already knows the pain of losing a loved one, but has worked her way through the grief to come out on the other side. Then, in the fall of 1975, in the sleepy, picturesque town of Palmer Alaska, the unthinkable happens. There’s a serial killer on the hunt and one of Shelby’s best friends has disappeared. The sudden loss of her friend in such a violent manner awakens something in her, an ability to communicate with the dead….visions. Along with this, Shelby falls in love for the first time only to discover the shocking truth about her boyfriend. Can she accept him for who – what he is? Can her friends and family accept him? Shelby has a vision of the killer stalking another of her friends and is desperate to stop him before it’s too late. Instead of an enjoyable senior year of high school, Shelby and her friends must come to grips with life and death – and all they hold – in their quest to find a monster before he kills again.

Alaska as the Setting for Visions of You

C.Y. Bourgeois

Alaska is near and dear to my heart. My family moved there when I was two and I spent my whole life there until my husband and I moved to northern Idaho two-and-one-half years ago.

I decided to use Alaska, more specifically, Palmer Alaska as the setting for Visions of You because it’s what I know. I’ve read lots of author recommendations about writing and they always say “write what you know”. So I tried to use that advice in my book. I also used many of my own life experiences in Visions of You. I just changed them to fit the situations that came up as I wrote.

I lost one of my best friends when we were sixteen, so I know the pain of losing a close friend and I used that experience when I wrote about Larita’s death and how Shelby dealt with the loss of her friend.

I also let Shelby borrow my family. I love my family and had a wonderful childhood and I wanted Shelby to have the same, to show my readers that not all families are messed up (at least not totally). I used many of my high school friends as characters in the book too. Of course, I changed names to protect the innocent!

It was also important to me to give my readers a clear vision of Alaska. Not many people get the opportunity and the privilege to go for a visit, much less to live there. It’s a hard place to live, but if you manage to make it through your first few winters, it gets into your blood.

The old-timers (Sourdoughs) maintain that you either love Alaska or you hate it. There’s no in-between. I think they’re right. I happen to love it and I wanted readers to experience just a little of what I did growing up there. All of the places in Visions of You are real, used fictitiously, but they are real and if you went to Palmer today, you’d see that many of these places are still just as I describe them from 1975.

About the Author

C.Y. Bourgeois is a freshman author and an avid reader. After having spent countless enjoyable hours over the years reading other people’s narratives, she realized that she too has stories to tell.
C.Y. considers herself a native of Alaska, having lived there since the age of two.  She and her husband recently moved to northern Idaho where they now reside with their two dogs and three cats and where she is currently working on her second Shelby Leight novel, Visions of Mortality.
Her latest book is a suspense thriller (bordering on YA) called Visions of You.
Please visit C.Y. Bourgeois’ website at


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  1. Thank you so much for hosting CY today, Carrie!

  2. Hi Carrie, Thank you so much for hosting me on Sweet Southern Home. I really appreciate the opportunity to share my work with readers and potential readers everywhere! C.Y.

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