BOOK TOUR REVIEW: Straight to Hell by Michelle Scott

Straight to Hell

by Michelle Scott

Lilith Straight Series, Book 1

Format: Ebook

Straight to HellStraight to Hell by Michelle Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lilith Straight is barely managing to hold her life together after divorcing her husband and their posh lifestyle. She’s living in a tiny apartment with her daughter Grace, her immature stepsister Jasmine, and her unruly niece, Ariel.

Then one day, Lilith dies. But to her surprise, she learns she doesn’t have to stay dead–she can continue living if she becomes a succubus, a demonic temptress with the power to talk anyone into anything. With the ability to bring her life back to the way it was, will Lilith embrace her power, or will her pesky conscience get in the way?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book…for some reason I was thinking it would be chick lit fluff, but it wasn’t. This was a very quick read that I enjoyed.

In the beginning of the story, I didn’t think I would like Lilith. She spent the first few pages saying how much better she was than everyone else and came off as very bitchy. But as the story progressed, I began to see how good she really was. She took in her stepsister and niece when they had nowhere else to go. She was trying to do the best she could for her daughter while receiving very little help from her ex.

So while she did struggle with her inner demon, I could see how Lilith would have also reveled in the fact that by using her powers of seduction, she could make her life much easier. It’s certainly what a lot of people would have done, probably myself included. But I was happy to see that Lilith thought about her influence on her family as well.

The presence of the guys in Lilith’s life was intriguing, as they all filled very different roles in her life. Although, given what she has been through with all three of them, I can’t say I want to see her end up with any of them! I think her main focus should continue to be her family.

I loved the ways of looking at religion in this story. Heaven and Hell, God and Satan are not so clear cut…and evil is a choice. Lilith learns that for herself, and she also learns that the choices people make aren’t always for the reasons you assume.

I quite enjoyed this novel and Ms. Scott’s writing style, and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Carrie! 🙂

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