BOOK TOUR GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: Trial of Tears by Chris Semal

I’m happy to be a part of the tour for Chris Semal’s novel, Trial of Tears!  Today I will be featuring a guest post from the author himself, and then you will have a chance to win a copy of the book!

Book Description

‘Pulp Fiction’ with a dash of ‘This Is Spinal Tap’

Pete Watts is a former undercover narcotics cop who got way too close to his job. He now runs a music rehearsal studio that draws the underbelly of the industry: violent drug gangs, a strange assortment of hangers-on and a gorgeous ex-mercenary who wears makeup in the form of multi-colored tears running down her face. These tears are, in fact, decals on which different poisons are concealed. Some survive the Trial of Tears, some don’t. The story’s taut climax is set in a posh townhouse in which only the courageous will emerge unscathed.

An action-packed love-letter to New York City, it’s a story of friendship and redemption, that provides a roller-coaster of laughter, drama and suspense, leaving the reader wanting more.

One Less Star in the Galaxy

by Chris Semal

I don’t know if it’s me growing older or just a bad spate of luck, but I notice the passing of musicians more so now more than ever. It was bound to happen. The generation of artists I grew up listening to is anywhere from ten to twenty years older than me and are getting long in the tooth. Most of them, with a few notable exceptions, no longer produce the quality and quantity of music they did when they were young and hungry, but that’s not important. This is not a case of living in the past; it’s simply the natural order of things.
It used to be tragic accidents, such as Stevie Ray Vaughan’s helicopter crash, or overindulgent lifestyles (if I started listing those names, we might be here for a while) that would claim casualties, but now it’s more heart attacks and cancers, and what might be deemed as ‘natural causes’. In the last three months, we’ve lost Robin Gibb, Donna Summer, Levon Helm, Davy Jones, Ronnie Montrose, Duck Dunn, Michael Hossack, Earl Scruggs, Greg Ham, Adam Yauch & Peter Jones. This just seems like an epidemic and these are only the more famous ones.
With the short shelf life of bands due to internal and musical conflicts, I always try to attend as many concerts as possible. First and foremost, I love seeing bands in live settings, but with some of my real favorites, there’s the knowledge that what I’m seeing on stage might be the last time this particular group of people will interact in this way. They may retire from the spotlight, tiring of road life, or have made enough money to no longer need to tour extensively to support themselves. With very few exceptions, once they’re out of ‘playing shape’ and then reform for the large paycheck tour to carry them into retirement or simply buy another swimming pool, the magic is gone and impossible to recapture. Fans can still hope that they’ll come around again, and the gauze of memories can obscure whatever imperfections are now in the forefront. It’s just that for the ones who’ll never grace a stage or recording studio again, there’s one less star in the galaxy.

About the Author

Chris Semal was born in New York City in 1959 and has lived there all his life. He is aware that other places exist and likes to visit them from time to time, but the city is a hard mistress to resist and he keeps going back to her. A musician, singer and songwriter, he has played pretty much every rock club in Manhattan at one time or another since the late 70s and went to school at the University of Miami to study Music Engineering, coming back north to do the only obvious thing possible, becoming a municipal bond broker and eventually working as a consultant building financial models. In the early part of the millennium, between both consulting and band gigs, he thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if he expanded on the 80 or so words he used in writing song lyrics and went for the 80,000 he would need for a novel. And so Trial Of Tears was born, along with a passion for developing plots and characters.  You can visit Chris on his website at


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