BOOK TOUR REVIEW: Wizard by Paula Paul

Book Description

In a world corrupted by acceptance, could you be yourself? Meghan’s life had never been easy, either being overlooked as Merlin’s younger sister, or getting the wrong kind of attention for being different. When Merlin’s attempt to save Meghan’s life by transporting her to eleventh century Amorika, France, goes awry, she finds herself in twenty-first century America. There, she discovers that it is all too easy to fit in with the popular crowd—if she hides who she really is. Meghan faces the choice of condoning the same oppression that she had encountered before or giving up her newly won acceptance and becoming an outcast again. She soon realizes that her decision will not only affect her life, but will determine whether a friend lives or dies to the same forces that once threatened her. When the teenage sister of Merlin, the world’s most powerful magician, is confronted by life-threatening bullying, where can she run? Megan attempts to escape to the 21st Century but is forced to confront the same demons she hoped to leave behind.

My Thoughts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Meghan is the middle sister of Merlin (yes, THAT Merlin) that history forgot. When Merlin tries to send Meghan forward in time to a land called Amorika, he mistakenly ends up sending her to 21st century America–pretty big difference for a 15 year old girl from England’s Dark Ages!

Luckily, Meghan is found and taken in by an ancient languages professor and his teen son, Ryan. Meghan and Ryan become fast friends and he helps immerse her into the world she sees as magic all around her. Cars, telephones, TV’s….even the English isn’t the same. Needless to say, interesting things start to happen when Meghan tries to use her magic in the modern world. Can she fix things before she ruins more than just her own life?

I thought this was a really cute read. I am a sucker for accidental time traveler/fish out of water stories. They are a guilty pleasure (Black Knight, anyone?). It was also a pretty quick one in just under 200 pages.

Meghan was pretty likable as a character. It was so adorable the way she tried to use American phrases, and how she kept thinking everything was magic or a monster 🙂 She was pretty adamant that she was so different because she was a female wizard, NOT a witch. I guess it goes to show people have been being persecuted for being different since the beginning of time.

Ryan was kind of annoying to me. I will admit it wasn’t obvious that Meghan had feelings for him (at least to me, as a reader), but he treated her like a jerk all because of the snobby girl he was dating. Even at the end, I;m not quite sure he had come to his senses about Meghan, but the story seems to have left that option possible, at least.

The whole Tyler storyline and the direction it went bothered me quite a bit. I live in the Deep South, probably one of the most bigoted areas of the nation, and even I can’t see someone being tortured for being gay still occurring in 2012. Maybe I’m just naive though…I haven’t been in high school for 10 years. I just thought the teen generation now was more open minded about their friends’ sexuality.

Finally, I wish there had been a bit more about Merlin and Meghan’s past in the book…I understand this was hard to do when keeping the book so short, but it’s something I wanted to learn more about.

All in all there were several moments that made me smile in this book, and it was a very fun read. I would recommend Wizard to anyone who loves Arthurian legend or fish out of water tales.

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About the Author

Paula Paul has published 25 novels for both children and adults. Her popular historical mystery series featuring Dr. Alexandra Gladstone is being re-released in both print and electronic format by Cool Well Press. New books in the series will be forthcoming, beginning with The Queen’s Crime, scheduled for release in January 2013.
Paula has written contemporary mysteries as well as historical and contemporary romance novels and literary novels. Her favorites are her historical and literary novels. She has won awards from Women Writing the West, New Mexico Book Association, the Zia Award, National Press Women Award for Fiction, Texas Institute of Letters Award, and a Texas Bluebonnet Award.
Growing up in Texas on a cotton farm and ranch that was 30 miles from the nearest town, she had plenty of time to develop a very severe reading addiction that eventually translated into crafting her own stories and books.
A former journalist, she is the recipient of several state and national awards for reporting and feature writing. She lives in Albuquerque, NM, with her husband. She has two grown children and six grandchildren who keep her life full and interesting. She also has an adorable if annoying Schnoodle (Poodle and Schnauzer mix) who makes certain she takes a break from writing and gets her three-mile walk everyday.

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