Shadow Future by Madison Louise Blog Tour! {Stop #7}–Review & Interview with Max, plus GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to my stop on the Shadow Future Blog Tour!  I am so excited to be promoting the awesome book written by Miss Madison Louise!

Shadow Future

by Madison Louise

Future Series, Book 1

Book Description

Pearl Underwood doesn’t have an easy life. Her mother died giving birth to her, which might mean she may die too, and ruin the way the OverShadowers have lived for centuries. And since her father isn’t around either. She’s been raised by the other women, and men of the OverShadowers. And you can’t really find love there.
Then, she runs away, something an OverShadower–especially a girl OverShadower–should never do. Of course, she gets caught, and expects the worse. But her Leader gives her something she’s always craved: Freedom.
Being the shy and laid back thing she is, she’s surprised at one boy’s reaction to her. But it doesn’t bother her as much as it should.
Then, her powers start doing things they shouldn’t, and her Fastening say is right around the corner. Which doesn’t bode well for Pearl.

Will she make it through? Or is that shadow future for her?


My Thoughts

Shadow Future by Madison Louise

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pearl Underwood is the only female of her generation in her species, the OverShadowers. Because of this, she goes between being treated as a second class citizen, and a small child. Needless to say, she does not like either way. But in a world where her future has been decided for her, what can she do? Maybe not much–but Pearl isn’t going down without at least trying to do things her way.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but I must say it pleasantly surprised me! It was a quick read, and I was a little upset that it ended where it did. LOL. But that’s why books are so often made into series now!

Pearl was a great character. I liked her voice, and found her kind of young and awkward (in a good way) sometimes, even though she tries to put on a tough front. She has so much pressure on her shoulders, and it must be really difficult to not have any choice about what your future is going to be like.

There were a couple of twists thrown in that I also loved. The action towards the end of the book was fast paced, and actually left me saying. “What is happening?!”…but in a good way, if that makes sense.

I only had a couple of problems with this book. Keeping in mind that the edition I read was an ARC, there were mistakes and awkward phrasings that I had to figure out to determine what was going on in some scenes. But for the most part I got it. I also wish that some of the scenes were described a little more. Many of the sentences were lacking descriptive adjectives, or even just a couple more sentences that would have explained better what was happening.

All in all, I enjoyed this book, and I’m excited to read about what happens next in Pearl’s life.

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So, I got the opportunity to interview Max today!  He is the guy Pearl meets and connects with on her very first day of school…and from then on he can’t seem to leave her alone!

How I imagine Max 🙂

My Interview with Max

Hey Max, thanks for stopping by my blog today!
It’s my pleasure, Carrie!

First question–how do you like being a ginger kid in today’s world that always picks on gingers?
No one notices me at school. Except once, in first grade, a little kid totally started to tease me about it, I gave him what was coming to him. That’s probably why no one teases me about it anymore.
It’s hard to believe I can mean, isn’t it Carrie? *smiles sneakily*
What did you first notice about Pearl? And what’s up with always calling her “Sweetheart?”
I noticed how poised she was. She didn’t look like she’d had a piece of fun in her entire life. I thought I’d help her out.
The ‘sweetheart’ came just from my brilliant brain. She seemed sweet down to her very heart. *sighs dramatically*
Why did you keep trying to talk to Pearl even after she blew you off?
Well for one, it’s my job. And two, well…like I said in question 2, she seemed like she hadn’t had any fun in her life. I think she needed me. 😉

What were your thoughts when Pearl was telling you the truth about who she was? Did you find it hard to believe?
I knew she trusted me, so I was expecting it any day. But when it came, I was at a loss for words. And you know how I am with words. But I probably would have said a bunch of other things to her, maybe even got up close and personal, but then her boyfriend barged in. But hey, at least she trusts me.
How has your life changed since you met Pearl?
When I get up in the morning, I know that one day, I will see Pearl again. So I guess she makes getting up in the morning worth it. Just knowing she’s out there make me happy and I look forward to that day.
Thanks for the interview, Max!  And just so you know, I am…

TAKE IT from me, Shadow Future is definitely worth reading!

 Madison Louise is generously holding a tourwide giveaway, where you can win lots of cool prizes, including a PRINT copy of Shadow Future.

CLICK HERE to enter, and make sure you check out the rest of the Shadow Future tour by clicking on the banner at the top!

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  1. Thank you for helping out, Carrie! And I LOVE your image of Max. ;D

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