REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Breaking Point by Jess Bowen

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I chose to review:

Breaking Point

By Jess Bowen

The Order of the Elements Series, Book One

Book Description

On our most honored of days, one that none have ever called their own, five will be born. Four will be the Masters of the Elements, fierce warriors, and with talents of immeasurable greatness.”

Phoebe Johnson and Ethan Smith had everything they needed: loving parents, great friends, and admission letters to Ivy League schools they’d be heading to in the fall. If only they knew that they were never going to reach the end of that summer, at least, not in the world they knew. A secret waits to be revealed on the eve of their nineteenth birthday, a secret that is going to change their lives forever when it leads them to a place they never believed existed, love they could never imagine living without, and power they never suspected they possessed.

Jess Bowen expertly plunges readers into an imaginative, supernatural world that refuses to bow down to the darkness that’s all but taken over. Amidst this adventurous quest for a lost prophecy, Bowen weaves in powerful tales of love that will leave the characters and readers breathless.


Breaking Point by Jess Bowen

Phoebe and Ethan are about to turn nineteen. They have lived their lives in a completely average way…until the day they find out they are anything but. As it turns out, they are an integral part of a prophecy in a magical world they never imagined existed.

As Phoebe and Ethan learn more about the new world, they discover it is in peril and they may be the only ones that can save it. They will need to rely on their friends, and their own inner strengths, to stop the oppressive evil forces.

My feelings were very mixed about this novel. On the one hand, it contained some original ideas and was a break from lots of other paranormal stories I’ve been reading lately. On the other hand, it suffered from a couple of problems I’ll explain here.

The characters: Phoebe and Ethan are our main characters, of course. The narration is third person and shifts focus between both. I really, really like Phoebe. Once she discovered how powerful she was, she was strong, confident, and never backed down. She was outraged at what was happening in her native land, and itching to do something about it. She was also selfless and willing to do anything to help her friends. Ethan was a bit more difficult. For various reasons, he is sullen and withdrawn throughout the majority of the book. I didn’t enjoy reading about how sorry he felt for himself. During the last few pages he perked up, and I won’t say why but it was good to see.

The action: As I mentioned, this book is set in a magic universe where an evil regime is basically destroying all who live there. The characters in the book have special powers over the elements and also superhuman talents. But in spite of all that, there was not that much action or fighting–at least, not as much as I would have expected in such a long book. There are LOTS of training sessions, and a couple of fights with another girl training with them. This is a shame, because the action scenes were easily my favorite parts of the book. They were written expertly, and left me racing to finish each sentence.

The Romance: I’m somewhat split on this. I would have thought at the beginning that Ethan and Phoebe would end up together, but there is s great cast of supporting characters and thankfully this is not so. Ethan and Lucy’s romance is sweet and develops over time. Phoebe and Dorian’s romance is fiery but quick. Both are very intense. I guess I felt Phoebe and Dorian’s was a little taboo. Also, I didn’t love the way theirs developed in the way I did Ethan and Lucy’s.

The Ending: Great, but way too sudden and left off with a huge cliffhanger. Obviously this book was the first in a series, so I am hopeful the questions will be answered in the next installment.

Finally, I felt this book was WAY too long. I skimmed over several paragraphs and pages. Too much description and exposition that was not at all integral to the story. Nevertheless, I appreciate the author’s writing style and would be interested in seeing where the characters go from here.

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About the Author

Jess was born in sunny, southern California. How her home base is now West Virginia, she’s still not sure. She spent several years moving along the southern states before landing in West Virgina when she was seven and she’s been there ever since. She started writing when she was fifteen, sure then it was all love letters to her boyfriend at the time, but they were works of art…that are hopefully now all burned in some cleansing ritual.

Jess believes that imagination and escape from reality is essential to life and there’s no better place to find that than in a good book or stretching those writing feathers of your own.

Breaking Point is her first novel.


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