BOOK TOUR GUEST POST: Noctalis by Chelsea Cameron

Welcome to my stop on the Noctalis Series Blog Tour!

Today I have a really cool, unique post called “Lay of the Land”, in which Chelsea discusses the Graveyard which is quite important to the main characters of the books.

The Cemetery

When I first started writing Nocturnal, I knew the book was going to ultimately be about dealing with mortality. The very first image I had of Ava in my head was a sad girl walking alone in a cemetery in the middle of the night. I thought it was a little emo and cliched, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. I knew she had a mother with terminal cancer and I knew that she was going to encounter Peter, but I didn’t know what would drive a teenage girl to hang out in a cemetery in the middle of the night. I also thought it was ironic that a girl who was dealing with a dying mother would meet someone immortal in a cemetery no less.

For me, cemeteries are strange places. You always have the feeling someone is watching you. They are a physical manifestation that shows that no matter who you are, where you come from or what you do, you will die eventually. I used to take walks on my lunc breaks from work and I would always pass the big town cemetery. I’d be rocking out to my iPod and I’d always stare at it as I walked by. I’d also use that time to plot out Nocturnal, so it was like cemetery and the story became intertwined. The cemetery that was my inspiration only has one mausoleum, so I changed it up a little. Mausoleums aren’t common in town cemeteries, but I decided to take a few liberties. I also made the Sussex cemetery older and more neglected. I wanted it to feel like a place that you could have complete privacy, even in the middle of the day.

The cemetery is neutral ground for Ava and Peter in that it’s the place they meet several times. It is a haven for both of them. He goes there to visit his family, she goes to escape hers. They both have an unusual relationship with death, and the cemetery seems like the perfect place to explore that.



Book Description

Seventeen-year-old Ava-Claire Sullivan isn’t one for doing the expected. Especially when she finds out her mother’s cancer is terminal. After a crying session in the local cemetery where she’s attacked by one strange guy and saved by another, she doesn’t call the cops. Because those guys definitely weren’t your average hooligans.

And the one who sort-of saved her? Well, he’s odd. He doesn’t seem to breathe or smile or have anything better to do than wait in the cemetery for Ava to come back. Which she does. Call it morbid curiosity. Even after he warns her that he’s dangerous, she can’t stop wanting to see him, talk to him, be with him.

There’s something about Peter that provides a much-needed escape from her mother’s diagnosis and her tenuous relationship with her father. Even her best friends Jamie and Texas don’t know what it’s like to face death. But Peter does. He already has. He also made a promise a long time ago that could destroy both of them.

When everything in your life is falling apart, what are you willing to give up to hold onto the one thing that could last forever?

Book Description

Ava-Claire Sullivan still doesn’t follow the rules. She shouldn’t have let Peter Claim her, turning her into his own personal blood bank. She shouldn’t have told Tex Peter was immortal because now her best friend won’t shut up about hooking up with Peter’s equally immortal brother, Viktor. And she shouldn’t have fallen in love with Peter.

Too late.

Sometimes, love kills. One promise Peter made nearly a hundred years ago could do it. A kiss, a touch could be the end of him. So all she has to do is not let him fall in love with her. Easier said than done.

But Ava’s going to find a way for him to be free, even if it kills her. Or makes her immortal. There’s no way she’s losing Peter in addition to her mother. No freaking way.

What would you do when the one you love would die if they loved you back?

About the Author

Chelsea M. Cameron is a YA writer from Maine. Lover of things random and ridiculous, Jane Austen/Charlotte and Emily Bronte Fangirl, red velvet cake enthusiast, obsessive tea drinker, vegetarian, former cheerleader and world’s worst video gamer. When not writing, she enjoys watching infomercials, singing in the car and tweeting. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Maine, Orono that she promptly abandoned to write about the people in her own head. More often than not, these people turn out to be just as weird as she is.

She has two books out now, Nocturnal and Nightmare, the first and second books in the Noctalis Chronicles about a girl with a dying mother who meets an immortal boy. The third book, Numb will be out this August, and the fourth in the winter. Her other book, Whisper, about a girl who is alive, a boy who isn’t and the complications that go along with their relationship, released June 16 and is the first in a trilogy. Follow her on Twitter: @chel_c_cam, her blog, or on Facebook.


Twitter: @chel_c_cam



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