Pushing the Limits Read-a-Long, Week 4

So we’re moving right along onto week 4!

The book is getting into some pretty intense issues now.

Here are my answers for week 4’s questions.

1. At a certain moment, Echo tells Noah that she feels safe with him. Echo thinks that because of this comforting feeling, she may be able to finally have a full night of peaceful sleep. Why do you think it is important for Echo to feel Safe? And why no one else but Noah has been able to provide this to Echo?

Echo probably hasn’t felt safe since her mother’s been ill–far before she was attacked.  Noah is the only one who doesn’t try to change Echo at all.  He accepts her for who she is and that’s why she can be comfortable around him.

2. Beth, Noah’s friend, also has a very complex living situationand she also does drugs. However, what grabs my attention is her mean behavior towards Echo. Why do you think Beth hate/dislikes Echo so much?

I personally believe Beth sees Echo as a spoiled little rich girl who has everything she always wanted but does not appreciated.  However, as we have seen, just because your family is rich does not make your life perfect.  Beth also thinks Echo will hurt Noah.

3. At some point, we finally get to know how Noah’s parents died at the fire and how it started. Unfortunately, this is something that has happened before. What tips to avoid a fire (specially when there are kids at home) do you now about? List a few! recommendations to avoid tragedies are very valuable. 🙂

I have a three year old son, so fire safety is extremely important to me.  From a young age, we have always made sure to keep any matches or lighters out of his reach, and we also teach him how dangerous fire is.  Our home has working smoke alarms as well.

4. Echo finally discovers more about what really happened to her the day she got her scars at her mother’s place. Unfortunately, this also involved Echo’s father and Ashley. What do you think about them and to what point do you think it makes them responsible to what happened to Echo?

I’m not sure.  I don’t think it’s Owen and Ashley’s fault that Echo got hurt–Echo’s mom was hanging by a thin thread and would have snapped eventually.  It was just unfortunate that things occurred the way they did.

5. On p.303 (from arc) Echo said to Noah: “I love you…[y]ou love your brothers more. I’m okay with that. In fact, it’s one of the things I love about you. You were right the other day. I do want to be part of a family. But I’d never forgive myself if I was the reason you didn’t get yours… I love you enough to never make you choose.” What do you think of Echo’s decision to break up with Noah? What does it mean to you?

I have to say, this is one trope I really dislike in books and I was not happy to see it in PTL.  When a person breaks up with someone “for their own good” or “before they get hurt,” it almost always achieves the opposite effect.  I’m not saying Noah and Echo should break up, but there are so many issues they each need to work through before they will be able to devote themselves fully to one another.

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