BOOK TOUR REVIEW: Millie Fierce by Jane Manning

Millie Fierce 

by Jane Manning

Book Description

If Fancy Nancy got angry. Really, really angry.

Millie is quiet. Millie is sweet. Millie is mild. But the kids at school don’t listen to her. And she never gets a piece of birthday cake with a flower on it. And some girls from her class walk right on top of her chalk drawing and smudge it. And they don’t even say they’re sorry!

So that’s when Millie decides she wants to be fierce! She frizzes out her hair, sharpens her nails and runs around like a wild thing. But she soon realizes that being fierce isn’t the best way to get noticed either, especially when it makes you turn mean. So Millie decides to be nice–but to keep a little of that fierce backbone hidden inside her. In case she ever needs it again.

With bright art and an adorable character, it’s easy to empathize with Millie. Because everyone has a bad day, once in a while.


Millie Fierce by Jane Manning

Millie is tired of not being special enough to be noticed. So one day, she decides she will get noticed, all right–by becoming the mean, wild MILLIE FIERCE! She does get noticed, but it’s not exactly what she expected.

This was a fun, cute book. I have read it several times to my three year old son, and the colorful pictures and funny story are enough to keep his attention throughout the whole story–which is a great achievement in and of itself!

I have seen some other reviews saying this book was a great way to teach kids about bullying. But for myself, that’s not what I got from it. I thought it was a nice way to teach children that they don’t have to act unruly to get attention. Being especially nice and helpful can get attention too!

Though Millie was doing bad things, the book was pretty funny and lighthearted about it. My son laughed so hard every time we read the part about Millie dumping out the jellybeans!

This book taught an important lesson in an entertaining way for even small children to understand.

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About the Author

Jane Manning is the illustrator of dozens of children’s books, including Little Goblins Ten by Pamela Jane, Drip Drop by Sarah Weeks, Cindy Ellen by Susan Lowell, and the New York Times Bestselling The Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches by Alice Low. She wrote and illustrated 2008′s Cat Nights (Greenwillow).

Many of Jane’s books have appeared in Scholastic Book Clubs and ALA “Pick of the Lists”.  She’s won several awards for her work, including Parenting Magazine’s Reading Magic Award for Drip Drop, and The Western Writers of America Storyteller Award for Cindy Ellen.

Jane lives in Deep River, Connecticut with Tim, Nellie, Crunch and Ziggy. She is usually very well behaved, but every once in a while, Jane turns fierce, just like Millie.



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  1. Sounds like there are a few different lessons children can learn from this fun and funny book!

    Thanks for being on the tour.

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