BOOK TOUR SPOTLIGHT & GIVEAWAY: The Last Year Series by Trisha Leigh

Welcome to my stop on the tour for The Last Year Series, by Trisha Leigh!

Let me tell you about the books, then I will share an excerpt from Winter Omens, the second book.

Whispers in Autumn

by Trisha Leigh

The Last Year Series, Book One

Book Description

In 2015, a race of alien Others conquered Earth. They enslaved humanity not by force, but through an aggressive mind control that turned people into contented, unquestioning robots.

Except sixteen-year-old Althea isn’t content at all, and she doesn’t need the mysterious note inside her locket to tell her she’s Something Else. It also warns her to trust no one, so she hides the pieces that make her different, even though it means being alone.

The autumn she meets Lucas, everything changes.

Althea and Lucas are immune to the alien mind control, and together they search for the reason why. What they uncover is a stunning truth the Others never anticipated, one with the potential to free the brainwashed human race.

It’s not who they are that makes them special, but what.

And what they are is a threat. One the Others are determined to eliminate for good.

Winter Omens

by Trisha Leigh

The Last Year Series, Book Two

Book Description

Althea and Lucas barely escaped the Others’ clutches in the autumn, and were separated in the process. Alone and on the run from the cruel alien race determined to exterminate her, Althea struggles to adapt and survive in a world she never imagined.

When a boy named Pax appears out of nowhere, he quickly recognizes Althea for what she is – a human/Other hybrid just like him. Althea begs him to help her find Lucas, but Pax refuses, intent on following his own mysterious agenda.

The Others’ presence continues to devour the planet’s resources, and if history is an indication, they won’t leave until Earth is destroyed beyond repair. Althea and Pax sense the only way to save themselves – and maybe their home – is to understand the powers simmering inside them.

Together they push the limits of their capabilities in the quiet Wilds, but are soon confronted with a terrifying fact: no place is safe from the relentless pursuit of the Others.

Least of all their own minds.

An Excerpt from Winter Omens

The agony begins anew, and it’s fire instead of knives this time. Licking the inside of my skull, burning my flesh to ashes. When the Chief lets up, I taste blood. It’s trickling from my nose into the corner of my lips like snot. The back of my head aches from my neck up, and the memory of Ko, Cadi, and Lucas banging their heads in keening misery slam into my mind.
I can’t think of them. I have to get back to Pax.
“Pax? Oh, you’ve found him, then? That’s convenient.”
Tears mingle with the blood running down my face. More hot liquid drips down the back of my shirt; the banging must have ripped open my scalp. It’s hard to think between the throbbing headache, the fear of the next bout of Other brain pain, and the ravaging guilt over giving Pax up to these monsters.
“You care about him. What would your Lucas think of that, hmm? You’re nothing but a little tease. Like your mother. Do you know she and I were to mate, before she met your disgusting, unworthy, human father? I took great pleasure in killing him. Slowly.” He watches me as he speaks, that languid, malicious smile eating away at everything good in this world, like his existence is so terrible it can eventually consume all of the light and kindness.
“I care about them both. Because they’re my friends,” I gasp out. “We’re not like you. And I didn’t know my father, but since he was human I feel sure he was worth about a hundred of—”
I break off with a shriek as the Chief comes at me with more this time, the blades joined by pliers twisting and ripping off chunks of my mind a piece at a time. He waits at perfect intervals, until the pain from the first begins to ebb before he tears off another. What feels like freezing liquid comes next, and it burns holes in the tissue.






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  1. That book looks really good!!!

  2. will have it on my to-read list for our upcoming sem break :))

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