YA Mythology Giveaway Hop


Welcome to my stop on the YA Mythology Giveaway Hop!

I’ve always been obsessed with mythology.  Back in elementary school it was ancient Egyptian.

Anubis was my favorite god.


Once I got to high school I had to learn more about ancient Greek and Roman deities.

I was into Ares.


I always adored the original stories of gods and mortals, but once I became a book blogger, I found out that so many of these tales were being retold in young adult fiction!

Here are some of my faves:

I’m giving you a chance you win your choice of an ebook or paperback mythology book!  It doesn’t even have to be a retelling, if you just want t book that is straight up mythology you can get that 🙂


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  1. My favorite goddess is Persephone. I’ve always been fascinated with the many re-tellings of her story.

  2. My favorite is Athena! Thanks for this amazing giveaway – I would love to win!

  3. My favorite is Aphrodite:)

    Thank you:)

  4. I was always a fan of Athena. You gotta love how the Greeks chose a woman to be the goddess of wisdom and the rational side of war!

  5. I’m going to go with Athena – but if you catch me in a different mood you may get a different answer 😉

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  6. My favorite goddess is Athena! Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Tough choice.. My opinion changes all the time. Let’s go with Persephone!

  8. My favorite is Psyche and Persephone.

  9. I don’t have “A” favorite god/goddess…I’ve got 3! As a nursing student, it’s understandable that Apollo is one of my faves 😉 I LOVE anything witchy and magical, so Hecate is another of my faves. And I’ve just recently added Hades to that list 🙂

  10. I’ve always liked Persephone.

  11. My favorites are Hades and Persephone. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. My favorites are Artemis and Apollo

  13. I think Poseidon or Athena! Thanks!

  14. My favorite god is Apollo.

  15. I love Hades and Artemis!

  16. My favorite god is Athena. Thank you for great giveaway.

  17. I don’t honestly have a favorite. I love them all. Hades, Persephone, Hecate, Athena, Aphrodite, Hera, Hermes…. They are all each fabulous in their own right!

  18. I love Athena and Artemis

  19. My favorites are Poseidon and Hades! 🙂

  20. Athena 🙂 Persephone is a close 2nd though.

  21. I love Apollo and Artemis! 🙂

  22. I always have an affinity for Hades for some reason.

  23. Storywise, I like either Persephone or Eros and Psyche.

  24. My fave goddess is Athena.

  25. My favorite god is Zeus . Athena

  26. My favorite goddess is Athena!

  27. I like Poseidon actually!

  28. I would say my favorite goddess has always been Isis, the Egyptian Goddess (mother of Horus) who played many roles. She was known as goddess of motherhood, children, and fertility (in fact she was seen as the “ideal” mother); patron of nature and magic; friend of slaves, sinners, and the downtrodden; and protector of the dead! She resurrected her husband (and, okay, brother) Osiris after his murder, too. ALL of her traits are things I would love to have said about me 🙂 (Well, except that whole “married my brother” thing…)

  29. My Fave God would have to be Aries because of the show Xena Warrior Princess. My god he was so hot in that show :Q___

  30. I have always loved Minerva (Roman) and Athena (Greek).

  31. One of my favorites is Athena.
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  32. I love Hades, Eros and Ares~ I’m a greek god junkie!

  33. My favorite is Athena!

  34. I think my favorite is a toss up between Athena and Aphrodite.

  35. Marlene Breakfield

    Athena is my favorite.

  36. I love Hades

  37. I like Diana.

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