BOOK TOUR GUEST POST: Breast Cancer! You’re Kidding..Right? by Catherine Doughty

Breast Cancer! You’re Kidding…Right?

by Catherine Doughty

Women’s Health/Women’s Interest

Book Description

When the award winning author, Catherine Doughty, MS, CCHI, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she felt stunned and alone. What gave her the comprehensive strength and strategy to become cancer free and look stunning is revealed in her new award winning book, Breast Cancer! You’re kidding…right? Living Life Through The Prism of Uncertainty And Having A Good Time!

Catherine Doughty, MS, CCHI, a breast cancer survivor herself has secured significant physician endorsements and laudatory applause for her valuable and informative brand new award winning book. “Physicians and patients state, their speechless, this book is incredible, a must-read and life line for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer! If the title and front cover of the book doesn’t grab you, the back cover and content will demand that it be read.” The book is honest, authentic and loaded with mind blowing, thought provoking strategy to assist anyone with any stage of breast cancer emerge cancer free, look stunning naked, and get their life back in control while learning how to make decisions in an uncertain decision space.

According to Doughty, it is the simplicity – no scholarly science, just pure scientific methodology and remarkable craftsmanship. It started with the most shocking news anyone could ever hear, “You have cancer!” Once the disbelief wore off, the questions started to surface, “Where does a person start to unravel this mystery?” “When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had two small children ages six and nine. Clearly, there was a lot at stake, so I did what most patients do, I searched for information about the experiences of others and found nothing on treatment strategy or where to begin when a patient falls into the cosmic cancer bunny hole. There wasn’t one comprehensive resource for a patient that provided educational clinical strategy to overcome and beat this disease,” said Doughty.

You will be on the edge of your seat with every single word in this book. It captures its’ readers from beginning to end, and makes them want to live their life through the prism of uncertainty and have one rockin’ hot good time. This is a must-read and an adrenaline thrill ride from start to finish, that you cannot put down.

Catherine Doughty, on getting her diagnosis

The book is an accounting of my personal experience with breast cancer. What I did to emerge cancer free, and look absolutely beautiful. Prior to being formally diagnosed, I had been worked up for breast cancer, the results were benign findings, so I went to surgery for a mammoplasty procedure. I had 44FF’s and was going to have the most gorgeously crafted C cup breasts anyone could ever imagine. When I regained consciousness from that surgery I was planning on walking out of the hospital with my hot new Pamela Anderson BMW breasts, I had paid my surgeon and plastic surgeon to craft. Yes, I had even ordered and brought with me the Pamela Anderson Red Baywatch Bikini to slip into post operatively and exit the building in!
When I heard the three dreaded words, “You have cancer!” I was shocked and stunned! I thought there was a huge mistake and that the people talking to me were confused or I was under the influence of something not of this world. I felt tired, and scared like I had been hit with a dozen hard upper cuts to the body, it was weird, and I mean Salvador Dali weird  I was furious about the medical nightmare that was unfolding right in front of me and it was starting to suffocate me. My next thoughts were, “How to I get out of this and where do I begin?” At that moment, cancer became my prism!
I made myself wake up and see life as it really is, to understand that this experience today is just one group of moments in the here and now of a very happy, successful, and fulfilling life. I forced myself to love every sexy second of my life—even disappointing news from professionals I admired and respected. I vowed to keep my sense of humor intact, and have a good time in the interim, no matter how I felt. This is how I came to face my fear of uncertainty.
I was the other guy, not the guy being told something like that. I never thought I would be diagnosed with the breast cancer. Just to give you some background, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer. The American Cancer Society’s most recent estimates for breast cancer in the United States are for 2012:
· About 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women.
· About 63,300 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be diagnosed (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer).
· About 39,510 women will die from breast cancer.
One thing my training as a Director of Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt within the healthcare industry taught me is that imaging, pathology and data are pivotal components in organizing the decision making process when it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis. It also has statistical significance on the plan of care that both the physician recommends and the patient ultimately decides upon executing. For most people though statistics is “sadistics.”
Utilizing scientific methodology and designing a tool set I could use, kept me focused on my objectives to solve my cancer problem. I felt calm and unshaken when using my materials and staying on the merits, resisting the negative tendency to deviate from the goal and becoming sidetracked. Using the methodology allowed me to say the word “cancer” without trepidation, or paralyzing fear. Once I got my head in the right place I emerged, triumphant, strong and stunning. I told myself, that if it worked, and it did, I would make it available for anyone.

For those of you who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or know of someone who has been diagnosed, my advice to you is, learn everything you can about what is available to you. I have been through most all of it. I had six surgeries within fifteen months, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. I had free flap reconstruction at the time of my bilateral mastectomies. Throughout my treatment, I continued to work, I finished a master’s degree, got divorced and fired from my job. Within a few weeks following all of that, I bought a house, continued to parent my children, was gainfully employed again, and recovered my life in the process. So yes, I have felt the horror, anger, shame, the humiliation, the hurt and the most unspeakable pain and grief you may be experiencing right now. I have experienced pride, lust, humor, courage, wealth, acceptance and peace from being dealt the cancer card as well. Throughout, I felt determined and hopeful, and I believe you can too!

About the Author

Catherine Doughty, MS, CCHI is an award winning author who lives with her two children in Bellaire, Texas. Her career as a Director of Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging is enhanced by the fact that she is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. She serves as an adjunct associate professor for three universities and holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics earned at the University of Texas.

She is available for interviews, media appearances, radio interviews, book signings, and speaking engagements. If you would like a review copy of the book, a bulk order book discount, additional information on the secrets of scientific methodology or would like to meet the physicians that endorsed this award winning book, please visit the website at In order to contact the author directly, send an e-mail to



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