Mr. Breeze

by Morrie Richfield

Inspirational Fantasy


Book Description

MR. BREEZE (the title is inspired by a song by the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd) follows the increasingly amazing experiences of freelance photojournalist Michael Ryan as he hears of stories about a man named Zack, who can seemingly perform inhuman feats that could be called miraculous. Ryan eventually meets Zack and becomes, at Zack’s insistence, Zack’s messenger. Along the way, a dog named Rover, who also possesses otherworldly powers, joins Zack and Ryan in their adventures, which include a remarkable visit to the Centers for Disease Control, in Atlanta, in search of a cure for AIDS.

The secret of who Zack is and why he has chosen Ryan to tell his story to the world forms the surprising and moving climax to the book.


Q. Morrie, I understand your novel Mr. Breeze is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. What gave you the idea to write such a unique book?
A. Well if you remember 2008 and 2009 were not some of the best times and I saw nothing but horrible and depressing news coming from everywhere. The world seemed to be a very unsettled place and there was very little to be hopeful for. I wondered what our maker would think of all of this if he were to suddenly show up among us. What would he think or our great society and would any of measure up in his eyes. So I sat down on January 1st 2010 and started to type and on October 30th 2010 Mr. Breeze was finished.
Q. I hear talk about Mr. Breeze the film, what do you think about your story being brought to the big screen?
A. I think Mr. Breeze would be a box office success and it would make a fantastic film. It has everything a good movie needs and it would be an original story something that seems to no longer exist in Hollywood.
Q. You have said you are a dreamer. What would happen with Mr. Breeze if your dreams came true?
A. That is an interesting question, well outside of Mr. Breeze winning the Oscar for best picture and being number one on the New York Times best seller list, I would want everyone who reads it to want to and to strive towards being a better person and to be more tolerant of others and to realize we are all in this together.
Q. So the sequel is called Revelation: The return of Mr. Breeze. When is it coming out?
A. It should be out sometime early next year I am just about done writing it.
Q. Can you give us a hint about what happens in the sequel?
A. Well let’s say that it is going to be different from Mr. Breeze in many ways but just like Mr. Breeze there is a message for the reader.
Q. And that message is?
A. You will have to wait until 2013 to know that.


About the Author

Morrie Richfield lives in Pennsylvania with his two sons, his dogs and his cat. He is working on his next novel, and he still dreams that someday the world will be a better place for all of us to live.

His latest book is the inspirational novel, Mr. Breeze.

Visit his website at



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  1. Oh I’d not heard of this one before. It sounds very interesting and I love message. Great interview you two! Loving the author photo with the pup too! Congrats Morrie! Hope book 2 goes wonderfully!

    Just stopping by to say hi while I work on the Turning the Pages Christmas Cards 🙂 I’ll definitely be back to poke around a bit 🙂


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