BOOK TOUR INTERVIEW: Carry Your Heart by Audrey Bell


Carry Your Heart

by Audrey Bell

New Adult Contemporary

Book Description

Champion skier Pippa Baker lost everything in the avalanche: her boyfriend, his best friend, and her will to win. After a year of grief, she returns to competition.
She finds more than buried memories and steep slopes in Utah. She finds Hunter Dawson, a heartbreaking daredevil with the gold medals to prove it. And she finds that his reputation doesn’t stop her from falling hard, and that her heart might not be as broken as she once believed.
But, Hunter has scars and memories too—scars that make him believe falling in love might hurt too much, scars that make him run.
Pippa knows how much love hurts when it’s gone. Will she stop herself before she’s in too deep? Or will she let herself fall?

1.  Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m 24, I live in New York, and I’m afraid of the subway. Basically, I’m the worst New Yorker you’ve ever heard of.

2.  What made you want to become a writer?
There are so many books and writers that have really changed the way I feel or think, or just taken me out of my boring life and into this exciting other world. Those other worlds are why I write. They’re not real, but they are so much more fun! I’ve always felt like I’ve lived more of my life in books and in writing than in the real world.

3.  Who or what gives you inspiration?
If I really can’t think of where I should go with a story, I’ll just walk around my block until I find someone who looks interesting. And then I’ll make up a whole fake back story for them. And then I’ll usually stick ‘em in my book.

4.  Tell us about CARRY YOUR HEART.
CARRY YOUR HEART is about a competitive skier, Pippa, whose heart was shattered, and a hot professional snowboarder, Hunter, who makes her realize that she can put the pieces together again. And there’s drama in between.

5.  What’s the hardest part of being a writer?
Believing in your story. It’s easy to imagine a great scene, or a great concept. Sitting down and laying it out is tough. And trusting that it’s worth writing is even tougher.

6.  What do you need around you to write (special drink, lucky items, etc)?
Just my computer and an unhealthy amount of caffeine.

7.  What are some of your favorite books?
I just read THE AGE OF MIRACLES, which absolutely killed me. But I love Abbi Glines and Colleen Hoover, and I’m a huge Harry Potter freak.

8.  Are your characters based on anyone you know?
There’s a little bit of a lot of different people in them.

9.  What, if anything, are you working on right now?
I’m working on a book called LOVE SHOW, which is about Hadley, a college newspaper editor whose too busy for a real relationship, and her no-strings-attached fling with Jack Diamond, a frat bro. When they start feeling something more, they both wonder about the implication of falling in love…especially with the unlikely person that they think they’re falling in love with.

10.  Why do you love writing?
It’s exciting! I love creating my own world and my own characters and seeing what happens with them. I put a lot of myself into my writing, and I always end up learning something about myself too.




About the Author

Audrey Bell lives in New York City, where she indulges her SoulCycle addiction and expresses her passionate hatred of the 6 Train. You can find her reading in Central Park, overcaffeinating at Starbucks, or trying to kidnap her neighbors’ Maltese puppy. She loves hearing from readers. Check out her blog at


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