BOOK TOUR GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: Taeh Goes to the Vet by Wendy Healy-Hindmarch

Taeh Goes to the Vet
by Wendy Healy-Hindmarch
Genre: Children’s
Published by GMTA Publishing LLC

Book Description:

In the first of many humorous books in this series we see through the eyes of Taeh the Dalmatian as she tries to conquer her fear of the vet. Come along on this adventure and see what awaits her. See as she tries to outwit her pets (humans) as they have a battle of wills to see who will triumph. Once read you will be hooked on Taeh’s adventures and want to read more in the Taeh the Dalmatian series.


How to Make Your Characters Believable

I’ve always found that once you’ve used all the family members and friends up in character development (it’s always good to change the characters a little so your family and friends don’t realize it’s them) it’s a good idea to place yourself in an inconspicuous corner in a public setting (no this isn’t tips on how to stalk) and to do what I like to call people watch.

Yes it is exactly what it sounds like; you sit, watch and write down movements, actions of the people, what they look like, sound like i.e. if they have accents that way when it comes to writing your characters you have something real to fall back on when your imagination runs dry.

Even if you don’t use it for the book you are working on, you have characters ready to go when you come up with a new idea.



About the Author
I’m married with 2 children, 4 dogs and a bird, I live in South Australia. I have been writing children’s and young adults books since 2004 and have got a children’s picture book entitled Taeh goes to the Vet printed.

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