BOOK TOUR REVIEW: Riding on a Beam of Light by Ramsey Dean

Riding on a Beam of Light

by Ramsey Dean, illustrated by Noah Hamdan

Children’s Fiction

Book Description

Albert Einstein adamantly emphasized the importance of imagination and so does Riding on a Beam of Light. In this vividly illustrated storybook, lights-out turns into learning as we’re swept away by young Albert Einstein’s fantastical, and ultimately world-changing idea in an adventure that’s reminiscent of classics like Harold and the Purple Crayon and Where the Wild Things Are. At it’s heart is a story about imagination and dreaming, adventurous and engaging, with gorgeous illustrations that captures our grown-up hearts and our children’s curiosity.



Riding on a Beam of Light by Ramsey Dean

This is a very adorable story, told from the point of view of Albert Einstein when he was a child. See, Albert had a big imagination and often wondered about things–even when his mom was trying so hard to get him into bed! Wondering opened up his mind to all sorts of possibilities, and helped make him the world famous scientist we all know.

I liked this book, and read it to my four year old son a couple of times. The rhyming scheme made it fun for him–since he’s learning rhyming words, he would try to guess what was going to be at the end of every other sentence. The illustrations are vivid and eye-catching, and Albert is in space in some of them, and what kid wouldn’t love to go to space?

I liked that this book can teach even young children about how important the power of imagination is. I’m sure I’ll be reading it to my son so many times.

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About the Author

Ramsey’s day gig is in music and digital media, at night he imagines he’s a writer.

Noah holds a degree from Savannah College of Art & Design and holds down a catering job by day, at night he imagines he’s an animator.

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