BOOK TOUR GUEST POST: The Magic Crystals Series by Stephen Hayes

The Magic Crystals is a story of the greatest power in the world, a power so supreme that it can control most aspects of life. Amazing if used for good, terribly dangerous if in the wrong hands, the question throughout is exactly how this power should be used.

Should it be wielded to its fullest extent to benefit all of humankind, or tamed in order to protect others from it?

Follow a group of teenagers from out in the bush as they are forced to mature rapidly as the world they always knew unravels around them. Watch as romance blossoms and is then tested by circumstance; listen as the youngsters resort to ridiculous humour in the face of danger just to find something to smile about; and above all, enjoy an intense and somewhat controversial tale of how human society can become so horribly unstuck simply due to mankind’s own insidious nature in the face of power.


Character Guest Post

They Call it “Doing a Playman”

by John Playman

 I’m not the most rational or logical person in the world, but being good mates with one James Thomas has taught me a bit about how the thing works. It’s also taught me that if you think too much, you can get yourself tied up in pointless knots. Not that he seems to mind; if I put it to him, he would probably tell me that it only looked more complicated than it was worth to the untrained eye—he’s always saying stuff like that.

And yet, it seems to happen to me from time to time as well, except in my case, it seems to be an excuse not to take action when something about it is frightening to me. I’ve become a braver guy in general thanks to my encounter with Bernard Moran, I suppose, so why is it so damn daunting to stand up, own my feelings and tell her that I think I’m in love with her?

Harry and Simon, two people who have no trouble whatsoever in owning their feelings, refer to it as “doing a Playman”, because my brother Peter seems to have much the same problem as me. It’s not a great reflection on either of us that we can knowingly sit back and take no action, all the while understanding that things will slip out of our control if we don’t.

Is it because I’m worried about what other people will think? Is it because I’m afraid to open myself up to possibly being hurt? Is it both? Whatever it is, I need to get over it, because nothing will happen if I don’t make it happen—nothing except, perhaps, Tommy stepping in and doing what I haven’t plucked up the courage to do.

The only good thing is that I’m fourteen years old—plenty of time for me to grow up and be a man, but will it be too late by then? Will I look back on this point and wonder what could have happened if only I’d had the guts to tell her? What could have been? Well, whatever else may be going on, whatever rationalisations I come up with, whatever fears I may have, whatever schemes Tommy may plot to win her over before I can: I will make her know my heart, and soon.

About the Author

Stephen Hayes lives and writes in Melbourne, Australia. Having been born partially blind in 1986 and lost his limited vision in 2000, he started writing stories at the age of eight, winning the Harold Dickinson Memorial Australian Literary Competition for a short story about a haunted house at the age of eleven. He completed his first novella in Braille at fourteen and by sixteen, had completed the first draft of ‘The Seventh Sorcerer’.

Since 2002, Stephen has allowed his imagination to run wild with The Magic Crystals saga; sometimes pushing boundaries that today’s somewhat moral society deem to sweep under the carpet. Although classified as fantasy genre due mainly to the prominent magic component, Stephen’s writing also includes a good balance of drama, mystery, romance, humour, and he isn’t afraid to address controversial moral issues.

His latest books are The Seventh Sorcerer and Rock Haulter from The Magic Crystals Series.

Visit his website at

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