BOOK TOUR REVIEW: Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats by Angela Shelton

Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats

by Angela Shelton

Children’s Literature/Fantasy/Magic

Book Description

Eleven-year-old Madison Mae and her younger brother, Albert, want to help save the family farm during troubled times. When a mysterious Magical Hat Shop appears by their grandpa’s red tractor mailbox, the children meet Tilda Pinkerton who presents them with one-of-a-kind hats, causing new ideas and talents to suddenly burst forth. As a flood of harm comes rushing towards the farm, Tilda Pinkerton teaches the children how they can accomplish much more than anyone ever imagined.

Increase your child’s vocabulary, self esteem and awareness of social issues, while they enjoy a great story!  Tilda Pinkeron’s Magical Hats does it all. Grades K1-4.



Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats by Angela Shelton

Tilda Pinkerton’s magic is spread once again in this adorable children’s story, but this time Tilda is not the main character of the book.

I truly liked Madison Mae and Albert. They were good, happy kids and really just had it in their hearts to help their grandparents’ farm. The supporting cast of talking critters was entertaining as well.

The villain in the book, Mister Seedy, was exactly as his name implied. This book is made for a young audience, so it was nice to have a villain that’s not too scary, but enough for the kids to still know he’s a bad guy.

Everyone in the story, not just the kids, learned a valuable lesson or two. I think this is a great book for an audience of 6-7 year olds…I tried reading it to my 4 year old and he just didn’t have the attention span for the long pages with no pictures. The book does contain blank pictures that are meant to be colored in, though!

I sincerely enjoy being in Tilda Pinkerton’s magical world, and I know many others will too.

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About the Author

Angela Shelton is an author, actor, blogger and public speaker. She has been writing since she was eight years old. Her first novel was adapted into the movie Tumbleweeds. Angela won a regional Emmy award for her portrayal of Safe Side Superchick in The Safe Side video series created by Baby Einstein’s Julie Clark and America’s Most Wanted’s John Walsh. After living in Los Angeles for over a decade, Angela left the big city for a one-light country town to marry her first love and fulfill her dream of writing books in a barn house.

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  1. Thanks for taling part in the tour. I’m so glad you enjoyed Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats. I bet your 4 year old will enjoy it when he is a bit older.

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