BOOK TOUR GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: Letters to Nowhere by Julie Cross

Letters to Nowhere

by Julie Cross

Letters to Nowhere Series, Book One

Book Description

From the International Bestselling Author of the Tempest Series…

Set in the tough world of Elite Gymnastics…

I’ve gotten used to the dead parents face. I’ve gotten used to living with my gymnastics coach. I’ve even adjusted to sharing a bathroom with his way-too-hot son. Dealing with boys is not something that’s made it onto my list of experiences as of yet. But here I am, doing it. And something about Jordan–being around him, talking to him, thinking about him–makes me feel like I can finally breathe again. That’s something I haven’t been able to do lately. He knows what it feels like to be me right now. He knows what it’s like to wonder–what now? I think about it constantly. I need answers. I need to know how to get through this. In the gym, if you’re struggling, you train harder, you do drills and conditioning. How do I work hard at moving on? At being on my own? And what happens if I might be…maybe…probably falling for Jordan? I mean we live together now. That can’t happen, can it? But kissing him…well, let’s just say it’s not an easy activity to forget.


Humiliation 101: a Letters to Nowhere excerpt
In Letters to Nowhere, my main character, Karen, goes from being an only child living with two loving parents in her isolated elite gymnastics world that trades high school for online home schooling—no dating or boy experience at all—to living with her male coach and his very cute and socially normal teenage son. Right from the start, she is caught in one embarrassing situation after another. Prior to her first night at her Coach’s place, Karen’s teammates plant some new concerns she hadn’t thought of until now.

As expected, right after practice, while my face was still as red as my hair and twice as sweaty, Blair turned back into “best friend Blair” and drilled me immediately with all her concerns. She had no internal censor whatsoever. “What if you’re, like, walking to the bathroom and Coach Bentley is coming out of the shower or whatever and you get a glimpse of him naked?” Blair had her head flipped upside down as she forcefully ran a brush through her long black hair. “Do you think that image will ever leave your head? How is he going to coach you after you’ve seen his bare ass or worse—”
“God, Blair!” Ellen groaned, “Ew.”
I rolled my eyes. “I’m not going to see him naked. Besides, I’m sure we’re both mature enough to deal with accidents that aren’t preventable.”
Okay, so I was totally not mature enough to deal with seeing Coach Bentley’s unexposed skin, but you could bet I’d do everything I could to prevent the incident from happening.
And then later on Karen’s reminded of Blair’s warning when she realizes who she’s sharing a bathroom with.

After finishing all the paperwork, I finally made myself walk up the stairs. Jordan’s bedroom door was open, his body stretched across the bed, textbooks and notebooks spread out in front of him as he scribbled on a page. Remembering Blair’s concerns, I knocked lightly on the door frame and he looked up right away. “Is it okay if…if I use the shower? You don’t need to go in there now…do you? Because I can totally wait or whatever.” He looked mildly amused with my obvious distress. “The bathroom’s all yours, Karen.” As I started to turn away, he added, “Just don’t mess with those magazines under the sink.” My eyes widened. Jordan laughed and looked down at his notebook again. “Kidding.” I let out a breath before walking away. “I removed all traces of porn this morning before you got here,” he said to my back. Being an only child had left me highly unprepared for a number of situations. I was clearly in over my head. Not something I felt often.

Hope you enjoyed the short excerpts and check out Letters to Nowhere if you’d like to read of Karen and Jordan’s story!

Julie Cross

About the Author

Julie Cross is the International Bestselling author of the Tempest series, a young adult science fiction trilogy which includes Tempest, Vortex, and the final installment, Timestorm (St. Martin’s Press). She’s also the author of Letters to Nowhere (8/13), a mature young adult romance set in the world of elite gymnastics, as well as several forthcoming young adult and new adult novels with publishers like Entangled, Sourcebooks, HarperCollins, and St. Martin’s Press/Thomas Dunne Books.
Julie lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three children. She’s a former gymnast, longtime gymnastics fan, coach, and former Gymnastics Program Director with the YMCA. She’s a lover of books, devouring several novels a week, especially in the young adult and new adult genres. Outside of her reading and writing credibility’s, Julie Cross is a committed–but not talented–long distance runner, creator of imaginary beach vacations, Midwest bipolar weather survivor, expired CPR certification card holder, as well as a ponytail and gym shoe addict. You can find her online via twitter, her personal website, email, facebook, Goodreads, or co-moderating the YAwriters section of reddit.

There are two tour-wide giveaways.


–An eBook of LETTERS TO NOWHERE to FIVE Winners.

The Grand Prize giveaway is open internationally, however international winners can only select five of the books listed due to shipping costs.



– All 3 of Simone Elkeles’ HOW TO RUIN series

– TEETH by Hannah Moskowitz
– GONE GONE GONE by Hannah Moskowitz
– LET THE SKY FALL by Shannon Messenger

– UNBREAKABLE by Kami Garcia

– BANG by Lisa McMann
– REALITY BOY by A.S. King
– NEVER FADE by Alexandra Bracken
SIX MONTHS LATER by Natalie D. Richards

ARCs of NOV 2013 – FEB 2014 YA RELEASES

– ALIENATED by Melissa Landers (Feb 2014)
– ROOMIES by Sara Zarr & Tara Altebrando (Dec 2013)
– AFTER EDEN by Helen Douglas (Nov 2013)


– Personalized signed copies of TEMPEST + VORTEX (a foreign edition if available can be swapped for the U.S. edition)

– E-copy of LETTERS TO NOWHERE by Julie Cross (if print is available at time of shipping, a print copy will be sent, too)

WINNER’S CHOICE (ONE of Following BIG prizes)

– Basic US Kindle (valued at $69.00 USD)


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  1. I loved Julie’s book Tempest and am patiently waiting for my name to come up on the library’s copy of Vortex.

    I’m also a bit of a sucker for books about loss and subsequent growth.

  2. I love gymnastics it was the only sport I participated in and liked besides powder puff football. I would love to read this.

  3. its because I love this author and her writing style

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