Need to get a head start on Holiday Crafts & Decorating?

Yes, I know it’s only September…but did you know Christmas is only 96 days away?  It sounds like a long time, but it’s really not.  I myself have already begun putting gifts in secret hiding spots for my son, and making gift lists for my extended family.  I’d like to show you some ways to get a head start on the season with some fun holiday craft ideas!


Are you hosting the annual party this season?  No problem!  Place settings are made festive and easy with these removable glass stickers.

Put a sticker on each wine glass or tumbler, and leave a paint pen on the table for guests to write their name on their glass.  At the end of the night, they can take home a souvenir…and the stickers come right off, so they will be able to use the glass year round.


I have a thirteen year old brother who is at this point impossible to buy for, so I’ve decided to just give him money.  I know you have at least one person like that in your family!  But his year, I’m going to make him work for the cash by putting it in a money maze puzzle.

You have to slide the ball through the maze in order to unlock the section with the money.  It’s suitable for ages 8 and above, so if you have someone for whom you just have no clue what to buy, give em one of these and watch their face change from happiness to puzzlement, then possibly frustration, in just seconds.


We also have those little “extra” gifts we don’t count on giving out every year…teachers, neighbors, unexpected guests.  Best to be prepared by fixing a few candy goody bags in adorable Christmas themed window bags.

They are just the right size to put in a little home baked snack, some candy, a couple of nail polishes, socks, a gift card…you are only limited by your imagination.


While you’re running around picking up this and that to get ready for all the Christmas fun, don’t forget to put aside some time to do special holiday crafts with your little one.  A handprint ornament is an easy way to make a gift that will be used every year.

These are so cute and even the smallest kids can put paint on their hand and press it onto an ornament.  Grandparents will love getting this keepsake from their grandkids, and be only too happy to display it on their tree every year.


I hope this post gave you some ideas to jump start your holiday craft planning!  Christmas is right around the corner, and in my opinion, you can never start preparing too soon.  Check out for gifts, decor, and tons more!

**Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post.  I received compensation for writing the above content.  Regardless, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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