REVIEW: Sneaking Treats: Tale of the Pumpkin Wraith by Eddison McRoberts

Sneaking Treats: Tale of the Pumpkin Wraith

By Eddison McRoberts, illustrated by Jessica Gadra


Book Description

Following a clumsy accident, the Prince confronts himself. While the Queen hopes he won’t be too hard on himself, the Princess keeps herself above the fray and the King just wants to see a little more self control. Meanwhile the Pumpkin Wraith lurks in the shadows…

Featuring the remarkable illustrations of Jessica Gadra, this clever tale carries shadowy undertones without ever being scary. Unexpected lessons pop up from unexpected places…but not the ones you might expect!

Good for pre-readers, but with complex underlying themes that will challenge readers though second grade level. The grownups will have fun, too! “Sneaking Treats” will hold a special appeal for adoptive and inter-ethnic families.

Suggested age range 5-7



Sneaking Treats: A Halloween Haunt by Eddison McRoberts

I thought this was a cute and unique Halloween tale. The young Prince gets him Self into trouble, and then learns that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and you shouldn’t be too hard on your Self (I am separating and capitalizing Self because that’s the way it is in the book).

The book features beautiful illustrations that are slightly creepy and only feature color for the pumpkins. The illustrations are somewhat reminiscent of Tomie DePaola books, to me.

While my four year old couldn’t sit still long enough to get through the entire 48 pages, I think early readers and kids closer to 7-8 will be able to read the book with ease.

I also really liked that the illustrations showed a mixed race family. I am not sure if I’ve seen this in a children’s book, ever.

With just the smallest dose of humor and fright, I think Sneaking Treats is a great read to get your kids in the Halloween spirit.

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Eddison McRoberts lurks in Portland, OR, with his wife and two beautiful Ethiopian-adopted children.

Jessica Gadra resides in Buffalo, New York with her husband, Alex, dog, Eisley, and ten thousand uninvited ladybugs.



** I received a copy of this book from VirtualBookwormPublishing for review purposes.



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