GIVEAWAY: Discover Handmade Gifts from Around the World with Novica

A National Geographic affiliated fashion and home décor website, Novica has quietly become the world’s largest curated marketplace of handmade goods with over 30,000 products from around the globe. A fair trade brand committed to sustainability, Novica connects artisans directly with customers for value added pricing. To date they have sent over $46 million to artisans around the world to preserve the arts in a mass produced world.

Why not give your loved ones a hand crafted artisan gift this holiday?  There are selections for just about every person and occasion:

Gifts for Mom

Men’s Bracelets

Unique Home Decor

Cozy Alpaca Ponchos

The philosophy behind Novica is simple:

“Sourced from around the globe, each handmade product listed on Novica goes through a certification program to guarantee the 100% premium quality of each item. We practice fair trade, so none of the artists are charged any fees for listing their items on the website. Artists remain fully independent – they are free to raise prices, lower them, or remove the items from the website. Novica has cut out the middleman, adding value to both the artisans and customers.”



Novica has provided a $25 gift code to their shop for one winner! 

Please visit one of these links and let me know which product you like best!

  Unique Gifts Gifts for Mom Unique Home Decor

Men's Bracelets Citrine Earrings Alpaca Ponchos

**DISCLAIMER: I was compensated for this post in the form of a gift code.  Nevertheless, my thoughts and opinions are my own and I would not endorse a product I wouldn’t use myself.

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  1. I like the chess sets and games – I think having a wooden chess set on a table makes the whole room more cozy

  2. I like the Sunlit Waterfall Citrine dangle earrings!

  3. I like the radiant natural fiber basket and the vigilant owl

  4. I like the Pink Fantasy Hand Crafted Batik Silk Patterned Scarf from Indonesia.

  5. I really like this serving platter for use at my house on family dinner nights.. It is so pretty Novica has a lot of pretty items and Iike that they are part of National Geographic

  6. I am in love with their Bhagalpur Aqua Silk Shawl Artisan Crafted Wrap. It just looks so elegant and exotic!

  7. With coming New 2014 by a year and christmastides

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