GIVEAWAY: Season Your Food the Gluten Free Way with Spike

Down here in Louisiana, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that you better season our food well!  Our seasoning pantry is full to bursting, but I can’t help trying the newest seasoning salt blend when I find it.  So I was super excited to try Spike Seasoning!

SPIKE® MAGIC! Seasonings were created by world-renowned pioneer nutritionist, author and speaker GAYELORD HAUSER in his beautiful test kitchen in Taormina, Sicily.

All Spike Magic seasoning blends are gluten free!

I was sent a variety of Spike products to test out.


Spike Salt Free–A mix of more than 39 lovingly blended exotic herbs, spices and vegetables with no salt

Spike Original–The one that started it all! 39 different herbs, spices and vegetables all lovingly blended with just the right amount of salt!

Spike Hot n Spicy–With cayenne and red hot chili flakes!

Spike Vegit–The delicious VERY LOW SODIUM seasoning for those with a salt-conscious mindset!


My eye was immediately drawn to the Hot n Spicy blend, of course.  So we tried it in our Deer Chili recipe.  We also added a bit of the Vegit blend.


They are right when they called it Hot n Spicy!  This seasoning has a great kick and I know we will get more when we use up our bottle.


We also tried the Original blend on a dish we make regularly, oven roasted Boston Butt steaks.


(Sorry for the blurriness…my husband was shaking the bottle as I took pics!)


You can really see the different herbs and spices in the mix…


These were so yummy!  The Spike Original mix is a great way to season your food using only one bottle.


You can win the same variety of Spike Seasoning products that I received!



**DISCLAIMER: I was compensated for this post in the form of free products.  Nevertheless, my thoughts and opinions are my own and I would not endorse a product I wouldn’t use myself.

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