BOOK TOUR REVIEW: Mission One of Auggie the Alien by Leah Spiegel and Megan Summers

Mission One of Auggie the Alien

by Leah Spiegel & Megan Summers

Auggie the Alien, Book One

Book Description

This is the humorous story of a 4th grader, seen through the eyes of a human hybrid alien child, sent to Earth to study our culture – to see if they could coexist with the humans.

Auggie has to try and understand 4th graders slang, body language, and the unwritten protocols of the classroom; all in an attempt to blend in. He upsets his teacher, Mrs. Malumrector, who constantly thinks Auggie’s trying to get smart with her when getting stupid with her would be counterproductive. Not only does Mrs. Malumrector not get Auggie’s literal logic, nor do any of the other students in his class. That is except for Left Hand Chuck who thinks Auggie’s hysterical and helps him by teaching him how to use human slang.

But if Auggie truly wants to complete his mission of blending in with the other children he needs to cheer for both teams, except if they’re losing. He needs to learn not to wear the ‘P and the J’ with the feet conveniently attached to school because they’re for sleeping in only. That ironically enough, Grandpa isn’t going to faint from low blood pressure even though his eyes often tend to roll upwards whenever Auggie is speaking. ‘Pop-a-Squat’ isn’t a good name for a dog, even though he’s great at it. And under no circumstance is he to bring his pet to school even if his teacher has her own pet there, Emily, another student in his class who is neither a gerbil nor a fish.



Mission One of Auggie the Alien by Leah Spiegel

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this story about a little alien away from his home planet. Auggie is posing as a fourth grade human on Earth, and he thinks he’s ready…after all, he’s done so much reading, taking classes, and other preparations. But he wasn’t ready for a mean teacher, rude classmates, and getting to know all the little intricacies of being a young human boy!

I thought Auggie was just adorable and I had to keep grinning at all the trouble he got himself into. Being from another planet, he doesn’t understand a lot of idioms and tends to take things very literally. He’s also smarter than any being on Earth, and this gets him into some sticky situations–especially with adults who don’t like being one upped by a little kid!

The book had its’ share of laugh out loud moments, but there were some touching ones too. I really liked that Auggie was able to make such a good friend in Chuck, and that he ended up connecting with his grandparents after all. I’m so happy that Auggie has more missions to complete here on Earth, because I want to read all about them!

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About the Authors

Although we moved down to North Carolina several years ago, we’re originally from the Pittsburgh area. (That’s why a lot of our characters either live in the Burgh or reference our hometown football team, The Pittsburgh Steelers.) And yes, we even have the Southern accents to show for it now. Although Megan’s is considerable thicker, Leah still can’t understand the locals.

We are known as ‘the sisters’ among our neighborhood; when actually we’re probably reallyknown as ‘the sisters with the Yorkies’. Our pups, Skippy Jon Jones and Captain Jack Sparrow, were given long names to compensate for their small size but not their large personalities.

If Leah’s not glued to her electronic devices, AKA her Kindle Fire and various laptops, you can find her training ‘the attack dogs’, running on the treadmill while conceiving the next great book idea with the Dave Matthews Band, Muse, Florence and the Machine, Lorde, The Lumineers, and Pink (just to name a few) blaring out of her earphones.

If Megan’s not glued to her electronic devices AKA her iPad and Nook Color, you can find her teaching fourth graders, swimming marathon style at the pool, or cuddling with ‘the attack dogs’ as she watches Duck Dynasty, Gold Rush, Scandal, Person of Interest, Morning Joe, etc.

Leah graduated from Edinboro University with a BA in Art Education. Megan received her teaching degree from Edinboro University and Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Technology from Grand Canyon University.

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  1. We LOVED this! To hear that you shared the same enthusiasm when reading the book as we did when writing it, is awesome!!

  2. Thanks for taking part in the tour. I’m glad that you LOVED Mission One for Auggie the Alien so much!

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