Tricky Metabolism Problems that can halt Nutrisystem Success


We need to get something straight here: Nutrisystem is no magic bullet for weight loss. It’s true that eating less, focusing on low glycemic mini-meals, and moving more are going to naturally take some pounds off of your body. But it’s important to consider some other tricky body issues that can halt even the most rigorous diet. If you’re armed with knowledge about these potential problems then you’re going to have a lot more success as you begin on your journey with the Nutrisystem diet, or any other program designed to help you lose excess body fat.

A couple walls you may run into

If you found a nice deal or coupon online, started Nutrisystem, and the pounds aren’t coming off, here’s what you ask yourself: Am I drinking enough water? Dehydration will completely halt weight loss in its tracks. It can even lead to weight gain, explains nutrition expert Diana Ross.

If your answer was “yes”, you now need to check for food allergies. No joke. Food allergies will keep the weight from falling off even on the most rigorous diets. Get checked for gluten intolerance (Nutrisystem has a gluten free option) as well as lactose intolerance and egg. Get the major allergens checked and then proceed.

Let’s say you have no allergies. Now you need to check your thyroid. Hypothyroidism can oppose weight loss because an underactive thyroid decreases the Basic Metabolic Rate—your metabolism—leading to weight gain. Many hypothyroid patients struggle to lose weight.

Unconventional advice

This is going to sound new-agey, but sometimes we have trouble letting go of fat when we have emotional trauma that we’re holding onto. It’s not the diet; it’s not the exercise or health problems that are the culprit. Perhaps your body is holding on for some reason, and you need to experience some feelings inside to let it go. Are there emotional memories from your past that you’re holding onto, just like you’re holding onto the weight? It’s time to get a journal to write about these experiences so that you can let them go. I know this might sound cooky but it really helps your body to energetically let go of the past. When you’re holding onto emotions, it can affect the way your body is holding onto so many things.

Certified personal trainer Malia Frey explains that emotions and weight loss go hand in hand. Whether it is stress, depression, or a personal/childhood trauma, you need to deal with it in order to see weight loss success. Charlene Juliani was an overweight depressed mother of 6 who tried so many diets with no success. She would lose weight and gain it back again and again. It was not until she put her emotions in order that she joined Nutrisystem and lost almost 40 lbs. On you can read Charlene’s story and get discounts for Nutrisystem.

Whether stress, illness, or negative thoughts are slowing down your progress on Nutrisystem, the most important thing you can do is not blame yourself or the diet. You didn’t get heavy overnight and you certainly won’t get slim overnight, so take a deep breath, reaffirm your goals, and have faith in yourself. It’s scientifically proven that negative thoughts about anything can be detrimental to moving forward. Go deep inside yourself and go to the scary places you’ve been avoiding for so many years. You’re likely to find old baggage that is getting in the way. See a therapist or counselor if you must. Get that old stuff out and the old baggage that you’re carrying on your body will fall off as well. Acupuncture is great for moving the energy through your body, as are many other forms of non-traditional medicine.

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