Some of the Biggest Complaints about Weight Watchers


If you go online to research a diet like Weight Watchers, you’re definitely going to find a lot of differing opinions out there. But there are some common issues that seem to pop up over and over again on consumer complaint websites. It’s important to understand what you’re getting into before starting a diet like Weight Watchers, so let’s go ahead and go over what these things are.
Weight Watchers throws lots of coupons and promotions your way to get you to join. You can find the current promotions at and  But once you join, some people say that it’s really hard to get out. If you’ve given them your credit card they’re going to start charging you every month, and some complaints report that it’s difficult to get those charges to stop.

The vast majority of people who have tried Weight Watchers have been satisfied with the program. This article focuses on some issues you may face if you join WW.

Complaint #1: Poor Customer Service
Weight Watchers is a huge corporation, above all. It’s true that it helps thousands of people drop the pounds every year, and offers great discounts to get people to join. But it’s still a business. And businesses want money. What I keep hearing over and over again is that the customer service is bad. It’s hard to get someone from Weight Watchers on the phone. Stephanie of Louisville, KY and Laura of Madison, WI, were on hold for 30 minutes and their problem was not properly solved, according to their report. The customer service seems to not respond to emails. There are cancellations of meetings at the drop of a hat, and for financial reasons. Maybe Weight Watchers isn’t making enough money with one branch of meetings, so they’ll go ahead and cancel them. This can be very frustrating when you’re looking for a warm and supportive environment where you can lose weight.
Complaint #2: Automatic Push Program
Hold onto your cancellation number when you leave Weight Watchers, because there are a lot of instances where people continue to get charged. Cynthia of Concord, CA, who struggled with her cancelation on Oct 2013, reports on ConsumerAffairs: “you can check in but you can’t check out!” In fact, this seems to happen often. If you leave Weight Watchers then check your bank statement every month to make sure that the charges are not coming up. It’s very frustrating when you cancel a subscription to anything, you continue to get charged, and then you receive poor customer service over the phone. Stay on top of it and don’t let it happen to you.
Complaint #3: I’m actually gaining weight
Can you believe that this happens quite often? The point system is really only a theory about weight loss, and every body is not the same. So, some people oddly enough gain weight when they’re eating within the points system. This can be very frustrating. Who wants to spend all that time and money just to be gaining weight? If this is what you’re experiencing, you need to lower your point value, and if you’re already at the lowest number of points that is allowed, then it’s time to find a new weight loss plan because Weight Watchers is not the program for you.
Complaint #4: You’re still going to be eating some fake foods
Even with the points system that allows you to eat normal, healthy foods, you’re still pushed to eat Weight Watchers packaged foods which are far from healthy. The food is loaded with preservatives and doesn’t taste very good. So if you are trying Weight Watchers so that you can avoid this diet “food”, then think again. You’re still going to be eating the fake stuff.

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  1. I agree with everythibg that you said. I did lose weight but I lost, gained, lost, gained, lost gained and lost gained. No more Weight Watchers for me.

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