Good Dental Hygiene: More than a Pretty Smile

Giving Teeth the Care They Deserve

Today’s world puts a great deal of emphasis on personal appearance. For many, this all starts with an attractive smile. Modern dental materials and procedures provide most people to have the kind of smile many only dreamed of in years past.

However, the professionals at Genesis Dental Salt Lake always stress to their patients how proper dental hygiene and dental health is important for more than cosmetic reasons. Many aspects of personal health are affected by one’s overall approach to dental hygiene. Also, it is important to correct damaged and crooked teeth for more reasons than a better appearance.

Poor dental hygiene and missing teeth can cause problems with otherwise healthy teeth. Also, diseases of the gum and infections in the gums are the source of many other physical ailments. Everything from digestive problems to ear infections can often be traced to such problems. Even decaying teeth can introduce toxins that affect overall health.

A Lifetime of Service

When the second set of teeth comes in, they are intended to last for a lifetime. However, it is only past century or so that scientists and doctors know enough about the teeth and gums to help many people keep the majority of their teeth throughout adulthood.

Proper dental heath starts with the proper nutrition when young. Calcium is an essential component of strong and healthy teeth, and a deficiency will make teeth susceptible to chipping, breaking and decay. Likewise, certain foods and liquids can erode and discolor the tooth’s natural enamel surface.

While it was a controversial move, the addition of fluoride to the public water supply has been a great aid in reducing tooth decay in the general public. However, many people who do not drink water from the municipal systems can benefit from additional fluoride treatments as prescribed by their dentist.

Preventative care is effective in eliminating many of the normal problems with teeth, including decay and gum tissue problems. Regular, correct brushing and flossing are recommended by all dentists as the foundation of good dental hygiene.

The Role of the Dentist

However, it is vital for all individuals to have regular teeth inspections and cleanings. The nature of most problems with teeth is that early detection provides for simple, inexpensive treatments, where extended delays can cause serious problems. Additionally, professional cleanings remove deposits that even regular brushing will miss. A final reason for these checkups is the detection of certain diseases and cancers of the mouth.

Certainly, when it comes to dental health, a little prevention goes a long way.

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