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I am a second time doggy mom, but this puppy we’ve recently gotten is really like having a second baby.  His name is Jasper, and he’s a rat terrier mix.  We actually picked him up off the side of a highway where he, along with his mom and siblings, were darting in and out of traffic.  It took him a couple of days to warm up to us, but now he’s as spoiled as can be…and I have to admit I love spoiling him.

I totally love subscription boxes, so the idea of one for the dog seemed really cool to me!  I am thrilled to let you guys know about my experience with the pretty new sub service,


Every Waggin’ Box contains a variety of high quality, hand picked, “dog-approved” dog products. The best part is, every box is a surprise! Treats, toys, grooming supplies, wellness products, and much more can end up in your Waggin’ Box! The Doggie Deal Hunters are always on the lookout for new and exciting things to stuff into the boxes, so you never know what you’re going to get. Whatever it is, it’s bound to make your dog wag its tail for joy!

Another great thing about Waggin’ Boxes, is you get to decide how often you receive them. Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or you can just order one. It’s up to you! Simply, pick a delivery plan, tell the team what size dog you have and wait by the mailbox. It’s that easy!


Here’s a pic of the super cute, custom Waggin Boxes.


All of the products in the box…3 toys, and 4 food products.


So, let me talk about the toys first.

Chase n Chomp Rubber Fetch Ball (Approx. value: $12):  This is a very durable rubber ball, around tennis ball size.  It has a hole in the center where you can place a treat.  My baby is not yet a year old…and his mouth couldn’t open wide enough to play fetch with this ball! He still liked chasing it down the hallway, though.

Trout Squeaky Toy (couldn’t find price info): Jasper goes crazy over anything squeaky, so of course this was a keeper. It’s almost the same size as him, but that doesn’t stop him from attacking it.

–Chomp Champs Tuggable Toy (Approx. value: $7): Oh. My. Gosh.  I have never seen my pup love a toy so much!  He’s teething, and with this toy we have discovered he looooves tug of war! He growls as we play with him, but when we try to let go of the ends and let him have it, he gives it right back to us!  Really happy with this one.


Here’s the info on the food products.

Stewart Pro-Treat Plus Freeze Dried Treats (Approx. value: $7): I thought these were pretty cool, as I had never seen freeze dried dog treats before.  I’d also never seem treats made with strawberry!  They are small cubes, the perfect size for my ratty and I can give him several a day without worrying I’m ruining his appetite.

Smokehouse Lamb Bone (Approx. value: $2):  If I though Jasper loved the tug of war toy, then he was absolutely OBSESSED with this bone.  When I first opened the box, I thought to myself, “This is way too big for him.”  Turns out I had no reason to worry.  This bone still has a bit of smoked meat on it, and my dog tore. It. Up.  He kept chewing on it long after the meat was gone, and the edges were forming sharp edges so I had to throw it away.  I will for sure be trying to find him some more of these.

Novi-Pet Joint Support (Full box value approx. $6): Jas is still young, but I guess it’s never too early to start caring for his joints.  If you have need to give these glucosamine treatments to your dog, you will have no trouble doing so.  Jasper ate these right up with no hesitation.

Smokehouse Prime Chips Chicken Breast (Approx. value $10): These are crunchy treats that are wholesome little discs of smoked chicken breast.  Jasper likes them a lot, and I’ve been using them as rewards.  If you have a small dog like I do, a bag will last you a long time.


Overall, both my dog and I were very satisfied with the selections we got from Waggin’ Box. The price of a single box is $28, and the value of product I received was worth well over $38. I know getting a box for myself every month is a nice surprise, so why not surprise your pup as well?

Waggin’ Box is offering a special code for my readers to receive a 20% discount on their new subscription! Enter the code TWENTY14 at checkout to get yours.

And before I forget…here’s a picture of my little troublemaker!


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