REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Purex No Sort for Colors Laundry Detergent

When you’re facing a mountain of laundry, any product that can help you save time is appreciated.  That’s why I’m happy to introduce you to the new laundry detergent from Purex: No Sort for Colors!

 Purex No Sort detergent features a breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer Technology which traps loose dyes in the wash, and prevents them from settling onto other fabrics—leaving your clothes bright and clean without color bleeding accidents.

Check out this commercial!


We wear a lot of red in our house, so it’s natural that we have pink socks and undershirts as a result of getting mixed in with our colored loads. I’m glad we don’t have to worry about that with Purex No Sort.


The detergent itself is a vibrant blue color, viscous and not thin at all. It has a fresh scent that’s not too strong.


The maximum amount for a large load is about half a cupful, and this coated the bottom of my machine well enough.


As you can tell, my average load of laundry is made up of many colors: red, beige, black, white, and more.  I’m happy to report that by using this new No Sort detergent, none of my colors bled onto each other!


Purex No Sort for Colors is definitely a time saver in the utility room, and gets all your clothes the kind of clean you need them to be!

Check out the Purex Facebook page too.


Two winners will receive a coupon to try Purex No Sort for Colors FREE!


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  1. Right now we are using the Purex liquid detergent in the mountain breeze scent.

  2. We use Purex Free& Clear. Love Purex!

  3. Purex Crystals are my favorite fabric softener.

  4. I usually use Bounce dryer sheets or sometimes detergent with fabric softener.

  5. Oops– forgot to say my favorite detergent. I have both Tide and Purex in the house!

  6. rochelle haynes

    I like Purex mountain fresh

  7. I don’t have a favorite detergent right now. I keep switching based on sales and past performance. I’ve been using generic and name brand Tide, All, Purex and Arm & Hammer

  8. Right now, I love Woolite Dark – works well on everyday clothes and cleans in cold water

  9. I’m using purex with oxi and i like it!

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