5 Wonderful Personalized Gifts for Kids


Between birthdays, holidays, ballet recitals and soccer playoffs, you’re probably already familiar with that feeling of, “Well, what do I buy them now?” The good news is that some presents are flexible enough for any day of the year. Here are five great personalized gifts for kids for any occasion.

1: Storybooks

From missions in the clouds to treasure-filled adventures on the high seas, a customized storybook will put your child right into the action of their new favorite tales. Not only will the books themselves encourage literacy, but reading these special stories at bedtime will create a lasting and memorable ritual for the both of you.

2: Lunchboxes

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the coolest kid in the lunchroom is the one with the best lunchbox. Give your child the gift of social development by making them the most popular and talked-to member of their third grade class!

3: Stickers

Between notebooks, backpacks and wall art, stickers enjoy a wide variety of uses for the imaginative decorator. Customizing them with names and initials will only increase your child’s excitement and further their desire to stick them on every single one of their possessions.

4: Journals

Journals will help your child organize their thoughts and express themselves in ways they can’t always out loud. They’ll also become great mementos once your little one is ready for college and feeling nostalgic!

5: Place Mats

For younger kids who haven’t quite grown into their places at the dinner table, a personalized place mat will help them claim a proper spot. As a bonus, place mats will also foster neat eating habits and a greater sense of maturity during mealtime.

If you’re looking for great gift ideas that aren’t restricted to any one occasion, these five are a good place to start. Have fun customizing!

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