REVIEW: Fresh Guard by Efferdent

Everyone has either been the one with a gross retainer or mouth guard, or known someone who had one.  No one but the person is needs it wants to touch it, because they are known to be covered in saliva, germs, and who knows what else!

Now there is an easier way to get the grime off of your mouthwear with Fresh Guard by Efferdent.


The new #FreshGuard line consists of two products: Wipes, to clean your mouthpiece on the go, and Soak, for when you need to sanitize and remove built up yuckiness.


The wipes are individually packaged and perfect for throwing in your purse or gym bag.


These wipes are a very nice size–you can easily wrap your entire mouthpiece in here if you need to.  I give my night guard a quick wipe in the morning when I take it out.  It’s also great if you wear a retainer or dentures and you need to give them a little cleaning after meals.  Your mouth will have a minty, refreshed feeling after using Fresh Guard wipes!


If you need to give your mouthwear a deeper cleaning, you add one small packet of the Fresh Guard soak to a glass of warm water.


The soak immediately bubbles up, and the dense foam is working hard to wash away the germs!  Your guard can soak between 5 and 10 minutes.


It didn’t show too well in the photograph, but my night guard came out looking almost new!


Fresh Guard by Efferdent is sure to help you keep your mouth minty clean, whether you need it for a mouth guard, retainer, or dentures.  Make sure you check out the website for more information, FAQ’s, and a $1 off Fresh Guard coupon!

**DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product free of charge for review purposes by Smiley 360.  I was not compensated monetarily, and the photos, text, and opinions stated above are my own.

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  1. You wrote a beautiful article. Problem is I had a totally different experieince with these tablets.

    For starters it smells like toilet bowl cleaner. Secondly, it yellowed and ruined my invisalign just like this company’s old polident tablets (is it the same?).

    Personally, I would just save the headache and us the oap cleaner soap. Worked quicker and didnt ruin my 6500 dollar plastic lol.

    I love this blog btw. XOXO

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