Give Your Business Conference a Sweet Twist


Many business conferences are dry and boring due to the nature of the industry. Even if the professionals attending your upcoming conference take their jobs seriously and are actively trying to increase industry knowledge so that they can advance in their careers, you know that what they look forward to the most is the social engagement that comes with a conference. They want to network with other industry professionals and enjoy their time, especially those traveling to attend the event.

Some businesses assume that this is the nature of a professional conference, but you can use creativity to make your conference the highlight of every participant’s trip. The easiest way to turn a typically dry subject into something exciting is to assign a conference theme. You can then use fun room table decorations, games and lots of candy to make your conference an event that everyone discusses when they return to their own offices.

There are still times when you will need to get down to business and have serious discussions or training sessions during the conference, but there is no need to make your participants sit in stuffy rooms void of entertainment. With a theme in place, you have the freedom to add some respectful entertainment even to the most serious discussions and classes.

For example, you may assign a baseball theme to your upcoming conference. You may fill the lobby with games related to baseball. You may hand out finger foods shaped like baseballs and helmets and use cups with baseball designs. You will also want to purchase baseball candy in bulk so that you can put it on every table in every conference room. With these theme activities in place, your participants will focus on what is happening at the conference rather than staring at their watches in anticipation of social events happening after the event.

Regardless of your theme or what creative ideas you come up with to make your conference come to life, you should include bulk candy in the budget. Conference participants can enjoy the candy while they listen to presentations and enjoy other activities. Candy is also a great icebreaker if you have strangers sitting at tables trying to get to know one another. This is a sweet reward for your guests, and it is one of the most affordable treats you can offer.

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