Perfume for Women, Wallet & 3 More Small Things You Should Carry

Do you remember the times when your boyfriend or your husband took notice of your heavy bag?
Most women carry their bags like they’re going on an overnight trip everyday just so they can be
prepared all the time. But do you realize that you can bring travel size perfume for
instead of your usual big and heavy bottle? This is just one of the everyday “crimes”
women commit, so we’re here to help you lighten up your load with 4 things you should carry in smaller sizes.

1. Women’s Perfume. Bringing perfume everyday to work, school or wherever you go is part
of your daily beauty and hygiene routine. We always want to wear our trademark designer perfume
and that’s OK. What’s not OK though, is when you carry around the big and heavy bottle when you can
always bring its counterpart travel size spray. Shops like even sell small bottles of
designer perfumes like a 0.16oz bottle of Hypnose by Lancome or 0.15 oz of Burberry Body so you’ll
smell great wherever you go.

2. Wallet. Admit it. You’re probably in the big majority of women who carry more than two
credit cards in their wallet. Don’t you realize that aside from coins, these plastic cards contribute to
your heavy wallet? Unless you’re in an emergency, keep your credit cards to at most two. Use a smaller
wallet so you won’t have the urge to fill those card slots. Also, throw unnecessary trash like receipts or
notes you no longer need.

3. Travel Toothbrush & Toothpaste. We all know how a tiny travel toothbrush can be
uncomfortable when you brush your teeth. Not only will you have to clean the head and the brush
itself, but the body or handle as well. However, you’re only vacationing for a few days. It won’t hurt to
use travel toothbrushes and toothpaste for that short period of time.

4. Key Holder. Women just can’t resist the big, jeweled, flimsy, colorful and space consuming
stuff they don’t really need. Take key holders for example. They can be as flat as a card but women will
probably look for a pink or animal-printed design creation the size of a fist. It’s not only huge and
space consuming, but this defeats the purpose of having a useful and economical key holder.

5. Makeup Brushes. We all know MAC makeup brushes
work really well, especially when you’re after a professional makeup finish. You buy your brushes
separately and these regular sized ones can actually add space to your bag, not to mention they add
extra weight and a pouch compartment too. Say you need two types of brushes for your lids, one for your
eyebrow, another one for your foundation and concealer. Then you need a powder brush and then a
bronzing brush. If you really need a standout makeup artistry impact on your everyday look, do your
makeup at home and leave your brushes there. Or leave a set at the office and bring a travel sized kit.
It’s enough for you to carry 5 small brushes. Just make sure they’re lightweight.

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